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L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue Pit Crew

Inside Lab100, Mount Sinai’s health clinic of the future

10 minute Read. I’m walking through Mount Sinai Health System’s library on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, surrounded by medical students studying and furiously clacking on their keyboards. The corner of a medical school library is a rather unlikely place to put the clinic of the future, but for now, it’s the staging area for Lab100-an experimental clinic that provides patients with one of the most complete health assessments currently available, from cognition and balance to body composition and dexterity. Lab100’s creators have big ambitions: to redesign health care by focusing on healthy people. This is where Lab100 is focusing-connecting everyday behaviors with conventional medicine, shifting health care’s emphasis on treating disease toward preventing disease in the first place. 

The first step of the assessment was to pose for a photo that would be attached to the rest of the health data the team would collect on me that morning. The entire experience was unlike any interaction with a doctor I’d ever had-and I’d never seen the current state of my health laid out in such a visual, easy-to-understand manner. Bringing a small scale prototype like Lab100 to a larger audience is a daunting task, especially within the existing health care system. To find out, Dudley is working to prepare a pilot study at Mount Sinai, which, like other companies that insure their employees, has a great incentive to reduce its overall health insurance costs. The hospital system already encourages employees to complete a standard health and wellness test in exchange for reduced insurance premiums. 

If Dudley gets his way, a sample of 1,000 people at Mount Sinai will do this standard test, and another 1,000 will do Lab100. Because doctors are trained to perform a test only if they have a suspicion that there’s something wrong, most electronic health records are almost completely empty-which makes it hard for technologists to train machine learning algorithms and make health care more predictive. It’s a service model that’s virtually nonexistent elsewhere in the health care system-one that’s based on UX, data, visualizations, storytelling, and most crucially, user-centered design and consent. 

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Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/90232957/i-was-a-guinea-pig-at-mount-sinais-wellness-lab-of-the-future

Guinea Pig Care

Native to grasslands, forests, swamps, and mountains of South America. Average litter size: 3 to 4 offspring; born fully furred with eyes open. Unable to naturally produce vitamin C in their bodies and must receive it through diet or supplements. Easily stressed: when frightened, will run around at high speed. Large quantity of grass hay, such as timothy, brome, and Bermuda grass. 

Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C. Pelleted guinea pig diet containing vitamin C, approximately 1/8 cup per day Alfalfa-based pellets for reproducing sows and juveniles up to 6 months of age. No diet mixes containing dried fruit, vegetables, grain, or seeds. Well-ventilated cage made of plastic, metal, or wire, with a solid cage floor to prevent injuries to the legs and feet Place the cage in a quiet location, away from direct sunlight, and maintain a temperature of 65°F to 75°F. To prevent heat stress, avoid high humidity and temperatures above 80°F. 

Thick layer of fiber bedding such as aspen shavings or recycled newspaper litter. Avoid cedar or pine shavings, which can irritate the respiratory tract. Complete physical examination every 6 to 12 months Consult a veterinarian with experience treating exotic companion mammals if you have any questions or concerns about your guinea pig’s health. Regular toenail trimming, if necessary, and combing/brushing of longhaired breeds. Hair loss or itching due to mites, lice, fungal infections, or hormonal problems. 

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Source: http://www.avianandexotic.com/care-sheets/mammals/guinea-pig-care-sheet/

Vet Tips Caring for your Guinea Pig

Despite their common name, these animals are not pigs, nor do they come from Guinea. Guinea pigs are large rodents, weighing between 700 and 1200g, and measuring between 20 and 25 cm in length. According to the 2006 Guinness Book of Records the longest living guinea pig survived 14 years, 10.5 months. The guinea pig is able to breed all year-round, with birth peaks usually coming in the spring; as many as five litters can be produced per year. Do NOT fast your Guinea Pig before you bring her to the hospital. 

Your Guinea Pig will get an intramuscular sedation that will make her fall asleep in 5 to 10 minutes. The sutures are hidden underneath the skin so your Guinea Pig won’t be able to pull them out. Do NOT fast your Guinea Pig before you bring him to the hospital. Your Guinea Pig will get an intramuscular sedation that will make him fall asleep in 5 to 10 minutes. Most grass-eating mammals are quite large and have a long digestive tract; while guinea pigs have much longer colons than most rodents, they must also supplement their diet by coprophagy, the eating of their own faces. 

