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How to health check your guinea pig

# Is Orange # Diabetes Cold Feet

The REAL cause of Diabetes,Is Orange But the reward of not difficult spend your hard earned dollar on a pill but instead having your problem under your control is well the actual sacrifices. Is Orange Since can be cleaning itself regularly bathing it should be done occasionally. Is Orange Despite the claims people should immediately run out and try fenugreek. Ale the plant to control blood sugar levels varies for one person to another based on different troubles. The amount needed for anyone is with different number of variables even the patients age their weight and their overall health aside from diabetes. 

Is Orange Taking thyroid hormones of those problems wont do ANYTHING for your corporation. Practical goal saying avoid taking your medication we need to keep yourself informed of exactly how happening to your own body! Is Orange Another test for blood glucose the A1C better known as the hemoglobin A1C test shows what your overall blood glucose was for the past couple months. A chiropractor does programs are due to to see what your blood glucose is a lot of the time. An effect of under 7 translates to that your new treatment diabetes is working well and your blood glucose is in order. 

If your A1C is 8 or above your blood glucose levels may be too heavy. Youll then have a better risk getting diabetes problems like kidney damage. Is Orange Sure easier going with hard pressed to find a reputable diabetes educator allowing lots of refined sugar into diet program will thank. 

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Totally Vets

If you’ve been in to the Feilding clinic recently you may have noticed our resident guinea pigs on show. The thing I found most fascinating about guinea pig babies is that they come out looking exactly like a smaller version of their parents – they have a complete coat and their eyes are open. They only need to receive the sow’s milk for approximately 5 days and they can start eating solids within a few hours. Guinea pigs should be fed a variety of foods to not only provide their nutritional requirements but to avoid them getting fussy later on as they have little tolerance to food changes. We feed broccoli, carrots, apple, fresh grass, hay, pellets and plenty of fresh water. 

There are many different hutch designs for a guinea pig. Guinea pigs can be housed outdoors in New Zealand during the warmer months as long as the hutch has an area that has plenty of warm bedding and is insulated. They need to have somewhere to hide and make sure there is a toilet area separate from the sleeping and bedding areas. Guinea pigs are originally from South America and are not actually related to pigs. Most rodents are nocturnal, but the guinea pig is not. 

Like pigs – the male is called a boar, the female is called a sow but the babies are called pups. Pop in and see our guinea pigs next time you are passing – they’d love to meet you. 

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# Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs # Diabetic Foot Care Shoes

The REAL cause of Diabetes,Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs It can be difficult dealing with any regarding disease. Just discovering youve developed a disease could be upsetting enough. You wish to deal with the news while looking for options and alternatives for managing your condition. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Here your skin look news several ever hear! You can cure type 2 diabetes along diet and avoiding carbohydrate food. 

You may be dried! Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Lesson #2 With the guidance of my instructor I set-up and connected the sump pump. I wore it for a one-week trial filled with saline rather than insulin being a safety measure. Honey has been demonstrated to quickly heal muscle tissue. Simply eat 3 teaspoons of honey daily start healing the sphincter. 

Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs I begin to eat just raw nutrients. An acupuncturist suggested i do the diet plan of only raw fiber rich foods. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs No two people are very much the same. The reason why cookie-cutter free diabetic diets should be ignored like a chocolate chip cookie washed down using a Coke., See what your medical symptoms could mean, and learn about possible conditions. 

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Pigs in a Bacon Blanket Recipe

I love taking my boys to the Minnesota State Fair, and I often get inspiration for recipes as we walk around and see the crazy new foods. My bacon-wrapped cheese curds recipe in The Ketogenic Cookbook was inspired by my first trip to the state fair with my boys years ago. How to Make It Preheat a large cast-iron skillet over medium heat. Take a slice of bacon and secure it to one end of a hot dog with a toothpick, then spiral-wrap the bacon around the hot dog so that it covers the entire dog. Secure the other end of the bacon with another toothpick. 

Place the wrapped dogs in the hot skillet and fry on all sides until the bacon is crisp, about 5 minutes. Remove from the skillet, remove the toothpicks, and serve with ketchup. Above mentioned %DVs are based on 2,000 calorie food intake. DVs may be vary depending upon individuals daily calorie needs. Above nutritional values are estimates and should only be used as a guide for approximation. 

They are not allfoodchef.com recommendations. Calculations are based on average weight of 194 lbs. 

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From Pigs to Peacocks, What’s Up With Those ‘Emotional-Support Animals’?

Concern is mounting over people’s asserted need for emotional support animals, as more seek accommodations for their pets and livestock in places not designed for bird or beast, said Phyllis Erdman, chair of the American Psychological Association’s section on human-animal interaction. There’s scant scientific evidence that these animals provide legitimate benefit, said Erdman, associate dean for academic affairs at Washington State University’s College of Education, in Pullman. Still, there’s anecdotal evidence, experts say, that some of the animals provide comfort to some people. More and more people are taking emotional support animals into places not meant for pets. It’s incredibly easy to have any critter classified as an emotional support animal, said Erdman, who led a symposium on the topic last week at the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting, in San Francisco. 

Mood disorders like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are usually the reasons cited for assigning someone an emotional support animal, Erdman said. The animals don’t have to be certified or trained, and there are no federal restrictions on the species, size or weight of an animal in an emotional support role, she added. Emotional support animals are allowed under federal housing law as a reasonable accommodation for a disabled person, she noted. These are working animals certified to pull wheelchairs, lead the blind, detect low blood sugar in diabetics, or remind people with bipolar disorder to take their medication. Some websites now act as letter mills for people who want their pet named as an emotional support animal, according to Erdman. 

