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Gifts, supplies and resources for Pot Bellied Pigs

Hello to fellow pig lovers and pet lovers worldwide and a special hello to all of you proud parents of potbellied pigs! Welcome to Pigs4Ever. Potbelly pigs, pig pets, mini pet pigs, miniature potbellied pigs, Vietnamese potbellied pigs, mini pot belly pigs. Whatever you call them, they are adorable, highly intelligent, sensitive creatures. We are the proud parents of 11 pot belly pigs, having owned pet pigs for 25+ years. Pigs4Ever’s company mission is to offer you the most up-to-date information available on the care and well-being of pet pigs. We also believe in, and advocate adoption of, abandoned pet pigs, not breeding! Within our site, you will find the latest up to date information on potbellied pigs, particularly the health care of pot bellied pigs, properly raising potbellied pigs, housing, training and more. You will also find health products for your pig, like treats, hair and skin conditioner, hoof conditioner and trimmers, leads and harnesses, supplements and much more. Our ‘pigture’ gallery has pictures of hundreds of pet pigs from around the world. Looking for piglet pictures, pics of pigs? We might have the largest collection of pet pig pictures on the net, thanks to you! ‘ If you have any questions, please check our Information and Resources section first. Do yourself and your pig a favor!Don’t get a pet pig without checking your zoning first!

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Guinea Pig Breeds Colors and Pictures

There are over 60 Guinea Pig breeds which vary in terms of characteristics such as color and hair length. Their coat has what guinea pig experts call rosettes or in simple words – swirls and ridges. There is also a satin Abyssinian guinea pig variety with the only difference being that the satin’s coat is shiny. Abyssinian guinea pigs come in many different colors. American guinea pig satin variety is different because of the shiny coat. Coronet is a long haired guinea pig that has a single rosette on the head and a very soft coat. He is something like a mix of a silkie and crested guinea pig. It can come in different colors but if the crest is not the only white spot it is not a white crested guinea pig. Peruvian guinea pig has straight hair, several inches long. This is one of the guinea pig breeds that might not be a good solution for a pet. Silkie guinea pig has very long hair and it is very silky. This guinea pig requires a lot of hair grooming like the Peruvian one does. Alpaca guinea pig is one of the long haired guinea pig breeds and has the hair growing over the face. Besides guinea pig breeds there is one more important list to add here – color varieties. Selfs – one color guinea pigs, white, beige, cream, chocolate, red, black… Tortoiseshell – red and black patches equally distributed over the piggy’s body but not mixing with each other.

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Genuine Micro Mini Teacup Pet Pigs!

List 5 types of medicines and supplies you should have on hand for a piglet in case of illness Pepto Bismol. What Do You Use to Treat Mites? How Often? What’s the Dose? Ivermectin Can be given orally or as an injection. Should give twice 10 days apart to kill the life cycle of the mites. Dose: Orally: 2ml per 75lbs Injection: 1ml per 75lbs What is the normal temperature for a pig? 101 – 102. How Much Should a Mini Pig Eat? What Should they Eat? Miniature Pig Food Spayed or Neutered pigs should eat 1% of their body weight in food per day. How Do You Recognize a UTI in a Pig? How is a UTI treated? Signs of a UTI: lack of urination. Treatment: Take a urine sample to your vet for testing and they will treat with a antibiotic What Plants are Poisonous to Pigs?There is a large list of poisonous plants. Here is a chart of most of them: At What Ages Do Pigs Loose Their Baby Teeth? Pigs have 3 sets of teeth in their life. The first set is lost between 5-7 months and the second set is lost between 12-18 months. What are 3 signs that your pig is ill? Won’t eat. Why are pigs uncomfortable with heights or being held? They are prey animals and in nature the only time they are lifted is by a predator. How do you trim a pig’s hooves? A metal file or hoof trimmers should be used. You want to trim the excess nail off without cutting into the quick or the pad of the foot.

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Guinea Pig Information, Advice, and Fun

Hello and welcome to Guinea Pig Corner! We aim to provide all the information you need to make your cavies’ lives as fun and healthy as possible. By taking good care of your guinea pigs, you’ll be rewarded with lively, playful pets who will give you many years of pleasure. This site is split into clear sections to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. There’s an area for general guinea pig information, telling you all about their characteristics and behaviour. This will help you understand your pets better, and make it easier to spot when they are ill. Find out what to look for when buying a cage or hutch, so that you can be sure your pets’ home is safe and enjoyable for them to live in. This includes making sure their home is big enough, and giving them somewhere to play in the fresh air without being attacked by predators. Discover the best foods for your guinea pig, so that they have a balanced and nutritious diet. Also learn about the best treats to give to your pets, so that they can enjoy the occassional snack without risking their health. Finally, you can read all about the best toys and accessories for your pigs, as well as the ones that you should definitely avoid. These will help to keep your guinea pigs entertained and stimulated even when you can’t be there. So what are you waiting for? Let’s choose a section and get started!

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