The cecotropes are eaten directly from the anus, unless the guinea pig is pregnant or obese. The Kitten or Puppy advantage is the correct size for a fully grown Guinea Pig and is safe to use. 

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Source: https://www.hiltonvethospital.com.au/guinea-pigs-general-health/

NPR Choice page

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Source: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/03/12/174105739/from-pets-to-plates-why-more-people-are-eating-guinea-pigs

We Pigs News for 08-28-2018

Guinea Pig Size Guide

Guinea pigs are somewhat unusual among pet rodents because they grow much bigger than their furry cousins such as mice, rats, and hamsters. At birth, a guinea pig will generally measure around 8-10 cm. You should expect some natural variation in size between the animals in a litter, with some bigger than others. A baby guinea pig measures just 8-10 cm and easily fits into the palm of your hand. Guinea pigs grow very rapidly, and will double in size to around 15-20 cm after just 8 weeks. 

To measure the size of your guinea pig, place it on a flat surface and place a ruler or tape measure next to it, running parallel to its body. If you buy your guinea pigs from a pet store, it isn’t uncommon for them to be a little unsure about the age of the animals they stock. In these cases, it is extremely helpful to be able to use your knowledge of guinea pig sizes to estimate their true age. Guinea pigs’ relatively large size makes them great pets for children, as they are much less likely to drop them than they might with smaller animals. Another benefit of their size is that they are less likely to crawl into small, hard-to-reach spaces – something that rodents are renowned for! 

If your guinea pig’s size is slightly above or below the numbers given here then you shouldn’t worry, as all cavies will vary somewhat from the average. If your pet is significantly bigger or smaller than these sizes, you should take it for a checkup at your local vet, as it may be a sign of a physical problem. 

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Source: https://www.guineapigcorner.com/size

Genetically Modified Pigs Resistant to PRRS

Imagine how much producers could save if they had swine that were resistant to one of the most costly porcine diseases. Laboratory Equipment just shared amazing news that is sure to change the swine production industry forever. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute have produced pigs that are resistant to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome. Otherwise known as PRRS, this disease is considered one of the most costly animal diseases. This condition costs the swine industry in the U.S. 

and Europe about $2.5 billion annually in lost revenue. This virus affects pigs by using a receptor called CD163, which is found on their cells’ surface. The researchers removed a small section of the CD163 gene using gene-altering techniques. They focused on the section of the receptor to which the virus attaches. This was a collaborative effort with Genus PLC, a global leader in animal genetics. 

Tests done with the PRRS virus show that the genetically-altered pigs do not become infected. Visit our company website for swine industry jobs in your state, industry news, and other animal nutrition updates. Follow #ContinentalSearch on Facebook and LinkedIn for swine jobs in your area and other opportunities in the animal nutrition industry. 

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Source: https://www.consearch.com/genetically-modified-pigs-resistant-to…

I got a wee baby guinea pig from the pet store, and I was told he had

I got a wee baby guinea pig from the pet store, and I was told he had deformities. I’ve never known a guinea pig to do that, I know it’s a bad sign for a rabbit. I’m going to get a vet at my work to take a look at him if I can this Sunday. I’ll also find out how old he needs to be to get him neutered at the same time… cos I’ve never had a guinea pig neutered, but I know you can do it. 

I’ve only ever had females, so this is new to me! :-). I’ve taken a video of him walking, but it was on a couch chair so it’s a bit slanted anyway, he doesn’t appear to be in any pain. I just think the sound of ‘fused hips’ sounds awfully painful to me. 

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Source: https://guineapighealth.livejournal.com/10164.html

To provide our customers with the highest quality product and service in the Cedar Valley. P-provide the best service and product to our customers R-respect our customers, each other and the environment E-enjoy our customers and our work M-meet the expectations of the customer every day I-involve ourselves with the community E-evaluate and improve our services on a continued basis R-remember our customers are the reason we are in business E-exceed our customers’ expectations every time. 

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Source: http://premiereautowash.com/?guinea_pig_viagra

Bob Dole: Guinea Pig For Viagra

Dole, 74, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1991 while serving as a senator from Kansas, and underwent surgery. He has appeared in TV ads, before Congress, and in interviews to promote the importance of early detection and encourage men to speak frankly with their doctors about prostate-related problems, including impotence. I was in the protocol and participated in the program. Dole also said his own cancer had been cured and urged other men to have prostate exams. 

