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European Food Safety Authority

The European Food Safety Authority provides independent scientific advice and scientific assistance through the collection and analysis of data on the prevalence of Salmonella in animals and foods as well as by assessing the food safety risks posed by the bacterium for human health and advising on possible control and mitigation options. EFSA’s findings are used by risk managers in the EU and the Member States to help inform policy, and to support the setting of possible reduction targets for Salmonella in the food chain. Annual monitoring of Salmonella in animals and food. EU-wide data on the presence of Salmonella in the food chain as well as the prevalence of animal and human infection are collected and analysed in annual EU Summary Reports prepared by EFSA and ECDC. In the Summary Report, ECDC and EFSA provide yearly updates on the progress made in meeting the reduction targets for Salmonella. 

These reports analyse the data from the monitoring of Salmonella in animals, food and humans collected by Member States. EFSA produces EU-wide baseline survey reports on the prevalence of Salmonella in food and food-producing animals, including chickens, turkeys and pigs, and on the risk factors that contribute to the prevalence of Salmonella in animal populations. EFSA’s Panel on Biological Hazards evaluates the food safety risks of Salmonella and provides scientific advice on control options at the request of risk managers or on its own initiative. This work helps the European Commission and the Member States to monitor the situation and consider possible reviews of reduction targets set for Salmonella in the food chain. EFSA is working together with key EU actors to reduce Salmonella in laying hens General approachEFSA analyses comparable data from all EU Member States from baseline surveys on the prevalence of Salmonella in food or animal populations. 

Salmonella in laying hensEFSA collected data and analysed the results of a baseline survey on Salmonella in laying hens in 2006. Based on the data collected and analysed by EFSA, European and national risk managers may set targets for the reduction of Salmonella at the EU-level in food or animal populations. For the annual reporting on zoonoses, Member States began submitting data on the occurrence of Salmonella in laying hens to EFSA. EFSA and ECDC analyse the data on prevalence of zoonoses in the EU and publish the Annual European Union Summary report. 

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Source: http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/topics/topic/salmonella

Illinois Fact Sheet: Human Health Concerns About Raising Poultry

An increasing number of citizens want to raise chickens in urban environments as a hobby or they may believe this method of raising birds for food may be safer or less expensive. Bacterial diseases Salmonella and Campylobacter are common public health hazards potentially associated with chicken contact. The public health hazards associated with Salmonella and Campylobacter are expected to be limited to those who are in contact with the chickens or their droppings or consume their meat or eggs without thorough cooking. Avian influenza Avian influenza is a theoretical public health hazard potentially associated with urban chicken farming. The risk of human avian influenza infections in the United States is extremely low and is expected to be limited to those who are in contact with infected chickens. 

While exotic Newcastle disease can cause mild eye infections in people, the greater concern is that the introduction of exotic Newcastle disease in privately owned chicken flocks can cause major economic damage in communities where commercial chicken farming is an important industry. Attraction of predators The attraction of predators is a public health hazard potentially associated with urban chicken farming. Attraction of rodents The attraction of rodents is a public health hazard potentially associated with urban chicken farming. Nuisance issues The odor and noise that might be associated with urban chicken farming are not public health hazards. Keep baby chicks and adult poultry away from persons with weaker immune systems, including the elderly, pregnant women, diabetics, patients receiving chemotherapy and people infected with HIV. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that person not keep chickens if the household has children less than five years of age. Conclusion The public health hazards potentially associated with urban chicken farming should be weighed against individual and community benefits. Public health infectious disease hazards can be mitigated by education and regulation and are expected to be limited to those who are in contact with the chickens or consuming their meat or eggs without thorough cooking. 

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Source: http://www.idph.state.il.us/health/infect/Poultry.htm

We Pigs News for 06-15-2018

Guinea pigs are generally healthy when they receive good care and nutrition. Even with all these things sometimes a guinea pig may become ill or injured. BitesGuinea pigs are not aggressive, but if a confrontation does occur bite wounds can be serious because of their long, sharp teeth. HeatstrokeDo not leave your guinea pigs’ cage in direct sunlight, in your car, in an unventilated room, or in temperatures above 75 degrees. The Mulefoot Pig and other heritage breeds thrive and are a hardy breed. 

