We Pigs News for 02-23-2018

Health of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are quite sturdy animals but if they become sick, with my experience of it they, must have immediate attention or they will become weak and will then die. If your guinea pig does get sick you should contact your vet straight away. The earlier the illness is noticed the more chance of recovery your guinea pig has. Even if your guinea pigs are well cared for or the illness is noticed early sometime they don’t always pull through. After the illness or infection has passed, disinfect everything to make sure no other guinea pigs or guinea pig doesn’t get sick to. If your guinea pig has bright eyes, good coat, robust and hasn’t got discharge coming from nose or eyes they are most likely healthy. The tooth opposite the broken tooth becomes overgrown and damages the mouth causing pain and makes the guinea pig stop eating. Dehydration, when the skin is pulled up it is slow to fall back into place; lethargy; weakness. Dental malocclusion, protruding or misdirected front teeth, overgrown cheek teeth, loss of appetite, inability to eat, drooling, weight loss, painful mouth, “Lumps.” Ear problems, scratching, head shaking, loss of balance, head tilted to one side, pain. Lumps, large abscesses filled with puss in cervical lymph nodes; looks like mumps; abscesses may re-occur. Nails, torn or damaged nails could become infected and may bleed. Pod dermatitis, sores and ulcers on the bottom of feet; pain; inability to walk. Once again if your guinea pig does have something wrong contact your vet immedeatly, don’t let your animal suffer.

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Source: http://www.lovemyguineapig.com/healthcare-for-guinea-pigs.htm

Guinea Pig Died today, have questions…………?

Sadly my 7 year old guinea pig who was having some health problems died today. During that time she was lying on her side with her eyes open and just twitching occassinonally. Then her breathing pattern changed and she began only taking breaths every 10-15 seconds which were deep and noisy. Is this part of the natural dying process? Would she have felt any distress? She did not seem that she was in pain nor was she struggling, but it was still distressing to watch. Her eyes were still open at this point, but I think she was unconscious because when I put my fingers over her eyes she did not blink as she usually would. Then the breaths got quieter and shallower until eventually she just stopped. Has anyone else had the experience of watching their guinea pig die and have the same thing happen. I just want to know that she was not in distress and not suffering during her final moments. With the exception of Mr C. Buzz, your reply brought tears to my eyes. Beagles I’m very sorry to hear what happened to your guinea pig. That is pretty darn old for a guinea pig you must have provided excellent care over the years. Mother Nature provides for a natural death that is painless. The fact the eyes were open would tell me the animal was hypotensive to the point the small muscles that would close the eyelids could not function. When the blood pressure is so low as would be indicatedthe kidneys do not fucntion and electrolytes etc get way out of whack. This again brings about all the numbing effects I spoke of that allows for a painless process.

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Healthy Green Kitchen How to Render Lard from Pastured Pigs

I too used to think lard was gross, and that eating it would give me a lard ass tushy. What I am talking about is lard rendered from the fat of from pastured pigs: pigs that have access to fresh air and sunshine, pigs that eat grass and other things pigs are supposed to eat. Lard from pastured pigs is high in vitamin D, and like olive oil, lard is classified as a monounsaturated fat. Lard has a high smoke point so it’s one of the best fats for high temperature cooking. Unlike many oils, lard is considered a “Stable” fat: it does not form free radicals when heated. Rendering your own lard from pastured pork fat is easy. If your intention is to use your lard in pastries, then definitely go with the leaf lard because it’s creamy white and has a very neutral flavor. The lard will render best if the pieces are relatively small. If you render your lard in the oven or in a crockpot, it will take longer. Carefully transfer your lard to glass jar(s) for storage and place in the refrigerator or freezer. You may also notice that the liquid lard has a distinctly pork-like scent, but don’t worry about this, either: in my experience, lard does not impart strong “Porky” flavor to your food. Lard will keep for several months in the refrigerator and much longer in the freezer. You can use lard rendered from fatback to cook eggs, meat, veggies, etc. I plan to fry homemade doughnuts in my lard soon :). If you have rendered leaf lard, you may use it instead of butter in baked goods. If you cook in cast-iron, lard is also great for seasoning your pans.

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Source: http://www.healthygreenkitchen.com/how-and-why-to-render-your-own-lard.html

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