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Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bob-dole-guinea-pig-for-viagra

Are We Drug Guinea Pigs?

Taking a new drug is not always a good idea because they have not been around long enough to learn all their dangers. It is the effectiveness of big pharma’s advertising, especially DTC ads, that entice us to try a new drug. When considering a new drug, keep in mind that you have to add up the percentages of all side effects to determine their true incidence. 

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Source: http://www.drsaputo.com/a/are-we-drug-guinea-pigs

We Pigs News for 07-13-2018

Research models and services

At the core of your pharmaceutical development are the careful selection, care, and management of research models. Choosing the most appropriate strain and ensuring reliable answers to your research questions can mean the difference between a drug approval and a lost opportunity. At Envigo, we are dedicated to helping you secure the potential of your products by providing you with a comprehensive selection of research animals, conditions that ensure animal welfare, scientific expertise, and customer service designed to support your research globally. From the diet and bedding for our animals to our ongoing investment in infrastructure and services, Envigo is committed to being your trusted and reliable research models and services provider. 

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Source: http://www.envigo.com/products-services/research-models-services

Romania reports African swine fever in farm pigs

BUCHAREST – Romania has reported an outbreak of African swine fever at a breeding farm for pigs in the southern county of Tulcea, the national food safety authority ANSVSA said on Monday. It said all pigs on the holding, or 44,580, would be culled. In June, Romania reported an outbreak of African swine fever among backyard pigs in the same county. African swine fever is a highly contagious disease that affects pigs and wild boar and has spread in Eastern Europe in recent years. Hungary, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania are among the countries affected, alarming governments and pig farmers due the pace at which it has spread. 

Reporting by Radu Marinas; editing by Jason Neely. 

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Source: https://nowworldnews.com/romania-reports-african-swine-fever-in…

Taxonomy: Guinea pig

A 3-year old intact male guinea pig was presented on emergency for suspected bloat and with a history of chronic hair loss. Clinical examination revealed non-pruritic symmetric truncal alopecia, thin skin, severe cachexia, and an abdominal fluid wave. Alkaline phosphatase, alanine transaminase, aspartate aminotransferase, gamma-glutamyl transferase, leukocytes, bilirubin, and serum cortisol were markedly elevated. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed peritoneal effusion, cholestasis, and cholelithiasis. 

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Source: https://lafeber.com/vet/species/guinea-pig

Google Translate is provided on this website as a reference tool. Poultry Health Today and its sponsor and affiliates do not guarantee in any way the accuracy of the translated content and are not responsible for any event resulting from the use of the translation provided by Google. By choosing a language other than English from the Google Translate menu, the user agrees to withhold all liability and/or damage that may occur to the user by depending on or using the translation by Google. 

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Source: https://pighealthtoday.com

Healthy Coat for Horses

They are all produced and marketed by the same company, but as far as I can tell from a side by side comparison of the labels, they all basically share the same ingredients. The only major difference between the three is in the price. I have 2 Dachshunds, a Chihuahua, and a French Bulldog who all love this stuff and will lick it up by itself, although I mix it in with their food. I give them 1 teaspoon daily and they all have healthy, shiny, vibrant coats and no skin issues. 

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Source: https://www.jefferspet.com/products/healthy-coat

Pig Farm Management Software

Whether you are a pig farm or a pig production management company managing swine production for multiple owners across multiple barns, swinemanagement.com is for you. Our pig farm management software helps you manage your inventory, batch profitability, logistics, feed plans, batch transfers, offsorts, market sales, barn visits, treatments, health scores and all your reporting in one software application, with electronic interfaces to Feed Mills and Packers. 

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Source: http://swinemanagement.com

All Things Guinea Pig: Cavy Colours

This is an ongoing research page, but I will endeavor to compile as much information on the correct names for piggy colours as I can. If you read something here that you don’t think is correct, please let me know and I’ll correct it asap. A fantastic is found on Malibu Cavy Stud’s Page here. A basic guide to breeding for colour can be found here. A pretty comprehensive guide to breeds/coat types can be found here. 