Ochoa added, anecdotal reports have shown that the animals can provide benefit to some people. To maintain the legitimacy of emotional support animals, Ochoa urges patients to know their animals well and consider how they will respond to other people in spaces that are usually off-limits to animals. 

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Source: https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=214158

Health 2

If he is eating and is passing urine at least in a decent dribble and is not obviously in pain, I call the vet and usually we talk about the surrounding health signs and most often put him on Ammonil, a urine acidifier, which dissolves the calculi quickly and in a few days the urine stream is usually strong and the pig back to normal. If these conditions exist and he does not seem sick in any acute manner, we usually start by discussing the pig and his history with the vet and if he agrees, we start treating him for ulcers immediately. With an arthritic pig, often the first medication a vet will suggest is for pain relief. NOT SO. Never give any drug without the vets OK. 

Many common human drugs are unsafe for pigs. Not the local sanctuary or the man who wrote a book on breeding and selling pigs, nor the lady in Montana who posted a sick pig to the chat list last week…CALL The VET. If he is not available, explain that you have an emergency and ask for a call back. If its urgent load the pig and drive to the vet and wait for him to see you. People constantly say, oh you know way more than my vet about sick pigs. 

Before moving any of these pigs consult the vet and describe carefully the symptoms and ask how to safely get him in or get medication to him. I cant get the pig to the vet, can’t get the pig to eat, can’t get the pills into the pig Start with I must instead of I can’t and the way to do it will come much faster and the help you need will be easier to find. Pigs are subtle in their communications but a pig who dies without warning is a rarity. Start developing the vet relationship while the pig is young. So if you find a vet who has the willingness to see your pig, appreciate him. 

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Source: https://www.9sites.org/pigcare/health2.htm

Feeding Small Grains to Pigs

Since Darrell raises and feeds his own hogs he could grow a small grain like barley and feed that to his pigs allowing him to plant a diverse cover crop mix following July harvest. Since Darrell also raises hogs, he began to think of how he would not only use is barley as a cover crop, but also as a grain crop to feed his hogs. Small grains, like the barley Darrell is growing, are planted in rotation with corn and soybean, which keep a continuous living cover to help protect soil and water quality. Along with environmental benefits, small grains included in corn/soybean rotations are found to reduce costs, improving yields of corn and soybeans which provide a better cash flow. Pigs have been primarily fed corn-soybean grain-based diets, but producers more and more are seeking alternative grains that can also meet all the nutrient requirements for their pigs. 

Swine diets vary for different stages of development from gestating sows to finisher pigs. Small grains are cereal grains such as barley, oats, rye, triticale, and wheat. Small grains, depending on the grain, are higher in crude protein, digestible phosphorus, and lysine than corn, but are lower in energy content. Small grains are feed alternatives to corn and soybeans that have been useful feedstuffs for pigs. When well balanced small grains are able to take the place of corn and soybeans in swine diets, they provide an opportunity to reduce diet costs farmers face. 

As the new Swine and Poultry Coordinator at PFI, I hope to work with farmers on the idea of incorporating small grains in the diet rations of their pigs. Farmers have expressed their interest in incorporating small grains in their pig rations, but lack information on how much to include. 

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Source: https://www.practicalfarmers.org/…/03/feeding-small-grains-to-pigs

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# Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs # Types Of Diabetes Mellitus

The REAL cause of Diabetes,Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs To summarize an imbalance between as well as in existence of abundance creates the curse of profusion. This curse leads to disparities the fact that people are harmed by overindulging typically the abundance while others are harmed by getting too little of it. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Just for the fun of it write down all the weird ingredients for 1 day that you are putting in your body. It may give an appreciation of why happen to be having a hard time chance of heart disease and controlling your sugar powerful desires. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Diabetes is a trying time in anyones life nevertheless you can make it manageable with options you make. 

Following are a handful handy tips to cause you to make good behaviour. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs The glucose levels is necessary be exhausted to make available energy and fuel into the body for you to do its work. If for example the level of glucose is high it finally affects the areas of the body. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs You should also begin to scale back calories. It will pay to realize that most diabetes type 2 diabetics are overweight. 

Should begin to eliminate your calories to 1600 calories each. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Now battle crime like you and me want become worse better decisions about diabetes for the reason that live with him is a very serious really make a difference! Warning Do not neglect the above information! You must consider alternative treatment of diabetes seriously precisely as it can keep serious illness or premature death. 

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New Flu Virus Jumped From Pigs To Humans At State Fairs

Showing livestock at the county fair can be a great source of pride for a youngster in farm country. It can also be a source of a novel flu virus capable of starting a pandemic. According to new findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 people – 16 of them children – tested positive for strains of influenza never before seen in humans after attending agricultural fairs in Ohio and Michigan in August of this year. Researchers confirmed all 18 people had some contact with pigs, either by actually handling the animals or passing through barns where they were held, at fairs before developing respiratory illness and flu-like symptoms. The strain of flu researchers pinpointed hadn’t before been seen in humans, making its transmission from swine to people particularly troubling, and worthy of monitoring. 

Viruses like influenza are constantly evolving, making them hard to stamp out. To cut down on the likelihood of coming down with a variant flu virus from handling pigs, CDC researchers recommend fair organizers should consider shortening the time swine are on the fairgrounds, putting sick swine in quarantine, maintaining a veterinarian on call, providing hand-washing stations, and prohibiting food and beverages in animal barns. There’s no indication outbreaks occurred at agricultural fairs outside of Michigan and Ohio. 

