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Teacup pigs for sale? Buyer beware: Baby piglets may not be “True” mini pigs, and pigs that stay small are more myth than reality. Mini pigs, miniature pigs, micro mini pigs, dwarf pigs and pygmy pigs are but a few. Type “Baby teacup pigs,” “Mini teacup pigs” or “Mini pig pet” into YouTube, and you’ll see videos of small pet pigs doing all sorts of adorable things. What about teacup breeds of pigs, often called toy pigs, miniature teacup pigs, mini teacup pigs, micro mini piglets or nano pigs? Originally bred in Vietnam, the potbellied pig is a domestic pig that is indeed miniature when compared to the average farm pig. While calling them micro mini teacup pigs is a stretch, it’s not incorrect to call Vietnamese potbellied pigs mini pigs within that context. Jen Reid, manager of Marshall’s Piggy Paradise at Best Friends, explains that whether or not a pig is miniature really depends on your frame of reference. If someone has been promised a micro teacup pig, and that pig grows to 100-plus pounds as an adult miniature pig, suddenly that pig is not going to seem so cute anymore. Jen says, “Pigs can be awesome pets if you are expecting a pig and you are set up for a pig.” Even if having a pig is legal where you live, having enough room to house him or her is crucial because most of the time, a pig sold as a baby teacup pig will keep growing far beyond breeders’ predictions. If pigs can’t root around in the ground, they’ll turn to the next best thing, which may be the new carpet or that expensive couch. For people who already have potbellied pigs, as well as for people who are looking to adopt them, Jen says, “We do lots and lots of education about good diet and how to maintain a good weight and body condition.” A well-rounded diet is just as important for pigs as it is for people, though feeding pigs most human foods is strongly discouraged. Though George Clooney had a pet pig for 18 years, the nano pig trend seems to have taken off in 2009, when Paris Hilton got a so-called teacup potbelly pig she named Princess Pigelette. The best defense against poor pig health and homelessness. An educated public is the best defense against poor pig health and homelessness resulting from the teacup pig craze.

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Alaska Livestock Series Recommended Practices for Raising Pigs from Birth to Weaning LPM-00845 This publication discusses the basics of baby pig care. Cut a 6- by 9-inch hole for the pigs to enter the front of the box and hinge the top for easy access to the space or the pigs. Pigs castrated at this age seem to suffer very little trauma compared to older pigs. Litters with weak pigs or sows or pigs with health problems should not be grouped until the pigs are larger or the health problems are cleared up. Creep Feeding Nursing Pigs Barring diseases and other problems related to milk production in the sow, nursing pigs get all the nourishment they need from their mothers for the first two to three weeks of their lives. The transition from milk to a solid food diet can be fairly dramatic to a newly weaned pig, especially when added to the stresses of being away from the sow and mixing with pigs from other litters in a totally new nursery environment. Grafting Pigs Pigs from large litters can be grafted onto different sows if done within the first two weeks of age. Grafting pigs onto sows with small litters also maximizes each sow’s milk potential. Larger grafted pigs will be too strong for their new litter mates to compete with, while smaller grafted pigs will not be strong enough to compete. Graft pigs soon after the recipient sow farrows to ensure each section of her udder continues to produce milk. If the sow and litter are not in a farrowing crate, place the creep feeder in a corner of the farrowing stall or group pen that has been fenced off from the sows but allows the baby pigs to enter. Communal Grouping of Sows and Litters Some producers group two to four sows and their litters together from the time the pigs are two to three weeks of age until they are weaned. Finally, grouping of sows and litters allows pigs to 3 Weaning Pigs There is much controversy about what age pigs should be when they are weaned. An undersized pig is usually just a smaller version of a normally developed, full-sized pig. In every litter some pigs will gain weight more rapidly than others, and the argument is that when they reach 14 pounds they Getting baby pigs from birth to weaning requires good management and attention to detail.

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Source: http://uaf.edu/files/ces/publications-db/catalog/anr/LPM-00845.pdf

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