ALBC. Advance reservations accepted by most breeders! Each student made a video on a different breed of swine. The Endangered Hog Foundation has been established to help Arie rebuild and to help continue work with endangered pig breeds. Housing costs money, and to reduce costs, many pig farmers build their own, ending up with eyesores that annoy and stink out the neighbours. 

The rooting and wallowing of pigs around their accommodation does not help the scene. Pigs have special feeding requirements for each stage of life. Percy Pigs could be BANNED by health secretary Jeremy Hunt [Video]. Percy Pigs could be banned as part of a new policy to tackle childhood obesity. 

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Source: http://www.wepigs.com/we-pigs-news-for-06-15-2018

We Pigs News for 06-15-2018

Pet Guinea Pig Health & Illness

Guinea pigs are generally healthy when they receive good care and nutrition. Even with all these things sometimes a guinea pig may become ill or injured. When a cavy is ill, it becomes very fragile and its health can deteriorate rapidly. BitesGuinea pigs are not aggressive, but if a confrontation does occur bite wounds can be serious because of their long, sharp teeth. This is very painful and your pet may be reluctant or unable to walk. 

PneumoniaPneumonia which is caused by a bacterial infection is the most common cause of death in cavies and symptoms may include wheezing or sneezing. Gastrointestinal ProblemsParasites, bacterial and viral infections, improper diet, stress or unclean cages can all cause gastrointestinal problems. Eye injuries from sharp objects or bedding in the cage are other possible problems. EarsEar problems may be caused by infection, injury or parasites. Scratching at the ears, head shaking, tilting his head to one side or a loss of balance are all symptoms of a possible ear problem. 

TeethA common problem is when the incisors or molars of your pet do not grow straight. HeatstrokeDo not leave your guinea pigs’ cage in direct sunlight, in your car, in an unventilated room, or in temperatures above 75 degrees. 

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Source: https://petguineapigcare.com/health-illness

The American Mulefoot Hog Association and Registry

Today, the Mulefoot is the rarest of American swine breeds. The American Mulefoot has a documented population with a breed standard and a long history of agricultural use. The Mulefoot Pig and other heritage breeds thrive and are a hardy breed. The Mulefoot hog population is classified as Critical by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. ALBC. 

Advance reservations accepted by most breeders! Each student made a video on a different breed of swine. For some years breeders claimed that Mulefoots were immune to hog cholera. In 1910 there were 235 breeders registered in twenty-two states. Mulefoots were taken to Canada between 1900 and 1920 but no attempt was made to establish a herd book and pedigree records were not maintained according to J.W. 

MacEwan in The Breeds of Farm Livestock in Canada. In 1964 Mr. Holiday gathered together stock from all the known breeders and established his herd. Arie has been instrumental in not only the preservation of the Mulefoot breed but others as well. The Endangered Hog Foundation has been established to help Arie rebuild and to help continue work with endangered pig breeds. 

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Source: http://mulefootpigs.tripod.com

Guinea Lynx :: Site Map

This searchable board focuses on guinea pig medical and general care. The Records Forum allows addition and maintenance of individual cases and includes extensive links to frequently referenced medical and care topics on the main board. The Records Forum also includes veterinary recommendations from members of the main forums and recommendations contributed by email from the public. 

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Nutritional solutions for swine

Mycotoxins target many organs and tissues in swine, with the main ones being the liver, gut, kidneys and immune competent tissue. The outcome is decreased performance and higher sensitivity to pathogens. Symptoms are often latent in the swine that now manifest as in weakened animals with lowered sensitivities to vaccines and antibiotics. 

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Source: https://www.biomin.net/en/species/pigs


Housing costs money, and to reduce costs, many pig farmers build their own, ending up with eyesores that annoy and stink out the neighbours. The rooting and wallowing of pigs around their accommodation does not help the scene. It’s important to decide what stock will need housing and what sort of housing they’ll need. 

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Source: https://lifestyleblock.co.nz/lifestyle-file/livestock-a-pets/pigs

Raising Pigs

Pigs have special feeding requirements for each stage of life. Showing a pig is a skill learned from working with experienced exhibitors and through practice. No matter the quality of the pig, each exhibitor has an equal chance of winning. 

