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Smithfield makes the announcement that it has fulfilled its industry-leading commitment of providing group housing systems for pregnant sows on all company-owned farms in the United States. Specially targeted farm subsidies could improve animal welfare to meet the government’s ambitions for the highest quality food standards post-Brexit, claims the RSPCA. A motorised backpack sprayer disinfectant, Porcozin, is effective against diarrhoea in three out of four litters. A report by AHDB Pork which looks at the cost of pig meat production in all EU countries will prove valuable to pig producers in Britain – particularly in the face of Brexit. Tim Papworth, a Norfolk farmer recognised for his contributions to charitable services, described the harrowing stories of UK farmers who have suffered injury whilst working. Presenting at the Oxford Farming Conference, Tim acknowledged the huge role that health and safety plays in ensuring we are safe in our job roles, and in maintaining our livelihoods. AHDB Pork is looking for four producers to be new Strategic Farm hosts, in an exciting development for 2018. MSD Animal Health is today asking farmers to look beyond antibiotics at a fringe event during the Oxford Farming Conference. Deerpark Pedigree Pigs in Northern Ireland has secured the order which will ship in January and be followed by further consignments over the months and years ahead. Farmer-to-farmer learning is now at the heart of AHDB’s knowledge exchange work, with 46 farms across the country fully engaged in AHDB Farm Excellence activities. Precision farming utilises modern monitoring methods, such as 3-D, heat sensitive cameras, to track individual animal feed consumption, movement, temperature, sickness, weight, among other factors. The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service continues to develop its precision monitoring capacity in pig farming. Belgium headquartered feed additives producer NUTRIAD hosted a technical seminar on alternatives for Antibiotic Growth Promoter Alternatives for the National Layer Farmers Association – Magelang Branch and a swine technical forum for swine farmers in Solo, Central Java. USDA is being sued by the Organisation for Competitive Markets for withdrawing the “Farmer Fair Practices Rule”. The NFU has called for more clarity and certainty from Government to ensure farm businesses can be profitable, productive and progressive post-Brexit. Continuing in The Pig Site’s rundown of the best articles of 2017, next up…. As the US Congress readies to vote on a major overhaul of the nation’s tax system, the NFU is urging lawmakers to vote against the current plan because of its regressive structure and devastating implications for the nation’s financial standing, farm program spending, and health care affordability for family farmers and ranchers. Fresh produce grown on Red Tractor assured farms is to be recognised as equivalent to two major food assurance schemes.

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Blue eye disease is typically characterized by encephalitis, respiratory disease and high mortality in young piglets, self-limited respiratory disease in growing pigs and reproductive failure in adults. Species Affected Domesticated pigs are the only known hosts for porcine rubulavirus. In recovered pigs, porcine rubulavirus has been isolated intermittently from semen for up to 7 weeks after experimental inoculation, and from the testes and epididymis for as long as 20 weeks. In one study, viral RNA was also recovered from the internal organs of sentinel pigs that had been co-housed with recovered pigs for at least 4 months. None of the sentinel pigs developed clinical signs or antibodies to the virus, and live virus could not be recovered. Some adult pigs do not seem to have systemic signs, but fever, mild anorexia, conjunctivitis, constipation and/or corneal opacity have been reported in others. Porcine rubulavirus can be isolated in pig kidney cell line cultures, other pig cell lines and primary cultures, baby hamster kidney cells, Vero cells and chick embryos. The presence of nucleic acids in the tissues of recovered pigs and contact sentinel pigs raises concerns about the possibility of persistent infections, although no infectious virus has been recovered from convalescent pigs. More severe outbreaks have been reported occasionally, with neurological signs in weaned and growing pigs and/ or adults. Gov/aphis/ourfocus/animalhealth/ Allan GM, McNeilly F, Walker I, Linne T, Moreno-Lopez J, Hernandez P, Kennedy S, Carroll BP, Herron B, Foster JC, Adair B. A sequential study of experimental porcine paramyxovirus infection of pigs: immunostaining of cryostat sections and virus isolation. Cuevas-Romero S, Hernández-Baumgarten E, Kennedy S, Hernández-Jáuregui P, Berg M, Moreno-López J. Long-term RNA persistence of porcine rubulavirus after an outbreak of a natural infection: the detection of viral mRNA in sentinel pigs suggests viral transmission. McNeilly F, Walker I, Allan GM, Foster JC, Linne T, Merza M, Hernandez P, Kennedy S, Adair B. A comparative study on the use of virus and antibody detection techniques for the diagnosis of La Piedad Michoacan paramyxovirus infection in pigs. Rivera-Benitez JF, Cuevas-Romero S, Pérez-Torres A, ReyesLeyva J, Hernández J, Ramírez-Mendoza H. Respiratory disease in growing pigs after porcine rubulavirus experimental infection. Sánchez-Betancourt JI, Santos-López G, Alonso R, Doporto JM, Ramírez-Mendoza H, Mendoza S, Hernández J, Reyes-Leyva J, Trujillo ME. Molecular characterization of the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase gene of porcine rubulavirus isolates associated with neurological disorders in fattening and adult pigs. Wiman AC, Hjertner B, Linne T, Herron B, Allan G, McNeilly F, Adair B, Moreno-Lopez J, Berg M. Porcine rubulavirus LPMV RNA persists in the central nervous system of pigs after recovery from acute infection.

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