Argente Types:(For more info visit this Argente page). 

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Source: http://emmasguineapigs.blogspot.com/p/cavy-colours.html

Amazon.com: Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Food for Guinea Pig, 5 Pound: Prime Pantry

Kaytee Forti-Diet pro health is a nutritionally enhanced daily diet that provides the essential nutrients your pet needs for a long, healthy life. With DHA omega-3 – supports heart, brain and visual functions. Rich in natural antioxidants – for general health and immune support. Probiotics and prebiotics -natural ingredients that aid in digestive health. Rich in fiber – essential for proper function of the gastrointestinal tract. 

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Source: https://www.amazon.com/Kaytee-Forti-Health-Guinea-Pound/dp/B0113X9HZ6

Melbourne Rabbit Clinic – Australia’s first dedicated rabbit and guinea pig only hospital

At the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic we have an absolute passion for rabbits and guinea pigs and we delight in their uniqueness. Our friendly team understands and shares in your love for your pet rabbits and guinea pigs. As a small and personal veterinary clinic we are proud to offer high quality veterinary care especially tailored for these wonderful pets. We hope to be more than just your vet, nurse and receptionist. 

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Source: http://www.melbournerabbitclinic.com

The Guinea Pig Forum

I got the feeling I wrongly explained myself, I always clean them in 5 days at least, except during the exam, but I have 3 cage, then I do a rotation : 1st cage, then after a week, in the other clean cage, then after a week in the 3rd cage, and then my exam are finished and I clean all the cage and go back to a normal routine. So they are not in physical contact with the cage that is dirty. 

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Source: https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/cage-cleaning.119037

We Pigs News for 05-10-2018

On This Day In Space! March 19, 1964: Ionospheric Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit

So enjoy a blast from the past with Space.com’s Hanneke Weitering to look back at what happened on this day in space! On March 19, 1964, NASA unsuccessfully attempted to launch a satellite called Beacon Explorer-A on a mission to study the ionosphere. This is a region in Earth’s upper atmosphere where radiation from the sun strips the electrons off atoms and molecules, creating a layer of ions and free electrons. Beacon Explorer-A was supposed to go count all those free electrons using a radio beacon, but it never reached orbit after it launched. After a smooth liftoff from Cape Kennedy, something went wrong with the Delta rocket’s third stage. 

The third burn was supposed to last 40 seconds, but the engines cut off after 22 seconds. Beacon Explorer-A re-entered Earth’s atmosphere somewhere over the south Atlantic Ocean, and it was destroyed. An identical satellite, Beacon Explorer-B was successfully launched later in 1964 and followed by a third satellite, Explorer Beacon-C, in 1965. 

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Source: https://www.space.com/39251-on-this-day-in-space.html

Remedies for a Constipated Guinea Pig

My Guinea pig has severe constipation and bladder prolapse since one month ago. Two years ago I rescued 2 male guinea pigs from the middle of the street. Jaci from Hingham, MA. Constipated Guinea PigsMy first recommendation would be to call the local vet. Regular guinea pig pelleted food starts out with added C, but this leeches out in a short time. 

Constipated Guinea PigsGuinea Pigs are very sensitive to drugs. Constipated Guinea PigsI had a rabbit with this problem, he almost died. Constipated Guinea PigsParsley is a rich source of vitamin C, but it is also a diuretic. Constipated Guinea PigsTry feeding organic dandelion greens. The dandelion greens are a natural diuretic and laxative and are filled with Vitamin C. 

Plus, guinea pigs usually love them. Constipated Guinea PigsUsually when they get constipated it is because of a lack of water or greens. Constipated Guinea PigsStop feeding it dry foods and feed it lots of greens. Constipated Guinea PigsThis is what has worked for me. 

Keywords: [“Guinea”,”constipated”,”pig”]
Source: https://www.thriftyfun.com/Remedies-for-a-Constipated-Guinea-Pig.html


Guinea Pigs Australia focuses on providing correct, modern and informative resources on guinea pig care, guinea pig information and guinea pig adoption in Australia and overseas. Premium brands such as Burgess Excel, HayPigs!™ and StayBowl™. JOIN OUR GROUP Discuss, share and learn more about guinea pig. WHO WE ARE Passionate about small animal care our team focuses on. Learn about our own pets, our vision and the Australian family behind the company. 