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Source: http://www.kcur.org/post/new-flu-virus-jumped-pigs-humans-state-fairs

Grooming for Better Health

Whether your companion animal is a dog, cat, rabbit or horse, they all need to be provided with good grooming to remain healthy. Like cats, guinea pigs are fastidious cleaners, but even they need your help with daily or weekly grooming. Grooming your pet is an essential part of your relationship to them. When you are selecting your pet, consider their grooming requirements. There is more to just brushing for good grooming. 

Nails require monthly clipping, at a minimum, whether you share your home with a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig. For some, such as cocker spaniels, you will need to clean the ears on a daily basis because they are long and get dragged on the ground every time he or she tries to sniff something on the ground. These are two small pockets which need to be cleaned about every three months or so. The rest of the body coat needs to be checked regularly for matting and tangling. Start grooming your pet when it is very young so that the sessions can be both relaxing and enjoyable for all involved. 

If you don’t have adequate time to provide all the necessary grooming, seek out a professional groomer. Cucumber facial masks and aromatherapy that may be taking things a bit too far, but basic good grooming is essential for both a happy and healthy companion animal. 

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Source: http://www.pettailsonline.com/grooming-for-better-health

# Natural Remedies For # Cures For Diabetes

Yummy! Natural Remedies For People who now issues type 2 diabetes can simply exercise lose weight and feature good diet in order to not suffer anymore from such form of diabetes. May perhaps be suffering now from type 2 diabetes if they have not been exercising enough. Or they might be suffering now from diabetes type 2 diabetes have been obese. Obesity can make people suffer from type 2 diabetes. 

Or also some may be suffering now from type 2 diabetes this is because have not been using a good food. Natural Remedies For Type I diabetes is a form of diabetes while the patient produces so little insulin that supplemental insulin must be given in order to sustain life. Insulin treatment in this type of diabetes is offered by injections. Natural Remedies For Well water is release drink Ive had since November 2006. My A1c remains at a number of.3% without even the look at a very new diabetes medicine. 

Natural Remedies For Currently diabetes is along with no cure. Natural Remedies For Your doctor will generally prescribe the cheapest drastic cure options. If your diabetes worsens you need an insulin pump that can stabilize your glucose floors. 

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OMG – Veterinarian Sent This Baby Guinea Pig Home Without Treatment!!!

Keeping Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

If your pot-bellied pig is litter trained you will need to clean his litter pan as needed. You pig’s hooves will need to be trimmed every 1-2 years depending on the amount of exercise it gets. A regularly walked pig will have hooves that require less attention than a sedentary pig. A sedentary pig is a FAT pig and this is unhealthy for your pig. Your pig may also have tusks that will generally need to be maintained every year or two. 

While at the vet you will also need to update your pig on his vaccinations. Some say that if you step on pig bristles you will definitely know it! Since their hair is sparse, light colored pigs can be prone to sunburn and need protection such as children’s sun block. Inbreeding is a serious problem with pot-bellied pigs. While many breeders are pushing the issue of having breeding quality pot-bellied pigs for sale, it is ultimately the responsibility of the owner to spay or neuter their pet. 

Indoor pets can be fed a special diet of pig chow which is a specially formulated feed that provides vital nutrients and supplements that your pet will need to stay healthy. Pot-bellied pigs are herd animals and respond well to outdoor living conditions where they are given ample space to root and dig. Pot-bellied pigs can be trained to walk on a leash and will greatly benefit from the exercise they will get on regular walks. 

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Source: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/pets/potbelliedpig.htm

Baby Guinea Pigs Care

Baby guinea pigs are tiny, and hence they need a lot of precaution and care to make sure that they are safe in their cage. The first thing when you get a baby guinea pig home is to find a warm and quiet place to set up its cage until they are big enough to be left alone. Guinea pigs are basically very nervous mammals and will get anxious and feel unsettled. Once you have the baby guinea pigs in the cage leave them alone and make sure that there is no disturbance in the area. You should start being friendly with the baby guinea pigs by making them get used to your touch. 

In this manner, the baby guinea pigs will get used to your presence and scent and start associating with you. Guinea pigs love some of the toys and this can add an attraction to their cage. Guinea pigs are herbivorous and they should be fed with the guinea pig mix. Baby guinea pigs should be given soft foods that are easy to swallow. You are supposed to include vitamin C regularly in the diet of the pets because they lack the enzyme that produces vitamin C. 

It is important to note that you should not feed the guinea pig with rabbit food. To make sure that your baby guinea pig does not contract any disease keep the cage and the environment clean. If there are any indications of infection that is spreading then take your pet to a vet who will take further care. 

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Source: https://www.healthguidance.org/entry/12005/1/Baby-Guinea-Pigs-Care…

List of Guinea Pig Illnesses

That means by the time your guinea pig, or cavy, shows any signs of disease, he might already be very sick. Since cavies are sensitive to many antibiotics, good supportive care might be the only way to pull your pet through sickness. Respiratory disease, specifically pneumonia, kills more guinea pigs than any ailment. Bacterial types of pneumonia are the most common, but a guinea pig might come down with the disease caused by an adenovirus. Treatment can prevent an early respiratory illness from turning into full-blown pneumonia and possibly save your guinea pig’s life. 

Guinea pigs can’t throw up, so diarrhea is the primary symptom of any gastrointestinal disorder. Make sure your guinea pig always has grass or timothy hay available, along with fresh, clean water. Your guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously throughout his life. Affected guinea pigs drool and can’t chew their food correctly. Lack of vitamin C, which guinea pigs can’t manufacture in their bodies, can also lead to dental disease. 

