We Pigs News for 10-26-2018

2 Month Update: Sherwood Pet Health Pellets/Products

E-CIGARETTES May 2018 JUUL & THE GUINEA PIG GENERATION Public Health Concerns about Use by Young People JUUL. The recent rapid rise in popularity of this flavored, potent, nicotinebased e-cigarette product, particularly among youth and young adults, as well as the apparent ease of access, use, and ability to open and custom‑fill its supposedly closed-system cartridges, has alarmed the public health community. 2 JUUL has surpassed all of its competitors in the e-cigarette market, including products marketed by U.S. tobacco industry giants – RJ Reynolds’ Vuse, Altria’s Mark Ten, and Imperial’s Blu and its new variant, myblu. 5 According to JUUL Labs, inhaling aerosol from the proprietary heated e-liquids in JUUL devices mimics the way that nicotine is absorbed in the bloodstream from combusted cigarettes, such that use of a JUUL device, as intended, can achieve a similar rate of absorption in the bloodstream and deliver nicotine to the brain similarly to conventional cigarettes. Seven in 10 teens are exposed to e-cigarette ads.9 E-cigarette advertisements, including those from JUUL, have a strong presence not only on the internet but also on television and radio, in film and print advertisements, and at retail points of sale. 23 Public health leaders are very concerned about youth’s attraction to JUUL and similar e-cigarette and e-liquid products based on industry marketing of flavors. Emerging survey research suggests, for example, that young people may be drawn to the fruit and candy-like flavors offered by JUUL without being aware that JUUL is a potent nicotine-based product to which they can become easily addicted. 

Overall, one-quarter of respondents reported recognition of JUUL devices, 10 percent reported both recognition and use, and 8 percent reported using a JUUL device within the past 30 days. Of particular note, only 25 percent of all who recognized the product and 37 percent of those who had used a JUUL device during the past 30 days knew that JUUL devices always contain nicotine. 36 An additional concern is that in conducting an internet search, one can easily find multiple sites other than JUUL Labs where JUUL or copy-cat www. Among the actions they requested was the removal of any JUUL flavors introduced after August 8, 2016 without first receiving the required FDA authorization, and the suspension of internet sales of JUUL until adequate rules are established to prevent sales to underage persons. The agency sent a letter to JUUL Labs, asking it to submit documents relating to its marketing practices and research on marketing, effects of product design, public health impact, and adverse experience and complaints regarding JUUL products. The groups, which included the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, and American Lung Association, also asked the FDA to remove similar new products that are alleged to perform like JUUL and have been introduced without first receiving FDA approval; to reverse its unlawful 2017 decision allowing e-cigarettes on the market as of August 8, 2016, to stay on the market until at least 2022 without filing marketing applications and receiving marketing authorization from the FDA; and to apply federal rules, prohibiting cigarette brand names from being used on other products, to JUUL and other e-cigarette brand names, e.g., decorative wraps or skins, t-shirts, sweatshirts. 

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Source: http://publichealthlawcenter.org/sites/default/files/resources/JUUL-and-the-Guinea-Pig-Generation-2018.pdf

Senior Pig Moment: How to Care for the Unique Needs of Your Old Guinea Pig

Like humans, old age in guinea pigs comes with its own set of unique challenges and realities. From mellower personalities to changing nutritional needs, there can be some important differences between the day-to-day needs of older guinea pigs and young guinea pigs. Guinea pigs will start to develop these old-age related challenges in the later years of its life, and older guinea pigs don’t recover from illness as quickly as young guinea pigs. Don’t Forget Vitamin C. Guinea pigs, like humans, are not able to create vitamin C. 

Guinea pigs need a daily vitamin C supplement, not in the form of a fruit or veggie snack. The best indicator of good guinea pig health is how much your cavy eats and drinks. In addition to the mobility issues guinea pigs can experience as they get older, it can be difficult for old guinea pigs to get around on loose, paper bedding. If you notice your older guinea pig isn’t moving around much, consider switching to fleece cage bedding, and be sure to limit the number of toys and playthings in your guinea pig’s cage so it can easily move around. At least once a day, sit with your senior guinea pig and gently feel around its body for growths. 

Watching your guinea pig’s stool production and quality is absolutely vital to ensure your guinea pig is staying healthy. Be sure to always have a supply of Critical Care, probiotic, and plastic syringes on hand in case you need to hand-feed your guinea pig or your guinea pig experiences a gut upset. Learning how your guinea pig behaves normally will give you a good baseline on which to judge future changes. Plus, when your beloved old cavy eventually crosses the rainbow bridge, you’ll know that you did everything you could to give your guinea pig a happy and healthy life. 

