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Morning Routine For 9 Guinea Pigs

Within the last few months, nicotine vaping products became legal in Canada. As e-cigarettes and the promotion of vaping products become more prevalent, health professionals are warning they are not as safe as many believe. Within the last few months, nicotine vaping products became legal in Canada and last week, the provincial government released proposed changes to legislation on vaping products in convenience stores, which would allow companies to display and advertise their products – something that’s banned in seven other provinces. E-cigarette and other vaping devices heat liquid into an inhalable vapor that often contains nicotine. Still, many experts believe vaping is less harmful than cigarettes, but there are some significant health concerns they believe consumers should be aware of. 

Abou-Jaoude said his e-juices are generally made of vegetable glycerin, artificial flavours, nicotine and propylene glycol, a common food additive and flavouring. Nicotine in many e-cigarettes creates many of the same oral health problems as regular cigarettes, according to Glogauer. The amount of nicotine in a particular e-juice can vary, but Glogauer said there are also harmful chemicals in e-juice smoke not present in cigarette smoke. Health Canada said it is reviewing data and testing vaping liquids. Still, many experts believe those who cannot quit smoking should use vaping as an alternative. 

Health Canada agrees vaping is a less harmful source of nicotine than smoking. Abou-Jaoude says he’s using vaping as a way to curb his smoking habit and believes consumers should educate themselves about vaping products and use them when needed. 

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Regina Humane Society Inc

Guinea pigs make excellent pets for adults and children. There are three breeds of guinea pigs that are normally kept as pets. Younger guinea pigs are easy to train and take a little less time to acclimatize, while older ones may take a little longer to get used to a new surrounding, but may already be socialized. Guinea pigs do not require yearly vaccinations, but they should have annual check-ups for illnesses or diseases. These little critters can also be trained to use a litter box inside the cage by placing it in the guinea pig’s selected washroom area. 

Cavies do not require a huge cage, but the larger the cage, the less cleaning, and more exercise and entertainment for the guinea pig. Standard size cages are available from pet stores, but most of these are suitable for only one guinea pig. Corn cob bedding can be used, but is not ideal, as some guinea pigs will eat the bedding, and the corn cob pellets mold very quickly. Make sure the cage is placed in a bright, draft free room, at room temperature, 18-23 degrees C. Also, the cage should not be placed in direct sunlight, or too close to a radiator, where the guinea pig may develop heat exhaustion. 

Pelleted food is available and the cavy should be given 1/8 cup per day for a 2lb. guinea pig. Rabbit pellets should not be used, because they do not contain vitamin C and they may contain excessive amounts of vitamin D, which is toxic to guinea pigs. During the bath, support the guinea pig gently with one hand to prevent the cavy from jumping out of the bowl or slipping and injuring itself. 

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Source: https://reginahumanesociety.ca/programs-services/pet-care/small-animal-care/guinea-pig-care/

What are the common health problems in pet guinea pigs?

Many of the common health problems seen in pet guinea pigs are often preventable by good husbandry and good feeding practices. Vitamin C deficiencyLike humans, guinea pigs cannot synthesise vitamin C from other food substances so they require a direct dietary source of vitamin C. This is usually supplied sufficiently by feeding fresh leafy green vegetables. Affected guinea pigs may be anorexic, lethargic, weak; move with difficulty and appear painful when moving. Vitamin C deficiency causes the guinea pig severe pain and discomfort and is a preventable condition. 

Ulcerative pododermatitisIn the wild, guinea pigs generally live on grassed areas or other types of natural material which provide some measure of cushioning for their feet. Swollen and ulcerated footpads are a common problem when guinea pigs are kept on hard surfaces and/or uncovered wire mesh floors. Domesticated guinea pigs should be kept on soft floor material and soft bedding material to help prevent ulcerative pododermatitis. Dental problemsGuinea pigs fed an inappropriate diet are highly susceptible to dental problems. Dental disease causes severe pain and discomfort to the guinea pig and is best prevented by feeding an appropriate diet. 

Guinea pigs have evolved over thousands of years to eat a high fibre diet. In their natural environment wild guinea pigs eat predominantly grass throughout the day. If you suspect your guinea pig is suffering from any of the above mentioned diseases and/or you notice any other abnormalities or problems please consult your vet immediately. 

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Source: https://kb.rspca.org.au/what-are-the-common-health-problems-in-pet-guinea-pigs_294.html

Billy Connolly health: Comedian volunteers to be a “guinea pig” for Parkinsons disease

The 75-year-old comedian was hit with a double blow after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer in the same week five years ago. The actor also revealed the disease now dominates his life. The comic added Parkinson’s disease is the first thing he thinks about everyday. Sir Billy had successful surgery to remove his prostate following the cancer diagnosis. The actor and comedian is gearing up to star in two new television documentaries and also plans to have his book released later this year. 

He will appear in a new BBC series called Coming Home in which he returns to his roots in Scotland and does a tour around the country. The theme of the show centres around the comedian’s memories, with his travels being sparked by different parts of his life such as the Hank Williams album and a bottle of air recreating the smell of the old Glasgow Docks. Billy will also appear in a new ITV documentary called Billy Connolly’s Ultimate World Tour which sees him reflect on 25 years of travelling the world. The knighted star will take camera crews around his home in Florida after he was advised by doctors to move to a warmer climate. Earlier this year, Sir Billy and his wife hit back at claims by Sir Michael Parkinson that he was unable to recognise the presenter due to his health battle. 

Sir Billy was a regular guest on Sir Michael’s self-titled show which ran from 1971 to 2007.. 

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Source: https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1028403/billy-connolly-health-update-parkinson-disease-research-trial-latest-news