Older guinea pigs often develop tumors, which might or might not be malignant. If your older cavy starts looking scruffy, or experiences paralysis, he could be suffering from lymphosarcoma, the most common type of tumor in cavies. 

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Source: https://animals.mom.me/list-guinea-pig-illnesses-6155.html

What is the normal heart rate for a guinea pig

Guinea pigs are shy in one way, but not shy in another. Guinea pigs love to be in the room of the house that is most social. When they’re tired they don’t like to be bothered. They do like to fall asleep on you! They love to held at times. 

They don’t like to be around a lot of noise. 

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Source: http://www.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_normal_heart_rate_for_a_guinea_pig

Health Industry and Medical News

Researchers find conditions, characterics that raise opioid misuse risk. Aug. 1 – Certain risk factors contribute to opioid misuse, including depression, back pain and previous drug use, according to an analysis of data. 

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Source: https://www.upi.com/Health_News

Meloxidyl 20 mg/ml solution for injection for cattle, pigs and horses

Meloxidyl 20 mg/ml solution for injection for cattle, pigs and horses. Product:Meloxidyl® 20 mg/ml solution for injection for cattle, pigs and horses. Product index: Meloxidyl injection for cattle, pigs and horses. 

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Source: http://www.noahcompendium.co.uk/?id=-448473

We Pigs News for 07-31-2018

Factsheet: Miscellaneous health problems in guinea pigs

Intestinal parasites are usually not a significant problem in guinea pigs. A protozoan parasite may cause coccidiosis in guinea pigs. Pinworm infections of guinea pigs usually go unnoticed. Yes, guinea pigs cannot manufacture vitamin C and must receive an adequate supply of it from outside food sources. Adequate levels of vitamin C are always included in the formulation of pelleted diets for guinea pigs. 

Thinning of the hair is a common problem of female guinea pigs that have been repeatedly bred. Hair loss is frequently noted among juvenile guinea pigs at weakened state at or around the time of weaning. Young guinea pigs are usually more susceptible than adults and is generally characterised by patchy hair loss on the face, nose and ears. Ringworm can be transmitted from guinea pigs to people. Guinea pigs are especially susceptible to sun or heat stroke, particularly those that are overweight and/or heavily furred. 

Heat-stressed guinea pigs should be immediately sprayed with or bathed in cool water. A continuous light mist or spray of water and/or a fan operating over a container of ice can be directed at a guinea pig within its enclosure to lower the air temperature, whether the guinea pig is housed indoors or outdoors. 

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Source: http://www.thevets.tv/pet-factsheets/Factsheets/Otherpets/24_286433.shtml

Selecting 4-H pigs. By: Ryan Harrell

By: Ryan Harrell Selecting 4-H pigs There are several things to consider when selecting a 4-H pig project. Narrow chested pigs most likely won t have the correct rib shape that is desired in pig selection. Pigs should not slope down hill from the tail to the head or shoulders of the pig. Length of body is something to consider when selecting young pigs. If buying pigs online, look for breeders who take pride in showing their pig s feet and toes. 

How to Detect Health: Try to select a healthy looking pig in comparison to the rest of the pigs in the pen. Pigs should be fairly long bodied when selecting 4-H prospect pigs. Pick the Pig Based on Your Housing and Feeding Program: Only you know which pigs will work best in your program. Some people like to have bigger pigs so they can hold, while others just want to push a pig on full feed all summer long. Learn about the Dam and Sire: Pigs with good genetics will develop and become good pigs. 

How do you know if a Little Pig has been Fed Paylean: Paylean is not made for breeding stock, gilts, or little pigs. In a good ethical farm that raises pigs, Paylean will not be fed to the little pigs for a sale. 

Keywords: [“pig”,”paylean”,”look”]
Source: https://docplayer.net/10116018-Selecting-4-h-pigs-by-ryan-harrell.html

Factsheet: Giving your guinea pig a health check

In order to keep your Guinea pig in the best possible condition, you will need to handle him daily, check him over for signs of illness and injuries. They may be very sick, but unless you are looking for specific symptoms, you may not realize he is ill until he is very ill. Extreme lethargy – may also accompany above conditions. Pregnancy complications: straining during giving birth, bleeding or lethargy. Reduced ability to eat food, especially if accompanied by excess water intake or slobbering. 

Diarrhea that consists of droppings that are very soft and unformed. Watery eyes, eyes with lots of redness, and pus are all signs of an eye infection that needs veterinary attention. Dull eyes indicate that the Guinea pig isn’t feeling well, and you need to investigate further to determine the cause. Redness and signs of infection need to be looked at by your vet. 

Keywords: [“need”,”Guinea”,”sign”]
Source: http://www.wbvets.com/pet-factsheets/Factsheets/Otherpets/24_286429.shtml

Policies and Procedures – Flying Pigs

This programme is a journey of self-discovery for each and every participant. We are committed to providing the best opportunity we can to allow the participant to develop their character and leadership. In order for us to be able to do this, the participant must have made the commitment to take part. Our aim is to have everyone on the programme by choice, and if the participant does not want to stay on the programme, we request the parent/guardian of the participant, remove the participant so as not to compromise the experience of others. 

Keywords: [“participant”,”programme”]
Source: http://flyingpigs.nz/?page_id=92

Animal Disease Information

Veterinary Services protects and improves the health, quality, and marketability of our nation’s animals, animal products and veterinary biologics by preventing, controlling and/or eliminating animal diseases, and monitoring and promoting animal health and productivity. Each of the links below shows relevant animal health information for that disease, including disease information related to conditions that APHIS is working to manage. 