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Source: http://www.happycavy.com/how-to-care-for-your-old-guinea-pig/

We Pigs News for 08-23-2018

Scientists Breed Pigs Resistant To Incurable Disease

COLUMBIA, Mo., Dec. 8 – Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a pig breed resistant to an incurable disease currently costing farmers $660 million annually. Swine infected by the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus lose weight, rarely reproduce and suffer high mortality rates. With help from scientists at Kansas State University, recently raised a litter of pigs resistant to the virus. Their success is detailed in a new paper, published this week in the journal Nature Biotechnology. Early in their research, Prather and his colleagues identified the protein CD163 as key in facilitating the proliferation of the PRRS virus. 

Gene editing experiments proved their hypothesis correct. Researchers confirmed that the newly resistant pig breed did not suffer any negative side effects from the absence of the CD163 protein gene. Now, researchers are working in coordination with Genus plc, a British biotech company specializing in pig and cattle breeds. They hope to take the breed to market in the near future. 

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Source: https://gephardtdaily.com/health/scientists-breed-pigs-resistant…

Liaoning culls over 8,000 pigs after African swine fever outbreak

Northeast China’s Liaoning Province has culled 8,116 pigs in response to an outbreak of African swine fever, the provincial animal health and production bureau said Wednesday. Earlier this month, an outbreak of African swine fever was discovered on a farm in the provincial capital Shenyang. It was China’s first outbreak of African swine fever. The outbreak is currently under control, with no new cases discovered. No cases of the African swine fever were reported in other cities in the province. 

Investigation showed that the farm purchased 45 pigs from a farmer surnamed Wang in early July. Pig feces samples from Wang’s farm tested positive for the virus. Liaoning has adopted measures such as suspending the transport of pigs from Shenyang to other parts of China, culling pigs in infected areas, and suspending feeding pigs with kitchen refuse and scraps of waste food. African swine fever is a highly contagious, viral disease that infects pigs. 

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Source: http://english.sina.com/china/s/2018-08-15/detail-ihhtfwqr7493702.shtml

shipping information

MINI PIG SHIPPING. We alway want to be able to meet the new owners of our little ones, however we do understand sometimes due to jobs or being far away can make this difficult. We highly recommend flying here to the Nashville airport to take your piglet home with you as a carry-on, however we do understand that may not be possible for you so we do offer delivery to the continental USA for $350. I require the total amount, including the price of the pet and the shipping fee, before the puppy/pig is shipped out. These are the things I will need in order to book the shipping – Person’s name, address and phone number as it is on your drivers licensee ( because you will have to show your D.L. 

the driver in order to receive your pet. You will have to show identification to receive your pet. For the fastest shipping, – I accept payments via Credit Card ,Paypal or Walmart to Walmart money gram. 

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Source: https://www.pigsnpoodles.com/pig-shipping.html

Case Studies

Displayed below are pictures and details of veterinary assisted case studies of pets with specific health challenges and how they overcame them. Click on the filter and select at least one filter criteria. Selections within a category: Additional selections within a category will increase the number of results listed by showing case studies that contain at least one of those selection criteria. Selections from two or more categories: Adding another selection from a different category will decrease results listed. It will then remove the other species and only show guinea pigs that are either 1 to 2 years old or 5 to 7 years old. 

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Source: http://sherwoodpethealth.com/case-studies

His Wife Thought He Was Going To Kill The Pigs, –

An old farmer and his wife had a bunch of pigs, and every morning the farmer would head out to feed them. Every morning, he would see all the pigs screwing up a storm. He would get turned on by this and try to get back to the house in time to screw his wife – but he always got soft before he got there. He took his hatchet and headed out to the pig pen. If you liked this, please share by using the share button below. 

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Source: https://viralgfhealth.com/wife-thought-going-kill-pigs-2

Gifts, supplies and resources for Pot Bellied Pigs

ALL pet pigs should be spayed or neutered before sold. They should be at least 6-8 weeks of age and weaned from mom. PLEASE do your homework before getting a pig for a pet. Please make sure that you’re ready to commit to this pet for the next 12-15 plus years. The truth is that the potbellied pig is only a good pet for those who take commitment and responsible pet ownership very seriously. 

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Source: http://pigs4ever.com/resource.php?recordID=16

Unheard of disease in pigs triggers surge in vaccine sales

Oedema, a largely disappearing disease in pigs is re-emerging causing an increase in sales for the vaccine, Ecoporc Shiga. The vaccine has protected over 47 million European pigs against the disease since its launch 5 years ago, and has saved three millions pigs lives, an estimated value of over 100 million Euros. 

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Source: https://www.zenopa.com/news/450/unheard-of-disease-in-pigs…

Healthier and Hoppier Pets

Here you can post and see transformation stories of pets switching to the Sherwood Pet Health diet plan. Share their name, pictures/videos, and their story! Dr. Sherwood’s team will be here to help your pet live a lo….. 