We only board rabbits and guinea pigs- check out our boarding options and plan for your pets holiday with us! STORE FAVOURITES. FOOD CRAVING TAMER BOWL INDOOR C&C CAGE STAYBOWL – TIP PROOF BOWL. Congratulations to our last winners of our giveaway to WIN a Wheek Wagon! Keep an eye out for our next competition in Easter 2018! 

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Source: http://www.guineapigsaustralia.com.au/index.htm

Fleece Flippers, Cage Liners, Cozies for Guinea Pig Cages

Our new fleece innovation solves many issues people have using typical fleece cage liners and ‘bed spreads. Multiple panels of Fleece Flippers are tiled together in one cage. A 2×4 grid cage would use 4 Fleece Flipper panels. Each panel is made of three components: an inner core of 4mm Coroplast with rounded corners, two layers of inner absorbent lining and an outer case of fleece sewn into a shape like a narrow pillowcase with extra material on the end for closure. Find out MORE about Fleece Flippers here, and check out the amazing list of features and benefits. 

You’ll see how you can save TIME, MONEY and RESOURCES and have HAPPIER GUINEA PIGs on top of that! 

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Source: https://www.guineapigmarket.com


Porcilis® PCV. An inactivated vaccine for piglets for immunisation against PCV disease, to reduce mortality and weight loss associated with PCV2 related infection occurring during the fattening period. An inactivated whole cell vaccine for the vaccination of healthy pigs as an aid in the prevention of pneumonia caused by Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection. An inactivated vaccine for sows and gilts to provide protection against Erysipelas and Leptospira pomona infections and as an aid in the control of parvovirus infection in pigs. 

Keywords: [“infection”,”vaccine”,”inactivated”]
Source: http://www.msd-animal-health.com.au/species/Pigs.aspx

Critter Corral

The Critter Corral was founded in 1999 to find homeless. We are run out of private homes and appointments are made for adoptions and visits. To date The Critter Corral has taken in 4500 homeless guinea pigs. Be sure to visit our new pages for the piggies in our Sanctuary Program. For a donation of $20 you can sponsor a senior piggie for 6 months. 

You will receive a pigture and certificate of your sponsored piggie. 

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Source: http://crittercorral.org

guinea pig shelter

We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. eBay Premium ServiceExcellent customer service as rated by buyers. Learn more eBay Premium ServiceExcellent customer service as rated by buyers. 

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Source: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=guinea+pig+shelter

guinea pig fence

eBay determines this price through a machine-learned model of the product’s sale prices within the last 90 days. eBay determines trending price through a machine-learned model of the product’s sale prices within the last 90 days. eBay Premium ServiceTrack record of excellent service. Learn more eBay Premium ServiceTrack record of excellent service. 

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Source: https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_nkw=guinea+pig+fence

We Pigs News for 05-08-2018

Oxbow Adult Guinea Pig Food 2.25kg

We are committed to protecting your privacy when managing your personal information. We have policies and procedures to ensure that all personal information is handled carefully and securely in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988. The type of personal information collected will be directly related to the specified purpose it has been collected for. How much of your personal information that you choose to disclose to us is completely up to you. Failure to provide certain information may result in House being unable to provide you with the relevant product or service. 

If you request products or services from us, we may collect information such as your name and contact details or email address), and/or credit card details. If you participate in any surveys we, or a third party service provider acting on our behalf, may conduct from time to time on our website, personal information relating to your survey responses. If you are applying for employment with us, we may collect any information that is relevant to such employment including: > your name and contact details and/or email address) any other information relevant to the recruitment process. If you are applying to become a House franchisee, we may collect information such as your name, postal address, telephone number, email address, education details, residency status, employment history, financial capacity and other information relating to your qualifications and experience. Global Retail Brands Australia Pty Ltd will use the personal information you have chosen to provide us for the purpose for which you provided it or a related secondary purpose which you would reasonably expect. 

There will be occasions where it will be necessary for Global Retail Brands Australia Pty Ltd to disclose your personal information to third parties. If you have any queries relating to the management of your personal information you can contact our Privacy Officer at the address or email address below. 

