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GM Pig Study Is Deeply Flawed

A new study that links genetically modified foods to stomach inflammation in pigs, is misleading and flawed, according to multiple scientists who weren’t involved in it. According to the paper [PDF], 168 pigs were fed either normal soy and corn feed or genetically modified soy and corn feed for five months, the average time a pig will spend on a farm before it is slaughtered. The study authors concluded that the pigs that ate GM feed were more likely to have severely inflamed stomachs and the female pigs fed GM feed had bigger uteri, and called for more long-term studies on GM foods. Critics of the paper say that the study is flawed because the statistics used were abnormal. In reality, the study suggests that the GM pigs were no less healthy than those fed non-GM food when they were killed, though both groups had a high rate of illness, and almost 15% of them died before the end of the trial, possibly from bad practices. Because the team measured so many variables, random chance meant the non-GM feed group showed abnormalities too – 15% of non-GM feed pigs had heart abnormalities, while only 6% of GM feed pigs did. Mark Lynas suggested the Daily Mail would title their coverage: “Pigs fed non-GMO feed 100% more likely to develop heart and liver problems, study finds.” If the GMO feed really did cause stomach inflammation, there should have also been more cases of “Moderate” inflammation and fewer cases of “Nil inflammation,” but in reality, the GMO fed group actually had twice as many pigs without stomach inflammation, says Mark Hoofnagle, of Denialism Blog. It’s possible it could be related to the feed’s soybean content, because they are known to impact hormone activity in animals. The difference in uterine weight could come if on feed contained more soybeans than the other. There’s also a link between swollen uteri and a chemical called Zearalenone, which the researchers didn’t test the feed for. Analysis of the animals’s feed also flagged warnings for some. David Tribe, of GMO Pundit noted that the feed was moldy. While technically within allowed limits, levels of the fungal toxin fumonisin were at levels in the GM feed that when chronically fed to pigs could be toxic, and were more than double the levels in the non-GM feed. Though the authors claim no conflicts of interest, the funding for the study itself was provided by Verity Farms, owned by one of the study’s authors, which sells non-GMO grains.

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Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/gm-pig-study-is-deeply-flawed-2013-6

Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

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