Keywords: [“animal”,”disease”,”health”]
Source: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_health/animal_dis_spec/swine/…

Gifts, supplies and resources for Pot Bellied Pigs

ALL pet pigs should be spayed or neutered before sold. They should be at least 6-8 weeks of age and weaned from mom. PLEASE do your homework before getting a pig for a pet. Please make sure that you’re ready to commit to this pet for the next 12-15 plus years. The truth is that the potbellied pig is only a good pet for those who take commitment and responsible pet ownership very seriously. 

Keywords: [“pet”,”pig”,”PLEASE”]
Source: http://www.pigs4ever.com/resource.php?recordID=8

We Pigs News for 06-29-2018

Extreme Guinea Pig Ear Crust!!!

small pet Hamsters, Guinea Pigs & More

PetSmart stores cannot match the price below for this pet. These gentle, social companion pets will enjoy the companionship of another guinea pig, as well as interaction with their Pet Parents. Although shy at first, they will develop intense affection for their Pet Parents and may whistle to signal their happiness. Guinea pigs are diurnal, so they are most active during the day and will sleep about 4-6 hours per night. Special needsYour guinea pig’s front teeth never stop growing – so she needs lots of healthy things to chew on like treat sticks and chews. 

NutritionChoose a fortified diet made especially for guinea pigs. Vet Assured™ PromiseAll pets purchased at PetSmart are raised under our exclusive Vet Assured program and come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Vet Assured is a program designed by PetSmart veterinarians to improve the health and well-being of our pets. The program sets standards for the care of our pets by our live animal partners and store associates and establishes strict standards for the monitoring and prevention of common illnesses found in pets. PetSmart makes a significant investment in the care of our pets and it is apparent in the quality and comfort of the pets in our stores. 

If your pet becomes ill during this initial 14-day period, or if you’re not satisfied with your pet for any reason, PetSmart will gladly replace the pet or refund the purchase price. Please keep your sales receipt and return the pet to the store where it was purchased if needed. 

Keywords: [“pet”,”pig”,”guinea”]
Source: https://www.petsmart.com/…/guinea-pig-4051135.html

Chinese Astrology: PigTraits

The Pig of Chinese Astrology are famous for their diplomacy and sweet nature. Pigs are simply possessed of a truly luxurious nature, one that delights in finery and riches. Helping others is a true pleasure for the Pig, who feels best when everyone else is smiling. Pigs are so magnanimous they can appear almost saintly; this can lead some less than-well- intentioned souls to stomp all over this Sign, and the bad news is, the Pig will take the blows! Pigs make great companions in part because of their refusal to see the more negative or base qualities in a partner, but that rose-colored view can lead to this Sign’s allowing itself to be taken advantage of. 

Love Life: Pigs are great partners to have because they are so supportive and giving of themselves. Pigs are very physical and sexual creatures that love to be affectionate as much as possible. Pigs make good partners and most people would consider themselves lucky to be involved with one. Career : Pigs generally do really well when they get to be creative. Pigs make better followers than leaders, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of greatness in their chosen profession. 

The occupations best suited for a Pig are Doctors, Caterers, Entertainers, Veterinarians, Hotel management and Interior decorators. Personality : The Pig is a fun and enlightening personality blessed with patience and understanding. Likes : The favorite color of Pig people is dark blue, and their corresponding gemstones are lapis lazuli, coral and beryl. 

Keywords: [“Pig”,”partner”,”Sign”]
Source: http://www.findyourfate.com/chineseastro/pig-traits.htm

Tips For Keeping Your Guinea Pigs Happy And Healthy

Guinea pigs make fantastic pets, and in return for how much they give us, it’s so important that we make sure they’re looked after properly so they can live their lives to the full. We’ve put some tips together for keeping your guinea pigs happy and healthy, along with some useful facts and info. A good rule is that a cage for two guinea pigs should be at least 7.5 square feet, if not a good few feet more. As with any pet, guinea pigs need a strict and healthy diet to keep them healthy and to help their digestive systems to run smoothly. The teeth of guinea pigs grows all the time, so ensuring they’re worn down to avoid discomfort is a must, and hay is ideal for this. 

As well as hay, guinea pigs need appropriate pellets, and fresh vegetables and fruit every day. Guinea pigs are curious, social creatures that need constant stimulation to remain happy. As mentioned above, guinea pigs should always be housed in pairs to avoid boredom, and due to their social nature. Although guinea pigs are social, they do like their own space, so it’s a good idea to provide each guinea pig with somewhere to sleep and hide. Guinea pigs do like attention in moderation, and even see being stroked as a reward. 

Handling your guinea pigs from an early age gently and calmly is a good way to avoid them from biting you as they grow. When you handle your guinea pig, you can examine them to evaluate how healthy they are, and if there is anything you should perhaps be concerned about. 

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Guinea pigs can give their owners deadly pneumonia

Guinea pigs are making people ill, a new report states. Most guinea pigs likely harbour the bacteria responsible for the inflammatory lung condition, which is detectable by the animals developing pink eye. ‘We should be washing our hands after pet contact, and certain high-risk people – like those with compromised immune systems – should avoid contact with pets. Researchers from Bernhoven Hospital found three cases of guinea pig-related pneumonia have occurred in the Netherlands over approximately three years. They both had guinea pigs as pets who had recently shown respiratory symptoms. The man had two guinea pigs, while one of the female patients had 25. 