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Source: https://www.pethouse.com.au/oxbow-adult-guinea-pig-food-2-25kg

Guinea Pigs Australia

Children especially at a young age will often promise to take considerable care of their guinea pig. You can still adopt a cavy if you as the adult are willing to take responsibility for this animal and can teach and educate your child in regards to pet ownership and guinea pig care. Although you must supervise your child, have the cage in an area that can be supervised, and will make a commitment to caring for this animal throughout. You must be committed to caring for this animal throughout its entire life. If circumstances change you must ensure that you are able to care for this animal regardless of these changes; or provide an ideal housing arrangement with a responsible person who is knowledgeable in the care of guinea pigs, will provide housing, food, veterinary care and will not harm, injure or cause any stress to the welfare of this animal. 

You should never abandon or leave your cavy unless there are extenuating circumstances that will permanently prevent you from doing what is best for the animal and will significantly decrease the level of care you provide. You must be prepared to provide all these requirements throughout its lifetime and maintain this level of care to the best of your ability. Provide them with veterinary contact numbers, lists of do’s and don’ts in regards to cavy care, list of food requirements, what they need, if they are on medication show them the correct dosage and how to administer the medication. Overall provide them with a comprehensive list on your guinea pigs care and their daily routine. Provide them with a list and information about your guinea pigs care and what they require. 

You must be committed to loving, providing and caring for this animal throughout its entire life, and provide the best life possible and always do what is in the best interests of your guinea pig. These questions are all important in determining whether you are ready for the responsibly of owning a pet and caring for it throughout its entire life. 

Keywords: [“care”,”cavy”,”PIG”]
Source: http://guineapigsaustralia.com.au/before adopting.htm

Vaccinations for the Swine Herd

Vaccinations for the Swine Herd Swine producers should vaccinate their pigs to prevent or decrease economic loss from important infectious diseases. Pigs should be vaccinated for a disease before they will encounter the microorganisms causing it. Vaccinate to prevent diseases which have a high risk of occurring, not diseases with a low risk. Production Stage Disease* When To Vaccinate Gilts prebreed LeptospirosisParvovirusErysipelas Twice before breeding Sows prebreed LeptospirosisParvovirusErysipelas Before breeding Boars LeptospirosisParvovirusErysipelas Twice a year Gilts prefarrow E. coliAtrophic rhinitis Twice before farrowing Sows prefarrow E. 

coliAtrophic rhinitis Before farrowing Baby pigs Atrophic rhinitis Once or twice before weaning Grower(40-100#) Erysipelas When purchased as feeder pigs *See Diseases And Microorganisms for a short description. Several other vaccinations could be recommended by your veterinarian if the disease has been diagnosed in the herd and if an effective vaccine is available. Your veterinarian will only recommend such a step if control of certain diseases on your farm has not been accomplished by other measures or if a commercial vaccine has not been effective. Vaccinations are not a substitute for good pig management. If a pig’s immune system is weakened by a stressful environment or inadequate nutrition, an overwhelming disease challenge can cause disease even in a vaccinated pig. 

Read the label to see what diseases and microorganisms the vaccine is designed to protect against. To ensure protection against disease, vaccines must be administered properly. Since swine pseudorabies is a disease the government is attempting to eradicate, vaccination must be approved by state and federal regulatory agencies. Swine dysentery: Bloody scours of grow-finish pigs are caused by the spirochete organism Serpulina hyodysenteriae. 

Keywords: [“disease”,”pig”,”vaccine”]
Source: http://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-0902

We Pigs News for 03-17-2018

More Marylanders catch swine flu at county fairs

Five Marylanders were sickened with the flu after coming into contact with pigs at the Anne Arundel County Fair and The Great Frederick Fair, the Maryland Department of Health said Wednesday. Another seven Maryland residents caught the flu after coming into contact with pigs at the Charles County Fair. The Maryland Department of Agriculture last week canceled all swine exhibits at the Calvert County Fair, the last county fair scheduled for this year. The people who caught the swine flu are not seriously ill and haven’t been hospitalized, the state health department said.

Keywords: [“Fair”,”Maryland”,”County”]
Source: http://www.baltimoresun.com/health/bs-md-more-swine-flu-20170927-story.html

Vet.com || Swine Health, Pigs, Livestock Information

Al Larson Distributing, Inc. – Offering products and services for hog manure odor control and reduction. Antwi Farms – Providing various free research papers on swine diseases and regular updates. Peak Swine Genetics Inc. – On going, extensive meat quality studies. Providing technical support; working with leading professionals in all aspects of swine production and nutrition. PigCHAMP Records Service – Software to analyze swine herd data. Has nearly 1000 articles and links on the subject matter and has a comprehensive book shop on pig topics.