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Source: http://www.farmerbrownspigs.com/raising-pigs.html

Percy Pigs could be BANNED by health secretary Jeremy Hunt [Video]

Percy Pigs could be banned as part of a new policy to tackle childhood obesity. There are calls to ban cartoon characters like Percy advertising unhealthy food. The same initiative could see unlimited refills of fizzy. 

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Source: https://360wisenews.com/2018/06/03/percy-pigs-could-be-banned-by…

nipah virus in pigs Archives

Nipha Virus Nipah disease in India is on an ascent in 2018. This article causes you to think about Nipah disease and Symptoms, Nipah virus transmission, Nipah virus vaccine and Nipah treatment. 

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Source: http://abouthealthx.com/tag/nipah-virus-in-pigs

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Source: http://www.hamzatower.com/pot_belly_pigs_pot_bellied_pigs_care_health…

We Pigs News for 06-04-2018

Camp Skipping Pig

Camp Skipping Pig is a privately owned sanctuary/rescue for unwanted pet pigs. Every pig has a story and some will be shared with you on this site. Some of our rescued pig photos may be disturbing to view, but they paint an honest picture of what happens when the wrong people own or breed pigs for pets. Find a vet BEFORE getting a pig and know that you can afford its medical care. Don’t get a pig on an impulse! 

And don’t ever buy from a breeder who doesn’t inquire as to your ability to care for, house, and provide a permanent home for the pig, or one who says it will be a small size OR one who says you must use their feed and/or sign a contract that the pig will not exceed certain weights at certain ages. As much as I adore my potbellied friends, they are terribly over-bred, inbred, misrepresented by breeders who give them tantalizing names that mean nothing, They are misused and abused, misunderstood, and too readily available as an impulse purchase for ill prepared people who think they should have a pet pig. Be honest with yourself about your ability to house and care for a pet pig before. You make the commitment, because re-homing an adult pig is extremely difficult, if not impossible. If you do decide you MUST have a pet pig please be sure to adopt one from a shelter or rescue and do not support the many breeders who are in it for the money, not the love of the pigs. 

If you can manage two and are determined to buy a baby, please think about at least adopting a companion pig from a sanctuary. Don’t find out too late for yourself and the pig that it’s not a good match for you! On another note, if your pig is coming from out of state that all required paperwork and blood testing have been done. Ask your veterinarian to contact your state vet and GET IN WRITING the requirements for bringing in a pig from out of state. 

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Source: http://skippingkunekunes.com

Polluting Pigs Hit Again Over Air Emissions in Iowa

Imagine settling into an idyllic country locale only to have a polluting pig CAFO move in next door. Living near a CAFO can be like being held prisoner in your home, unable to go outside because the air has been tainted. In one of the latest cases, Iowa residents are suing the Iowa Department of Natural Resources over noxious air emissions being released by local CAFOs. In December 2017, four residents of northeast Iowa petitioned the state’s DNR, asking them to regulate emissions from CAFOs. While Iowa code requires CAFOs to retain its manure prior to disposal, the petition noted that the CAFOs are venting manure-laden air into the surrounding environment 24/7:1. 

The petition cited research by Jillian Fry of Johns Hopkins University, which noted the health and environmental risks posed by CAFOs and the inability of state agencies to address the related public health concerns. The next step for the residents was to file a lawsuit asking for regulation of the emissions, in particular because the area is now home to CAFOs raising some 25,000 pigs all within 5 miles of an elementary school. If left as is, the resulting fumes would kill the animals, so the CAFOs use fans to blow the toxic air out of the building – and into the surrounding communities. While Iowa regulates CAFO manure in liquid form, this doesn’t cover the manure particles found in CAFO air emissions, which aren’t regulated. For children, living near the state’s many CAFOs can pose serious health consequences. 

She’s right to be concerned, as a number of studies have looked into the effects of CAFO air emissions on schools and children’s health, with disturbing findings. The simplest solution to the complex problems created by CAFOs is to turn away from the CAFO model entirely and toward the much more sustainable, humane and healthier grass fed model. 

