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Symptom Checker

It is important to keep a record of your guinea pigs weight so that at times when they are not well you can tell if they have lost weight. In particular long haired guinea pigs can be difficult to notice until weight loss has really progressed – so always weigh them. Once you recognise that your piggie has lost weight – you will need to establish why. Offer your guinea pig some tasty items such as long stems of fresh grass – all piggies love this. Has your guinea pig been eating – have you seen your piggie eat? Has food been left in the cage? It is possible that one piggie is eating all the food while the unwell piggie does not want to eat. Guinea pigs with teeth issues look like they race straight for their food and even start to eat. If you watch how they eat in comparison to your other piggies, you may notice the food goes very slowly into the mouth, or often they will look like they start but in fact then give up and walk away. Your guinea pig may be sick, in which case, look at the other tabs in this structure to see if any of the other points raised may apply. Put your ear against the chest wall of your guinea pig to listen to clear breathing or a raspiness that may indicate infection. Also observe your guinea pig carefully to see that the breathing is even and regular. Is your guinea pig moving about as normal? Are they behaving in the same way? Have they had a fall or injury recently? Do they make high pitched sqeaks if you touch them in a particular area? Depending on the outcome, your guinea pig will need treatment by a vet and then careful attention after. It is possible that your piggie may have an obstruction in the throat area preventing them from eating. The vet should be able to confirm these by a thorough examination and depending on which problem, the treatment will be different. You will need to look at carefully managing your guinea pig following the vet treatment and this will most likely include hand feeding.

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4 Proper Pig Nutrition Factors to Keep in Mind If You Want to Raise Healthy Pigs and Avoid Fatality

Proper pig nutrition is essential to make sure that your pigs remain healthy. While you might think that you can create pig feed by slopping table scraps and vegetables that have gone bad into a bucket, this would result in unhealthy pigs that may not achieve their full growth potential. So you need to invest in the right commercial feed that has the proper mixture of nutrients. To ensure optimum pig nutrition, make sure that the feed you buy contains a lot of corn and is low in cellulose while having the proper proportion of nutrients appropriate for their level of development. You should feed your pigs no more than 6 pounds of food a day; otherwise they will become too fat. Keep in mind that pigs should not eat meat, so you should also provide protein supplements with their feed. There are three types of feed available that are given to pigs at various stages of development to ensure proper pig nutrition. Starter feeds are given to weaning piglets weighing 10-20 kg until they reach a weight of 30 to 35 kg. Grower feed is given to mature pigs to ensure they reach the proper weight of around 60 kg. Finisher feeds are then given to pigs to prepare them for market or butchering; the feed is given until they reach a weight of 80 to 90 kg. When you are readying a pig for market, make sure that any antibiotics included in the feed are removed at least two weeks before. Allow a transition period of one week when you are shifting from one type of feed to another in order not to upset the pigs’ normal feeding behavior. Providing plenty of water is also essential for proper pig nutrition, since they need plenty of water to stay healthy. Finally, when a pig is lactating, make sure to feed them as much as possible to ensure full pig nutrition and prevent the sow from getting too skinny, which would adversely affect the health of future liters. Make sure to feed her balanced lactation ration, given twice a day to get them to eat large amounts.

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Guinea Pig Magazine

We are the world’s only regularly published magazine dedicated to pet guinea pigs. We use no stock images – all photos are of YOUR piggies, including every cover photo. Get involved in the biggest movement to hit the guinea pig community since humans started keeping them as domestic pets. It is with much regret that we are no longer available in Barnes & Noble. Export and distribution costs made it impossible for to continue. You can still get the glossy printed magazine via this website, wherever you are in the World. Go to “My Account” On the list that comes up, select “Downloads” There you will find your magazines ready to download on your preferred device. For all the latest Guinea Pig Magazine news, keep in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We look forward to hearing from all you piggy people, in the UK, USA, Australia and from all over the wide wheeking world! With just days to go until the brand new issue will be flying through your letterboxes, here is a little teaser of what’s to come… … See More.See Less.Photo. Happy 2018 to all pigs and piggy people! Here is the cover of the new issue; a few days early, for everyone who went back to work today, for everyone taking decorations down, and for everyone who thinks there is nothing to look forward to now…. The new issue goes on sale Sat 13th Jan, but all pre-orders and subscriptions will be posted before that. You can renew your subscription or pre-order through the website). We woiuld like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The Bivoir Cavies say this so much better than we could. Happy Christmas Eve Everyone! As you wait for the big day, what better than an Easy Peasy Christmassy Competition! Follow the instructions and remember to include the entry code from the Noticeboard… Is it TOO easy peasy?The competition closes at 6pm GMT on New Years Eve.

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