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Guinea Pig Care –

We usually recommend that male pigs, on the other hand, stay single unless they show distinct signs of loneliness. Once you get to know your pig, you will begin to understand its actions and what they mean. If you are paying attention, you will most likely know if your pig is lonely. Just as some are distinctly lonely by themselves, some pigs are distinctly happy alone and don’t want a mate. It is better to have a single pig who is happy than two pigs who fight. Usually, it’s one pig doing the fighting and the other getting beat up. If you find scratches or cuts on one of your pigs, they should be separated immediately. If you already have one pig and want another, the best way to pick the second pig is to let them pick each other. Put your pig and each candidate in a playpen together and see how they interact. Clicking of teeth is a bad sign-if the pigs begin clicking their teeth at each other, the bond will not be a good one. You should give them a good 20 minutes together before taking the second pig home, and you should keep an eye on them the first week or two that they are together. If you are adopting your second pig from us, we do require that you bring your pig with you before we will send them home together. This way, we can make sure the two pigs won’t be put in a situation that is dangerous to their health. We routinely separate fighting pigs and match up lonely ones. So while we can’t guarantee a perfect match, we’ve done everything possible to make sure you won’t have problems when your pigs come home.

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Guinea Pig Health, Handling & Illness

For advice / pictures on sexing your guinea pigs, please see the “Sexing your guinea pig” tab on the left. Handling ; Guinea pigs are naturally skittish animals and require daily handling to get them used to humans. Always ensure you support the guinea pigs at the front and back end to prevent them from falling. Guinea pigs do not usually bite, they make nip if they feel frightened. Guinea pigs have also been known to lick on our hands, this seems to be them licking the salt off our skin. Guinea pig will also nibble at our hands if we have the scent of other guinea pigs on us. If handling both sexes always wash your hands if you want to avoid sniffly nippy pigs. Handle pigs little and often, talk to them and get them used to your daily routine. I never advise leaving new pigs for long periods of time, many pet stores advise this “Settling in period” but i feel it unnecessary. Do not overwhelm the guinea pig(s) by handling for long periods of time or chasing them around their cage in attempts to catch them. Health & Illness ; Guinea pigs can become unwell, and it is our duty as their owners to ensure they get all the vet advice,treatment they require. Guinea pigs also need to be kept clean so bathing may be needed occasionally. There are varying types but i always recommend treating new pigs with ivermectin and then continue to treat every 6 months or so. Guinea pigs can also get fungal infections which can and do pass on to us humans. Daktarin Oral Gel – Mouth fungal infection = twice a day for 10 days.

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Raising Teacup Pigs

Raising teacup pigs can be a very rewarding experience. The name ‘teacup’ can give people a false impression about these animals. They may be teacup sized and very cute when they are born, but by the time they reach maturity, they can grow to the size of a medium dog. Before you even consider purchasing teacup pigs, check your local laws to see if it is legal to keep pigs in your area. You may want to do a little research into raising teacup pigs. Because of their intelligence, teacup pigs are inclined to get bored fairly quickly. Frequent owner interaction is very important to keep them happy. Chew toys are a good source of entertainment for pet pigs. Although it is possible to keep a teacup pig in your backyard, a much larger area is recommended for your pet to feel comfortable and happy. Taking your pet pigs out for a daily walk will give it enough exercise to keep its weight under control. Keeping them on a healthy diet schedule can also help curb the aggression brought on by feeding on demand. Raising Teacup Pigs – Cons If not properly trained, they can become aggressive and spoiled. If you are seriously interested in owning and raising teacup pigs, you’ll need a good source of information on how to train them. For just a small investment, you can download a copy of an instructional guide called Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide. The information you will find in Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide will be invaluable for the health and happiness of your pet.

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