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Guinea Lynx :: Emergency Medical Guide

Any behavior unusual for your pig, such as facing a corner and being slow to respond, can be an indication your guinea pig is seriously ill. If your guinea pig has lost four or more ounces, see a vet immediately! A guinea pig that is not eating is seriously ill and must be seen by a vet for treatment and must be hand fed. Your vet should know that some medications that disrupt the intestinal flora, like penicillins, are deadly to guinea pigs. If your guinea pig does poorly on a particular antibiotic and stops eating, he may be intolerant to that particular antibiotic. If your guinea pig is not eating, get to a vet immediately to determine the cause and begin treatment. BLOAT. If your guinea pig appears swollen and the stomach appears distended, see a vet immediately. Read emergency advice that helped one poster’s guinea pig make it through the night. Dr. Nakamura describes treatment of enterotoximia caused by unsafe antibiotics Antibiotic Associated Enterotoxemia in Guinea Pigs. EAR INFECTION. If your guinea pig experiences difficulty walking or holds it’s head tilted to one side, see a vet immediately. Is your guinea pig alert? Can it move normally? If there is a cut, is it superficial or a deep cut which may require stitches and antibiotics? Examine the mucosal lining to see if it is a healthy pink indicating good blood circulation or instead pale or bluish. If your guinea pig has been dropped or stepped on, immediate evaluation by a vet is recommended. The molars could be over grown, which will result in the pig slowly starving to death if the guinea pig doesn’t not receive treatment. Guinea pigs very seldom get over an illness without help and can decline EXTREMELY quickly. Be an observant owner! Behavior unusual for your guinea pig could also indicate the need to seek medical assistance or at the very least, the need to monitor the pig closely. “Fortunately, guinea pigs are not often sick, but when they are, it is almost always severe. In fact, guinea pigs that get sick go downhill very fast and most die within a few days, or a few hours, if they have stopped eating, which happens when they have health problems.”

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Tips And Resources On How To Keep Pigs Successfully

Raising and keeping pigs for a living is a very rewarding experience for many reasons, and there are many aspects of pig farming that can make you earn hundreds of dollars. It is only when you have mastered the necessary skills that you can control the field of raising pigs for a living at the palm of your hands. Farmers highly profit from pigs for they can help them on many ways. Aside from providing necessary companionship, pigs help farmers a lot when it comes to natural fertilizers. Pigs supply them with the manure they needed for their plants. Pigs aren’t choosy animals as they can feed even on household scraps, solving the problem of additional expenses. Once you have build your pigs a sturdy home that is free from pests that can potentially harm them, plus a steady supply of fresh water, hay, and a mixture of scraps and commercial feeds, you can free yourself from the worry of looking over these animals closely. Feeding your pigs extensively and making them plump can increase their marketability as long as you ensure their health during their stay at your farm. It can take a minimum of three months, so you can just imagine how many pigs whose meat you may have sold in a year. Or you can go organic instead by making your pigs feed only on natural foods and take care of them under conditions highly approved of animal welfare organizations. Pig raising can be a very lucrative source of income when your pigs are taken care of in high quality conditions, using only natural materials for its nutrition, hence freeing it from diseases harmful not only to the pig but to the consumers themselves. As a pig farmer, you can make invest on plumping up your pigs by feeding it with commercially produced feeds as long as you ensure that the feeds are pesticide-free. Since pigs aren’t choosy animals, household scraps can be also used to plump them up. Auctions – By learning how to properly mate your pigs, you can let them produce offspring or mixture of pig breeds and auction these piglets on a farm fair or annual auctions on your locality. Organic pigs are defined as animals that are tended to using the highest grade of feeds and procedures highly accepted in the animal welfare.

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Can Eating Pork and Shellfish Destroy Your Health?

This topic is one that some will disagree with, others may not want to hear, or in some cases with Christians, they will take offense with because they believe Jesus doesn�t care what we eat. I�m not trying to be legalistic when it comes to why we should avoid pork and shellfish. Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you. These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat. They are notorious for eating anything, including their own waste and garbage. A pig will eat sick and infected animals, including its own piglets that die from disease. Somehow eating pork containing cooked, dead parasites doesn�t sound much better either. If they can do that in a lab, what�s all the pig fat doing to your body internally if you�re eating high amounts of pork products regularly? It would be interesting to see a study where that question was asked of cancer patients. My guess is we would find that many cancer patients and people with poor health are pork eaters. Did you know that all of the clean animals God said we could eat live only on vegetation? They also digest their food much slower and more effectively so they aren�t storing all these toxins and wastes in their body. Would you rather eat an animal that eats filth and waste and is potentially contaminated with parasites or would you rather eat an animal that processes its food properly and eliminates the toxins from its body? Like pigs, they are scavengers that live at the bottom of the ocean and eat the waste of other animals and the pollutants that man dumps into the ocean. Poisoning can also arise from heat-stable toxins derived from the food that the shellfish have been eating. Shellfish are notorious for being high in mercury, heavy metals, and industrial contaminants in the environment because they�re bottom feeders that eat the ocean�s waste. While things definitely changed after Jesus came to the earth, we should examine the Old Testament scriptures further to try and understand why God wanted things done a certain way, especially with the foods we eat.

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