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Guinea Pigs with Hair Loss

Hair loss in guinea pigs can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common is hair loss as a result of either the guinea pig itself or another guinea pig chewing on the hair over a period of time. Older guinea pigs or guinea pigs that are higher in the pecking order will commonly chew on the hair of younger guinea pigs to the point where the hair will start to fall out. This allows them to assert their force over these younger guinea pigs. Another reason for hair loss in female guinea pigs is repeated breading. The more times they have bred, the more hair they will lose. There is very little that you can do to reduce hair loss besides stopping them from breading. Usually this will cause little harm to the guinea pig although they may be at a higher risk of infection due to the lack of protection that their hair gives them. They will also be more susceptible to temperature fluctuations because the hair acts as insulation. Some bacterial infections and diseases can cause hair loss in guinea pigs. Hair loss is far more common in older guinea pigs as it is in younger ones. Ringworm and other parasitic infection have been known to cause hair loss. If you have a younger guinea pig and you notice signs of hair loss a trip to the veternarian is probably in order to pin down the root cause of the hair loss before it is too late.

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Your One Stop Pet Pig Shop for all your Mini Pig Needs!

Inhibits the activity of negative bacteria while providing positive bacteria for replacement. Vanilla Flavor that pet pigs just love! $17.95 DeOdorase. Deodorase is derived from the yucca plant and absorbs the ammonia smells from the urine and feces. Simply by adding one small scoop a day to a Pot Belly Pig’s feed ration. Yes, it really works! Feed to your pet pig as a top dressing for control of ammonia odor in urine and feces. Natural sarsaponin is obtained by extracting and stabilizing ingredients in the Yucca plant. Sarsaponin works to control ammonia odor by stimulating bacterial use of ammonia while speeding waste breakdown. Outstanding success in controlling odor in litter boxes and pens of pot bellied pigs. Contains GLUCOSAMINE and MSM which are two of the most effective pain relief supplements on the market today! Packed full of all-natural biological vitamins and minerals. Provides pain relief for your pot belly pig and eliminates stiff joints. Aids in the discomfort of pot bellied pigs due to old age or arthritic conditions. Will increase the activity of older pot-bellied pigs as their pain is relieved. Just “Squirt” on top of your pet pig chow. Manufactured for pot bellies since 1988.Thousands of happy customers Available in 25 lb. Reduces or eliminates dandruff-like scaly dermatitis.

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About American Guinea Pig |

American Guinea Pig generally addresses all of the problems in the drug industry that lead to 230,000 deaths per year in the U.S., along with 2.3 million hospital-stays and annual healthcare costs in excess of $200 billion. The primary focus is how and why the FDA is a major contributor to these statistics and the changes that need to take place to fix the outdated and pro-industry system of testing and monitoring of drugs. Finally, the book offers practical and effective steps that consumers of drug products can take to significantly reduce the risk of taking a trip to the hospital or the morgue because of these problems. The book draws its name from the fact that well over 50% of all new drugs entering the market have a serious adverse reaction/side effect – capable of either killing or hospitalizing its user – that is not disclosed on the drug’s labeling. Between 1998 and 2005 there was a 2.6-fold increase in serious adverse drug reactions reported to the FDA, 87.6% of which were new and serious drug reactions not warned about in the product labeling. This means that neither the drugs’ users nor their prescribing physicians had any warning about these dangers – and why the American public has become a guinea pig for the drug industry.

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Hazelcroft Rescue

Hazelcroft Rescue is a family run guinea pig rescue based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. We take in unwanted guinea pigs, then rehabilitate and care for them until new loving homes can be found. We usually have a selection available and are on hand to give you lots of good advice and support, especially if you are new to keeping guinea pigs. Hazelcroft Rescue generally rehomes within 25 miles of St Albans but will consider further, especially for really good homes. We check all potential new homes to make sure they meet our minimum requirements – please don’t let this put you off, it is because we care about the continued welfare of the guinea pigs we are re-homing. To help with our running costs a minimum suggested donation will be requested on adoption of any of our guinea pigs. You can find out a bit more about our adoption process here. As the rescue is run from our family home please be aware that visits are by appointment only and may only take place once you have completed our re-homers application form which is the first step in our re-homing process. Hazelcroft Rescue is run on a voluntary basis and we rely entirely on donations to fund the the cost of food, bedding and veterinary costs for the guinea pigs we rescue. All contributions to the rescue are gratefully received.

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