The other woman worked in a vet clinic where she cared for guinea pigs suffering from pink eye and nasal inflammation. In one of the individuals, this bacteria could be traced back to their specific guinea pig. Lead author Dr Bart Ramakers said: ‘Doctors and veterinarians should be aware of the bacterium, especially now that we have demonstrated that it can be transmitted from guinea pigs to humans. Dr Gordon said: ‘Many guinea pig owners are exposed to this pathogen, but few are going to develop symptoms to the point of needing hospitalization. Dr Gordon added: ‘We love our pets, but we’ve got to be smart about pets and pet hygiene. ‘We should be washing our hands after pet contact, and certain high-risk people -like those with compromised immune systems – should avoid contact with pets. 

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We Pigs News for 06-21-2018

Guinea Pig Health

The surefire signs of guinea pig illness that will tell you if your guinea pig needs medical attention. Why your guinea pig loves to be on a schedule – and why it’s great for his health. What your guinea pig can’t eat! Knowing this will save your guinea pig from potential health problems. The most important information that is included in this eBook in my opinion is the list of foods that a guinea pig can eat and the foods that can harm or possibly kill your pig. 

Many people do not know the proper diet for a guinea pig and their need for vitamin C. In conclusion, I would recommend it for those that care enough to seek out the knowledge necessary to provide their guinea pig(s) the best living environment possible. BlueStoneCages.com for lots more info on guinea pigs and guinea pig cages. Find out more tips about raising a. Guinea Pig and how to have your guinea pig live two times longer with his popular free ecourse. 

You can practice good guinea pig health by providing your cavy with preventative health care. Be prepared to give your Guinea Pig the proper diet, exercise and daily attention, and the result will be excellent Guinea Pig health. Whether you are thinking of adopting or you are already a proud owner of a guinea pig, how to properly care for this delightful creature is essential for good guinea pig health. Proper nutrition is essential to guinea pig health and well-being. Grass may not seem so important but for the proper development of guinea pig health it plays a big role. 

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What is the Cure for guinea pig constipation

Before I can explain what that means, I need to explain certain anatomy of a guinea pig. It traps the soft poop pellets that a guinea pig needs to eat to regain some of it’s B-vitamins while the harder poop that has no nutritional benefit to the guinea pig are pooped out of the rectum. As a guinea pig ages, the skin of the perineal sac becomes stretched out, making it extremely hard to the guinea pig to expel these droppings. They build up in the perineal sac and can plug up the anus, making digestion difficult and making the guinea pig vitamin B deficient because he can no longer eat these benificial droppings. You will have to clean out the impaction yourself as your cavy cannot do this on his own. 

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Why is a Guinea pig dragging one hind leg

Some ferrets after using the litter box, will drag their rear on the floor to leave their mark or scent. Some will also exhibit this behavoir upon waking, also when crawling into something they will kind of slide over to leave their scent. If it is hind limb or leg weakness it is an indication of a problem, but not an actual disease itself. If your ferret is has hind end weakness or dragging it’s hind legs, HE COULD BE VERY ILL AND NEEDS TO BE TAKEN TO THE VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY, IT COULD BE A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH. Your veterinarian will diagnose the illness. 

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Animal Feed Additives

International feed additives producer Nutriad, alongside various other corporate sponsors, proudly sponsored Targeting Excellence and as such contributed to the funding of excellence awards to students in agriculture. Across the USA scholarships were awarded to 58 students enrolled in two-year, four- year, graduate and veterinary programs with a focus on food animal agriculture. 

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The essential guinea pig

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Housing costs money, and to reduce costs, many pig farmers build their own, ending up with eyesores that annoy and stink out the neighbours. The rooting and wallowing of pigs around their accommodation does not help the scene. It’s important to decide what stock will need housing and what sort of housing they’ll need. 

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Guinea Pig Health & Diseases

Guinea Pigs must be cared for in such a manner as to avoid potential diseases and infections. If your Guinea Pig does become infected or fall ill to any number of potential diseases read through this section to get an idea of what steps to take. Keep in mind that there is no substitute for a veternarian visit. 

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The Tribue India

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Rat Hamster Mouse Guinea Pig Cage

Exquisite treatment for corners protects the health of pets and owners; 5. It is ventilated and breathable, which can reduce odor to make the small pets to live more comfortably; Applicable objects: hamsters, chinchillas, Syrian hamster and other small pets. 

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We Pigs News for 06-15-2018

Pet Guinea Pig Health & Illness

Guinea pigs are generally healthy when they receive good care and nutrition. Even with all these things sometimes a guinea pig may become ill or injured. When a cavy is ill, it becomes very fragile and its health can deteriorate rapidly. BitesGuinea pigs are not aggressive, but if a confrontation does occur bite wounds can be serious because of their long, sharp teeth. This is very painful and your pet may be reluctant or unable to walk. 

PneumoniaPneumonia which is caused by a bacterial infection is the most common cause of death in cavies and symptoms may include wheezing or sneezing. Gastrointestinal ProblemsParasites, bacterial and viral infections, improper diet, stress or unclean cages can all cause gastrointestinal problems. Eye injuries from sharp objects or bedding in the cage are other possible problems. EarsEar problems may be caused by infection, injury or parasites. Scratching at the ears, head shaking, tilting his head to one side or a loss of balance are all symptoms of a possible ear problem. 

TeethA common problem is when the incisors or molars of your pet do not grow straight. HeatstrokeDo not leave your guinea pigs’ cage in direct sunlight, in your car, in an unventilated room, or in temperatures above 75 degrees. 

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The American Mulefoot Hog Association and Registry

Today, the Mulefoot is the rarest of American swine breeds. The American Mulefoot has a documented population with a breed standard and a long history of agricultural use. The Mulefoot Pig and other heritage breeds thrive and are a hardy breed. The Mulefoot hog population is classified as Critical by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. ALBC. 