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Source: http://aliceshealthyorganicchoice.com/polluting-pigs-hit-again-over-air…

Guinea Pig Welfare » Working With Your Vet

Alison Twitchen then became Clinical Manager, and agreed that a Piggy PM specifically aimed at raising guinea pig care awareness would be beneficial to the community, Reading Guinea Pig Rescue, and of course, the practice. As a practice that sees a lot of guinea pigs, it made sense for Active Vetcare to want to promote that. Hannah Hetreed arrived in 2007, fresh out of Vet School and is very good with guineas thanks to training from Jenny. Guinea Pig Welfare has some questions you can ask before signing your guinea pig over for the operation. Diet in guinea pigs is a particular interest of Karen’s. 

Fresh food is not the major part of a guinea pig’s diet but it can have a major impact if fed incorrectly Karen did a survey of nationwide guinea pig diets before compiling Ratewatchers to find out if diet was possibly the problem. Every single guinea pig that took part was on an unbalanced diet. Chrissie: having worked closely with our Vets at Tilehurst Veterinary Centre for the past 8 years, you can see some of the excellent results that we’ve had – all thanks to their willingness to try new things and apply their knowledege of cats and dogs to guinea pigs. The majority of drugs used for guinea pig are available in tablet, liquid or spot-on form. For me, running a guinea pig rescue is much more than about finding guinea pigs new homes. 

Piggy PMs have come into their own and are promoting good guinea pig competent Veterinary care. More recently The Hay Experts have been present, they are very like minded when it comes to guinea pig care and simply don’t stock anything that is guinea pig unfriendly ????. I like that we have no agenda with this, no pressure on anyone, and therefore no disappointment. 

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Source: http://www.guineapigwelfare.org.uk/guinea-pig-care/health/working-with…

We Pigs News for 06-03-2018

National Swine Registry

Duroc sires are utilized most frequently as a Terminal/Paternal sire in a terminal cross-breeding program. Duroc boars are the predominate Terminal sire used in the world and provide 100% heterosis when mated to Yorkshire X Landrace F1 females. Durocs can range from a very light golden, almost yellow color, to a very dark red color that approaches mahogany. Kelsey owned a famous trotting stallion, Duroc, and Frink named his red boar in honor of the horse. His progeny continued the Duroc name and many of them inherited his color, quick growth and maturity, deep body, broad ham and shoulder, and quiet disposition. 

Beginning in the early 1860’s, Durocs were made from a systematic blending of the two very different strains. At the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, Durocs gained wide popularity at the first successful Duroc hog show. In 1934, all the groups were united to form one organization, named the United Duroc Swine Registry, for the sole purpose of recording and promoting the Duroc breed. Durocs have become a sire of choice to the American farmer. The purebred Duroc is distinguished for breed potency in today’s picture of swine improvement and holds forth inviting promise of future usefulness and value. 

Durocs were identified as a superior genetic source for improving eating qualities of pork in the recent National Pork Producers Council Terminal Sire Line Evaluation. Their advantage in muscle quality combined with their well-established ability to grow fast has positioned the Duroc breed as an outstanding terminal sire choice. 

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Source: http://nationalswine.com/about/about_breeds/duroc.php

# Treating Diabetic Blisters # Diabetic Exchange Diet

The REAL cause of Diabetes,Treating Diabetic Blisters If are generally allergic to something dont eat this. Treating Diabetic Blisters Whilst you can get a fatalities to relieve hemorrhoids most from the time this action truly isnt required. Looking at my recommended diet and doing some calculator math it appears to be like this the diet whos energy is shipped 52% Carbohydrate 26% Fat and 22% Protein. Like proportion is variable but dont stray very far. Treating Diabetic Blisters The drugs that can be used treating hypertension heart diseases cancer kidney problem etc should also not turn out to be consumed with Actos. 

Generic drugs have cultivated the favorite of most of the commoners. The intake of Actos helps control over insulin inside the entire. Actos is the first anti diabetic drug for people that is sold without prescription. Treating Diabetic Blisters To how to treat diabetes more effectively remember to add stress relief to your routine. Chronic people being stressed out affects blood glucose level levels immediately – comes about notice increased glucose quite a few people have lower glucose when plagued. 

Being stressed for a long period of time also can change blood glucose levels more permanently. To assist keep from making your diabetes worse make a move to eliminate the stress volumes. 

