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Bob the Guinea Pig

Your guinea pig should have bright, clear eyes, a shiny coat, have a good appetite, be alert and playful, and have normal urination and defecation. If you notice any signs of illness, separate your guinea pig from the other guinea pigs in case he is contagious. If you have a dog and it has not been vaccinated for bordetella, your dog could have the disease and give it to your guinea pig. Sometimes a guinea pig will have a bloated belly for other reasons, such as worms or, rarely, a tumor. Even if your guinea pig acts normal, the bacteria causing the abscess is traveling everywhere in her body and can damage her organs, so be sure to go to the vet even if it doesn’t seem to be bothering your guinea pig. Guinea pigs who are given proper care rarely get ill, but even the best cared for pig can run into some health problems. At the very least, the guinea pig can have trouble eating, and at worst, the teeth can get so long that they cut into the opposite gums and create abscesses and infection! Sometimes the teeth have to be removed, but a guinea pig that has a malocclusion will usually do fine if the teeth are just trimmed. If a tooth breaks off, it may be because the cavy fell, or because the guinea pig isn’t getting enough vitamins. Otherwise, flies are attracted to the cage, lay their eggs on the back end of the guinea pig, the eggs hatch, and the maggots burrow into the guinea pig’s skin. Make sure the guinea pig food has the right amount of vitamin C and make sure the food is fresh. Bloat is caused by cheap guinea pig food, certain types of vegetables and greens, infections or a blockage in the intestines. Many antibiotics, especially penicillin, are poisonous to guinea pigs, so make sure your vet is familiar with guinea pig anatomy, and never give your guinea pig medications without your vet’s permission. Try to avoid exposing your guinea pig to other guinea pigs who may be unhealthy. It’s not a bad idea to take a shower and change clothes after you handle a sick guinea pig, especially if you have other guinea pigs to take care of. Also wash up any time you have attended a guinea pig show or have visited with a friend who has guinea pigs.

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Undercover Guinea Pigs: Dealing with Bloat

Mummy believes the Baytril I was given for conjunctivitis made me stop eating causing gut stasis which then lead to bloat. So how did I get better? When I first went to the vet they gave me metaclopramide injection and gave Mummy metaclopramide tablet to give me at home as well as syringe feeding me, this failed to help I would eat a few leaves if handfed and accept the syringe but I couldn’t poop. I went back to vet again they kept me overnight with no success and then they took x-ray when they saw black mass they told Mummy they couldn’t help me and that it didn’t look goodthey let Mummy take me home and she made an appointment to see a guinea pig savvy vet first thing the next morning. Mummy spoke to the Piggyfriends rodentologist who suggested she give me 1ml infacol straight away and 1ml at bedtime. Mummy did this she also massaged my tummy and made me move around she also syringed me food and water and I managed a few tiny poops. The following day Mummy came and collected me after work, I still didn’t really want to eat but as long as I had food syringed I would poop, Mummy promised to syringe feed me forever if thats what I needed. Mummy gave me 1ml infacol, acidophilus more tummy massages and running around. It was amazing for the UK but we had some nice weather and Mummy decided to let me out on the grass and I munched away happily the whole time. Mummy kept letting me mow the lawn when sunny and cutting me grass when it wasn’t, working on the theory that it was better for me to eat something for myself. As long as Mummy kept the food coming in I kept the poops coming out but I did not want to eat for myself. The day after my first dose I ate some pepper and cucumber for myself, within 3 days I was back to eating normally and we stopped the olive oil, Mummy says it was my miracle cure!! When she started the olive oil Mummy stopped the infacol. Mummy then started reducing my syringe feeds I went from 20ml morning, noon and night to 20ml morning and night with 10ml at noon. Mummy cut back again 15ml morning and night and 5 ml at noon stayed same weight. Then 10ml morning and night same weight, then 5ml morning and night same weight.

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