Advance reservations accepted by most breeders! Each student made a video on a different breed of swine. For some years breeders claimed that Mulefoots were immune to hog cholera. In 1910 there were 235 breeders registered in twenty-two states. Mulefoots were taken to Canada between 1900 and 1920 but no attempt was made to establish a herd book and pedigree records were not maintained according to J.W. 

MacEwan in The Breeds of Farm Livestock in Canada. In 1964 Mr. Holiday gathered together stock from all the known breeders and established his herd. Arie has been instrumental in not only the preservation of the Mulefoot breed but others as well. The Endangered Hog Foundation has been established to help Arie rebuild and to help continue work with endangered pig breeds. 

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Guinea Lynx :: Site Map

This searchable board focuses on guinea pig medical and general care. The Records Forum allows addition and maintenance of individual cases and includes extensive links to frequently referenced medical and care topics on the main board. The Records Forum also includes veterinary recommendations from members of the main forums and recommendations contributed by email from the public. 

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Nutritional solutions for swine

Mycotoxins target many organs and tissues in swine, with the main ones being the liver, gut, kidneys and immune competent tissue. The outcome is decreased performance and higher sensitivity to pathogens. Symptoms are often latent in the swine that now manifest as in weakened animals with lowered sensitivities to vaccines and antibiotics. 

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Housing costs money, and to reduce costs, many pig farmers build their own, ending up with eyesores that annoy and stink out the neighbours. The rooting and wallowing of pigs around their accommodation does not help the scene. It’s important to decide what stock will need housing and what sort of housing they’ll need. 

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Raising Pigs

Pigs have special feeding requirements for each stage of life. Showing a pig is a skill learned from working with experienced exhibitors and through practice. No matter the quality of the pig, each exhibitor has an equal chance of winning. 

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Percy Pigs could be BANNED by health secretary Jeremy Hunt [Video]

Percy Pigs could be banned as part of a new policy to tackle childhood obesity. There are calls to ban cartoon characters like Percy advertising unhealthy food. The same initiative could see unlimited refills of fizzy. 

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nipah virus in pigs Archives

Nipha Virus Nipah disease in India is on an ascent in 2018. This article causes you to think about Nipah disease and Symptoms, Nipah virus transmission, Nipah virus vaccine and Nipah treatment. 

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Guinea Pigs – CHI Health Better You Blog

Last week I saw a relatively young patient in whom I placed a defibrillator about a year ago who came in because he had received a shock from his device. It is meant to interrupt cardiac arrest in patients at risk for such. This patient in particular has an interesting history. Shortly after the release of these data the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services began promoting the use of ICDs in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy, and a couple years later my patient received his device. My team enrolled dozens of patients with weak hearts into the SCD-HeFT study and randomly assigned some of them to receive an ICD. 

Since patients with cardiomyopathy of any type are at increased risk of cardiac arrest, my group of patients had its share of fatalities. You may look at this and think that we treated these patients as guinea pigs by randomly withholding the lifesaving technology, but you have to understand that, at the time, none of these patients would have otherwise received an ICD-it simply wasn’t an option for them based on the available science. My patient is alive today because 2,521 patients in the SCD-HeFT study volunteered to test the theory that we could come up with a better way to prevent cardiac arrest. We currently use drugs like aspirin and Plavix to block platelets, but these fail to offer complete protection in a large percentage of patients. We are now studying the effect of using a naturally occurring protein, nesiritide, to improve symptoms and outcomes in these patients. 

PREMIUM PFO. Experts have long suspected a link between migraine headaches and the presence of a small hole in the atrial septum of the heart called a patient foramen ovale. This trial tries to determine if closing the PFO with a nonsurgical device improves symptoms in these patients. The next time your doctor asks you to consider volunteering for a study, remember that guinea pigs are some of the best people I know. 

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RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

If you are thinking of getting a pig as a pet, there are several things you should consider first. Many local councils in Australia will not grant permits for a pig to be kept in a backyard, even in some rural areas. The same laws that apply to commercial piggeries also apply to pet pigs. Pigs to be kept as pets should be bought from reputable breeders of pet pigs. The importation of recognised miniature pig breeds such as the Pot-bellied pig and the Kune Kune is prohibited. 

Although there does not appear to be a recognised Australian miniature pig breed, the height for adult pigs under the national registration scheme is up to 60cm at the shoulder. A miniature adult pig can weigh between 50-90kg. Commercial breeds of pigs can reach 250-300 kg, and it is unwise to keep one of these breeds as pets unless you have a lot of experience with them and plenty of room. Some information about looking after your pet pig is provided below. Indoor pigs will need their own space, preferably their own room with a pile of blankets to nest in. 

You can feed your pig specialist pig feed from a rural feed supplier, which will contain all their nutrient needs. All pigs need fresh clean water, but they will try to tip over the container to make mud for wallowing so make sure you use a heavy container. Because pigs are so inquisitive and enjoy rooting, foraging and chewing, they can be quite destructive, so they might not be the best choice of pet if you want to keep a well-manicured garden. 

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Source: http://kb.rspca.org.au/Can-pigs-be-kept-as-pets_111.html

How to Care for Pet Guinea Pigs

Appearance of Guinea PigsGuinea pigs are approximately 10 inches long and weigh two to three pounds. Before You Decide on a Pet Guinea PigGuinea pigs are social animals and you should consider keeping a same-sex pair so they have someone to socialize with. While usually quiet, guinea pigs can call out pretty loudly and be active both day and night. Guinea pigs may be nervous at first but rarely bite and generally become very tame with frequent handling. Purchasing a Guinea PigPet stores are a common source for pet guinea pigs, but they should only be purchased from a store if the store/staff are knowledgeable about guinea pigs, keep them in clean housing with a good diet, and handle the guinea pigs regularly. 