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Source: https://community.sherwoodpethealth.com/forum

We Pigs News for 03-30-2018

The Aging Pot-Bellied Pig

Eyesight on the normal pig is considered very poor, and as the pig ages it appears to become even more poor. The geriatric pig may have more problems with urination and bowel movement. The older the pig the more of a problem it can become. In severe cases the pig will refuse to eat and appears to be in pain showing a tenderness in the stomach area, crabby and irritable, much like a human with its problems. Not only is exercise good for the pig in general, but it also encourages the pigs body to lose the waste material. In the older pig the more frequently that they can go the better off they are. The more time that they are given the chance to do their business, the less problem we are going to have with the pig in respect to the bowels and urinary tract. As the pig gains years he also has the potential to lose teeth and to develop sores on the gum line. One can only assume that we all know that ISO Fluorine gas is the choice when it comes to our pigs having surgery or any of the other pig related things done that require them to be asleep. We never give an older pig a tranquilizer by injection prior to the use of the gas. We use the above formula and after the pig is asleep we use the Jugular, the same place most of you use for blood testing, and administer the pheno barb solution. There have been many cases of giving the pig the injection directly into the heart without the pig being asleep first.

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Source: http://pigpalssanctuary.com/health/aging_potbellied_pig.htm

Himalayan Guinea Pig

There are several guinea pig breeds to choose from, with the American Guinea being the most common. Today, we’ll look at a lesser-known variety: the Himalayan Guinea Pig. Originally from Southeast Asia, the Himalayan Guinea Pig is a unique and adorable breed. Himalayan Guinea Pigs are average in size, typically ranging from 8 to 12 inches when fully grown. Himalayan Guinea Pigs are considered an albino breed, however they do develop some color pigments in certain areas. Himalayan Guineas typically get along well with other guinea pigs, but there is always some risk that they will become territorial. Himalayan Guinea Pigs are generally healthy animals if cared for properly. Considered the most common guinea pig health concern, most breeds of guinea pigs are prone to pneumonia and other respiratory infections. In addition to these issues that are common in all types of guinea pigs, Himalayan Guinea Pigs are uniquely susceptible to issues relating to weather changes. Himalayan Guinea Pigs have an average lifespan of 5 to 7 years, when cared for properly. Himalayan Guinea Pigs are more common than you might think, but they can still be difficult to find in some regions. If you do find a local Himalayan Guinea Pig breeder in your area, be sure to ask them about their experience with breeding, the health of the pig’s parents, and if the breeder conducted any sort of health tests on the animals.

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Source: http://squeaksandnibbles.com/himalayan-guinea-pig

Common Guinea Pig Health Problems

Flystrike is a potentially fatal condition which occurs when flies lay their eggs around a guinea pig’s anus. Symptoms to look out for include eggs and maggots around a guinea pig’s anus, wounds and skin loss. Pets suffering from obesity, dental problems, diarrhoea, arthritis and skin wounds are at high risk of flystrike as flies are attracted to guinea pigs suffering from dirty bottoms or wet fur. Guinea pigs living in dirty hutches are also susceptible, as flies like damp and smelly conditions. Guinea pigs with flystrike are often given antibiotics to help prevent infection and some vets also use anti-parasitic products to try and penetrate the skin and kill any remaining maggots. There are several different species of mites, however the most common one to affect guinea pigs is Trixacarus caviae, which causes mange. A variety of treatments are available to help treat guinea pigs infested with mites. Guinea pigs with ringworm will have circular, hairless, sore spots. You may notice your guinea pig scratching excessively, biting, suffering hair loss, and in a worse case scenario, suffering seizures. If you think your guinea pig is suffering from mange, take him to the vet immediately. Guinea pigs are unique in that they can’t produce Vitamin C themselves and are reliant on Vitamin C in their diet. To help prevent Vitamin C deficiency always feed your pet a complete food for guinea pigs.

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Source: http://www.pethealthinfo.org.uk/common-guinea-pig-health-problems

Health Care Articles and Information on Potbellied Pigs

Pot Bellied Pig Health and Information ArticlesJust a few of the articles Phyllis has written on the care and well being of Potbellied Pigs. Pig Picture GalleryLOTS of pictures of pigs that call Pig Pals Sanctuary home. The Pot Bellied Pig Health and Information page is a constantly growing work. The information presented here is the result of many years of living and taking care of potbelly pigs. The Importance of Your Pig Chow – Why we feel pig chow should be the mainstay of your pig(s) diet. Neutering A Potbellied Pig – This is a highly technical article, meant for vets, on the procedure for neutering a pot-bellied pig. The Orphan Piglet: Baby Pig Care – Includes information on temperature needs, housing, what to feed, how to feed, how to avoid diarrhea and more. Points To Ponder – Covers various health related problems for pigs including constipation and blockages, cancer, pyometria, dehydration, fever, giving IV’s and more. Salt Poisoning / Water Deprivation – Yes, pigs are very susceptible to salt poisoning. Things Of Interest – An article dealing with the spread of cancers and pyometria in pet pigs. Weight: How To Weigh Your Pig Without a Scale – This formula will give you your pigs weight to within 3% of actual without using a scale or picking the pig up. Winter Health Reminder – Tips to help you avoid pig health problems during the cold and wet months of the year.

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Source: http://pigpalssanctuary.com/health/health_care_articles.htm