Keywords: [“swine”,”Inc.”,”Service”]
Source: http://www.vet.com/swine_pig.html

Myth: Hormone Use In Pig Production Poses A Health Risk To Consumers

Federal law prohibits the use of hormones in pig production. Between 1980 and 2005, changes in genetics and feeding programs have reduced “Days to harvest” – or the time required to grow a pig to full weight – by 15 percent and increased lean muscle by 45 percent. This growth has nothing to do with hormones like estrogens because they are simply not used. Dig deeper…. As in poultry production, producing pigs with more muscle reduces environmental impact and enhances the economic sustainability of farms for future generations.

Keywords: [“pig”,”hormones”,”production”]
Source: http://meatmythcrushers.com/myths/myth-hormone-use-in-pig-production.html

Kaytee: Pet Supplies

Scientifically-formulated food and treats, and lots of love!We put animals first. Kaytee’s commitment to small animal pets, pet birds, and wild birds has inspired nutritional innovations for more than 150 years. A complete line of products – food, treats, bedding, toys, habitats, and accessories – helps keep your treasured friends active, comfy and safe. Our expertise and state-of-the-art processing means quality is built into every product, ensuring the health, security, and comfort of each pet and bringing peace-of-mind to all pet parents.

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Practical Animal Handling

Intraperitoneal injections can be made into the posterior quadrant of the abdomen. Subcutaneous injection can be made into the scruff of the neck. Care must be taken to direct the needle into the scruff and not into the handlers finger or thumb. Because the muscle masses of mice are so small, care must be taken to use a small needle and a small volume for injection. Intramuscular injections can be made into the quadriceps muscle groups on the anterior of the thigh. This movie shows the correct procedures for injection in the mouse.

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Guinea Pig Nutrition |

Your guinea pig should have unlimited access to a variety of quality grass hays. Among many benefits, hay helps prevent obesity, dental disease, diarrhea, and boredom. Since replacing the hay in your guinea pig’s habitat can encourage picky eating, we recommend changing it only when soiled. Young, pregnant, nursing or ill animals can benefit from eating alfalfa hay in addition to grass hay because of the higher nutritional elements. Otherwise, alfalfa should only be given occasionally as a treat.

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Natural Pig Farming

Is a high pig welfare, non-environmental polluting system of raising healthy, contented pigs that uses the activity of indigineous micro-organisms in the sty’s ‘living’ deep bed. The pig raising system is designed to enable pigs to carry out core natural behavior within a healthy real world environment even though they are raised in pens. Philosophy and practice, and highlights the benefits of the systems over the ‘modern’ welfare- deficient factory farming model of raising pigs.

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Health Management of Miniature Pigs

This course covers various aspects of miniature pig medicine including behavior disorders, anesthesia of swine and common surgical problems. > Describe the common medical problems of pet pigs. > Describe the causes and remedies for piglet savaging. > List the advantages and disadvantages of common aesthetic protocols. > Describe the methods for induction and maintenance of inhalation anesthesia. > Describe the methods and anatomic landmarks for obtaining a blood sample from a pig.

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Information on about Clinical Research- OFFICAL

Thanks for visiting Just Another Lab Rat!, your one stop guide for learning how to volunteer for a clinical research study and the best resource for veteran volunteers. If this is your first time here, please check out the Guide To Clinical Research. If you’re not healthy, there may be a Patient clinic near you. This site is only a resource guide and is does not directly recruit volunteers. Please mention you found out about studies from this site! Get the Smartphone APP!

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Apple and Cinnamon tea, made from apple’s that we foraged sliced and dried for 6 hours in the dehydrator. I simply put 3 to 4 slices of dried apple and a 1/4 …of a teaspoon of cinnamon in a 8cm x 10cm drawstring herbal tea bags, i placed it in a mug poured over some boiled water and allowed to infuse for 5 minutes. This is a delicious and refreshing brew and is caffeine free plus there is the added pleasure in getting outdoors foraging for the apples.

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