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Guinea Pig Health News for January 03 2018

Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet # 5E6A. Ensure that food is replaced frequently and provided in appropriate feeders. The choice of supplementation will vary with life stage and animal preference. In general, good quality grass hay and leafy greens are ideal supplemental food items for adult animals. Growing animals may benefit from higher protein found in alfalfa hay. Fruit supplementation should be minimal to avoid excess dietary sugar. Always provide animal with plenty of fresh, clean water. For best results, ensure bag seal is fully closed during storage. Guinea Pig Nutrition |. Your guinea pig should have unlimited access to a variety of quality grass hays. Among many benefits, hay helps prevent obesity, dental disease, diarrhea, and boredom. Since replacing the hay in your guinea pig’s habitat can encourage picky eating, we recommend changing it only when soiled. Young, pregnant, nursing or ill animals can benefit from eating alfalfa hay in addition to grass hay because of the higher nutritional elements. Guinea pigs are tail-less rodents with long, short, or sometimes wild hair that ranges in color. Described as cuddly and comical, guinea pigs love to vocalize with squeals, chirps, squeaks, and whistles. They make wonderful pets for children and can be very social animals. Guinea pigs are hardy little animals, and their easy care makes them especially affordable pets!more.

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definition of pig by Medical dictionary

A container, usually made of lead, used for shielding vials or syringes containing radioactive materials. An even-toed nonruminant ungulate with a simple stomach. A member of the suborder Suiformes of the order Artiodactyla. Includes domestic pigs, which are very prolific, heavy, ponderous, rapid-growing, grunting creatures bred almost completely for the purpose of providing meat, but in some cultures are assuming importance as house pets. There are many breeds and colors, the ears may be erect or lop, there are a large number of mammary glands and they have a characteristic snout, thin skin and heavy bristles. Wild genera include wild boar, wild pigs, bush pigs, wart hog, forest hog, babirussa. Pigs are becoming popular as companion animals, especially pot-bellied pigs. It seems reasonable to assume that this trend will increase because of the advent of ‘Babe’.pig ears. Dried ears marketed as a chew toy for dogs; have been a source of Salmonella infection in humans handling them. Developed in the early 1960s as research animals by interbreeding local American feral pigs with natural dwarf pigs of Yucatan, Vietnamese, Taiwanese breed origin. Pet pigs called ‘miniature pet pigs’ may be purebred Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, or Yucatan type, or African Pygmy-called also Guinea hog. Not a specific breed; originate from dwarf, pot-bellied indigenous Chinese and South East Asian pigs.

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Specialised Animal Nutrition Pty Ltd – The Australian Home of Oxbow Animal Health and Baraka Station products.

Here at Specialised Animal Nutrition Pty Ltd, the sole distributor of Oxbow Animal Health and Baraka Station products in Australia, we have spent the last 10 years providing the best quality products and the highest calibre education to help rabbits and guinea pigs lead longer, healthier lives. So if you have come looking for the world standard in exotic vet recommended herbivore feed products, or to learn more about the how and why of feeding your creatures properly, you are in the right place. To make a purchase with no postage charges, visit our Retail Locations pages to find a clinic or pet shop near you. To make a purchase when there is no reseller near you, visit our SAN Online Portal. To see the Oxbow Product Range that is available in Australia please see our Catalogue. To learn about feeding and caring for your pet, we have a range of Articles available. To get more information on Critical Care for Herbivores: what it is, how to use it, etc. If you are a Wildlife Carer, you can find information here and details on registering for direct purchase of Critical Care® for Herbivores on our San Online Portal. If you are a vet clinic or pet shop that would like to have Oxbow Animal Health products available for your clients, please register your interest on our San Online Portal. We are always just a phone call away – so call with any queries: 07 5596 4293.

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