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Guinea pig health

It’s really upsetting if one of your guinea pigs becomes ill. There are some simple steps you can take to help keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy. By watching your guinea pigs’ behaviour each day, you’ll quickly learn what’s normal for them. A change in their usual behaviour, as this could be because they’re feeling poorly. Your guinea pigs’ teeth will keep growing throughout their life. They need plenty of things to chew as this helps wear down their teeth and stops them getting overgrown. It’s a really important part of their diet and helps keep their teeth in good condition. Give them gnawing blocks and plenty of things to chew on. If your guinea pig’s teeth do get overgrown, your vet will be able to help. If they don’t have enough to do they might overeat and put on weight. Cardboard boxes and untreated logs give your guinea pigs things to explore and hide in. You can also buy toys for small pets from pet shops. Guinea pigs can get scared easily so give them large tubs, pots and tunnels where they can hide. Keep some toys stored away and swap them around regularly – this will stop your guinea pigs getting fed up of the same old toys and gives you a chance to clean them. Scatter food around their enclosure and hide it in boxes and tubs.

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How to Do a Health Check on a Guinea Pig: 10 Steps

I accidentally let my lighter fall on my guinea pig’s head or eye, what should I do? If the lighter was hot, take your guinea pig to the vet immediately, they could be suffering from a burn. If the lighter was still cold and it gently hit your pig in the head, simply make sure they’re not in too much pain and carry on with what you were doing if they are clearly fine. My Guinea pig is 6 and has become slower over the last two weeks and within the last week has slowed his eating down virtually to nothing. He’s now taken to just wanting to be in his little house? He’s probably nearing the end of his life if he’s already six human years old. He’s lived a good long life, and there’s nothing you did to make that stop. Stroke him softly, coo his name, and keep loud noises away. Give him guinea pig comfort food, like a tomato or watermelon piece. It’s not usually necessary to take a guinea pig’s temperature. If you think your guinea pig is sick, it’s safest to take it to a vet so a proper check can take place. To do it on your own, you’d have to use a pet rectal thermometer. Guinea pigs have very small anuses, so you’d need to exercise extreme care, use lubrication, and ideally have had proper technique demonstrated by your vet.

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Routine Health Care of Guinea Pigs

This allows you a regular special time with your pet. It also provides you with the opportunity to check your pet for possible skin problems, injuries, sudden weight gain or loss, dental problems, and other health problems. Some signs to look for when a guinea pig is sick include loss of appetite, weight loss, hunched posture, an abnormal walk or a limp, a belly that is unusually skinny or abnormally large, a change in the consistency of the hair coat, or difficulty breathing. Sick guinea pigs may have decreased energy or not respond to noises or touch. The most common health problems for these animals are problems with the lungs or the digestive system, so a sick guinea pig may also have discharge or oozing from the eyes or nose, or diarrhea. Dental problems are also common, so check your pet’s mouth for drooling, overgrown teeth, or swelling. You should also check your pet’s ears for oozing or irritation, and examine its feet for sores or broken nails. If you notice any of these signs, it is best to take the guinea pig to the veterinarian promptly. These small pets can become sick quickly, and identifying and treating the problem right away can be critical.

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Peter Gurney Guinea Pig Health Guide – How to keep your guinea pig healthy

Peter Gurney was the most prolific and informed writer on the care of Guinea Pigs before his untimely death. His commitment to the promotion of cavy well being is legendary, and this shines through these pages in which Peter gives advice based upon his immense experience. Do you know your Guinea Pig breeds ? The cartoon images below may help you. For the best hay and straw supplies for animals in the UK visit www. View the pages of this website for Peter Gurney’s advice on a wide range of guinea pig / cavy health topics and add your comments on the issues raised. “If the vet puts on his or her solemn face and chants the familiar mantra, when presented with an injured small animal, ‘Oh it would be kinder to put it down,’ ask him or her if he would do the same in the case of a human being and seek a second opinion.” This website was set up at Peter’s request, the photos were taken by Peter, and we are happy to continue to make it available to cavy lovers. Advertising revenue is going to charities such as The Cambridge Cavy Trust, which runs the guinea pig hospital at Wyton, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK, a cause dear to Peter’s heart.

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