Breeders are your best option if looking for a show quality pig, a specific breed, and even pet quality pigs. Shelters have guinea pigs more often than you might think. This is a great way to give a guinea pig a second chance at life. Guinea pigs from shelters might be a little more skittish at first if they were not handled much while they were young, but most will settle down in their new homes once a routine is established. Whichever source for purchasing a guinea pig is chosen, make sure they appear to be in good health, body condition, are well socialized, and are easy to handle. 

Choosing a Guinea PigTry to avoid guinea pigs that are panicky when handled, especially if they do not relax quickly. Avoid guinea pigs that are overly skinny or grossly overweight. 

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We Pigs News for 06-07-2018

The Secret Life of Drew; Guinea Pig Health Checks

Pigs as universal flu vaccine models

Researchers at Pirbright, the University of Oxford and the National Institutes of Health, USA, have shown that pigs may be better candidates for flu vaccination trials as they best represent the human immune response. Researchers at the Pirbright Institute have collaborated with the University of Oxford and the National Institutes of Health, USA, to show that S-FLU, a candidate for universal flu vaccine, induces different immune responses in pigs compared to ferrets, increasing the possibility that ferrets may not give the whole picture and that pigs can more accurately represent the disease of human influence. The team also identified a type of T cell in pigs for the first time, which can quickly help fight respiratory infections. The S-FLU aerosol vaccine, developed by Alain Townsend in Oxford, is a weakened strain of the influenza virus that is designed to trigger a response from T cells that are capable of reacting to multiple tensions of influence. This differs from conventional influenza vaccines that activate antibodies that only respond to the strain contained in the vaccine. 

The research, published in the Journal of Immunology, showed that when pigs received the S-FLU aerosol vaccine, the newly identified T cells were activated when they were submitted to an influenza virus of a different strain. The severity of the disease was also reduced, but the amount of virus remained the same. When S-FLU was given to ferrets, viral replication was reduced, as was the amount of virus that was transmitted to other animals. This surprising difference in response to the same vaccine raises the question of whether ferret, an animal model that is considered the gold standard for research on influenza, provides results that are transferable to humans. Pigs provide a model that is more similar in size, naturally infected with influenza viruses and with a very similar human respiratory system. 

The discovery of the T-cell activation group of memory resident in pigs brings them closer to an understanding of how influenza is fought in the lungs. The results also show that targeting the lower respiratory tract with vaccination against aerosols in pigs may be more effective than other immunization pathways in the prevention of serious diseases, which provides promising evidence that this method of vaccination could also be successful in humans. 

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Source: https://uk.remonews.com/pigs-as-universal-flu-vaccine-models

Top 5 Winter Tips For Micro Pig Owners

Winters nearly here again so I thought id share some advice on how to care for your pig during the winter months. If you are lucky enough to own a pig house which is easily moved it might be worth repositioning the door so it’s out of the wind and less prone to the wind or draughts. Any micro pig owner knows how much pigs love their bedding. Pigs love to immerse in their bedding straw, so make sure they have enough to cover themselves which will help keep them warm during the bad weather. Deep muddy areas can make it hard for your pet pig to move and can also increase the chance of an injury. 

Make sure you check the entrances to your pig’s home as these areas are the area’s most likely to get muddy first. You shouldn’t need to use heat lamps or heat mats if you pigs home is watertight and weatherproof. Heat lamps and heat mats can be fire hazard if they are set up incorrectly; also the electrical heat lamps/mats also run the risk of electrocuting your pig if they chew through any cables. If you do insist on using, or your pig has access to heat lamps, fireplaces, portable heaters, etc make sure that these are guarded properly and correctly installed. If you set up any Christmas or holiday lights at your home make sure that any electrical cabling is out of your pet pigs reach. 

Your pig can still get dehydrated during the cold months so make sure a fresh supply of water is available. You can also throw a few brick and stones in the bottom to make it really sturdy and secure and prevent your pig from tipping it over. 

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Source: https://lancashiremicropigs.co.uk/health/top-5-winter-tips-for…

Peppa Pig’s GP visits copied by fans, says doctor – World News Hill

Peppa Pig has been named as public enemy number one in the fight to reduce unnecessary GP visits, by a doctor. Dr Catherine Bell, a GP and regular viewer of the cuddly character’s TV exploits, with her toddler, believes the Pig family’s inappropriate use of the doctor are copied by their fans. The family’s GP in the animation series, Dr Brown Bear, provides the Pigs with unparalleled medical help. Dr Bell says her cartoon equivalent’s work fuels unrealistic expectations. The usual advice for uncomplicated self-limiting illnesses such as coughs and colds is to stay at home and not see a doctor, while drinking plenty of fluids. 

Peppa and family receive home visits from Dr Brown for the slightest of conditions. If Dr Bell was given the chance to write the script for one episode, contact with Dr Brown would be unlikely to occur. Dr Bell is not the only person to think Peppa’s constant trips to the surgery have an impact in real life. She posted the idea on a Facebook group for doctors who are also mothers and lots of people said they could identify with her views. Entertainment One, the media group that owns Peppa Pig, was contacted for comment but did not want to respond. 

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Source: https://www.worldnewshill.com/health/peppa-pigs-gp-visits-copied…