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Source: http://diabetesolx.com/about-diabetes-1/treating-diabetic-blisters=v15428

Guinea Pigs

The guinea pig, or cavy is a darling little fur ball that is neither a pig nor from Guinea. Purchasing Your Guinea PigA healthy guinea pig will be alert and active. The glass aquarium isolates the guinea pig from its surroundings and makes for a very unhappy guinea pig. Guinea pigs backwash into their water bottles, and because of this, containers must be cleaned and disinfected daily. Baby guinea pigs like to sit in their food dishes and then end up soiling their food. 

In my opinion, Timothy hay is the best bedding for guinea pigs. Guinea pig pellets are nutritionally balanced for guinea pigs. An important part of your guinea pigs diet will be fresh hay. Guinea pigs require an outside source of vitamin C since they cannot convert glucose to ascorbic acid. Supplement your guinea pigs diet with fresh fruits and vegetables in moderation. 

Treats may be fed in moderation; and can include cheerios, vegetarian dog biscuits, and commercially treats available treats for guinea pigs. A special section on Guinea Pig Health Information which includes: Guinea Pig Guinea Pigs – Cavy including…. Nail Trimming and TeethGroomingHandling, Bonding and TrainingHealthAntibiotics which are toxic to your guinea pig. 

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Source: https://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art4177.asp

Animal Health

QuickBayt is a ready-to-use bait that kills nuisance flies inside poultry houses, dairy barns, horse stables and other livestock facilities. It contains a mix of fly attractants and Bitrex® to help prevent accidental ingestion by animals and children. Cost effective, one tub can treat approximately 1,000 m2. Flies are a special concern for livestock producers because they can irritate animals, annoy workers and disperse to nearby homes and businesses. Flies may harbor human and animal disease organisms. 

The management of manure, moisture and temperature can affect fly populations inside livestock facilities. Scatter 200 grams per 100m2 in animal housing where flies congregate and on surfaces where they rest. Control of house flies requires an IPM program using environmental, biological and chemical methods. Fly populations can be monitored using the systematic application of spot cards in the barn. Pests can develop reduced susceptibility to an active ingredient over time. 

To help prevent this, consider rotating to a product from a different chemical class. Read and follow the complete instructions on the product label. 

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Source: https://www.animalhealth.bayer.ca/en/pigs/quickbayt

We Pigs News for 05-25-2018

We Pigs News for 05-15-2018

The REAL cause of Diabetes,Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Remember breast milk almost all the food and drink your child will require for most important six months of everyday living. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Eat less food more often Small meals spaced throughout the day every two-and-a-half 3 hours results in more stable sugar levels throughout working day. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs The great advantage of older drugs is because they have become generic. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs The foundation any kind of diabetes treatment is diet and training. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Gymnema can be an Ayurvedic herb that has been confirmed to conserve the pancreas produce insulin. 

Some people might consider guinea pig speak just random sounds or noises, but people who share their lives with guinea pigs know better. Some people might not know that small mammal pets like guinea pigs also make sounds. No two guinea pigs are alike, so while most guinea pigs make several of the same sounds, nuances can change the total repertoire. One scientific study places the number of guinea pigs sounds at 11. A guinea pig rescue includes 9 guinea pigs sounds on its website. 

Guinea pigs are social animals, and they can be talking to you, other guinea pigs, or both when making noises. Guinea pig savvy means that the veterinarian regularly treats guinea pigs. 

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Source: http://www.wepigs.com/we-pigs-news-for-05-15-2018-2

Guinea Pig died?

Either purchase new equipment or sterilize the old stuff. G Pigs really are pretty hardy… but there are many things that can go wrong. Guinea pigs digest much of their food in the cecum and colon which are at the end of the digestive tract. The cecum, a large thin-walled sac located at the junction of the small and large intestine, contains up to 65 percent of gastrointestinal contents. 

Within the cecum, bacteria and protozoa aid digestion of foods taken in by the guinea pig. Fiber is needed for these bacteria and protozoa to stay in balance and function properly. Without fiber the gastrointestinal tract slows down, resulting in subsequent changes in the cecum pH, fermentation, and bacterial population. With time these changes in the intestinal tract environment can lead to indigestion. Info/guineapigcare…. 

Then I suggest you locate a new VET. Make sure you ask if they have EXPEIENCE with Cavies, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs,, not just if they treat them. If a Pigs intestines become Blocked you have a serious problem that if not fixed will end in death. I would suspect that if he was not having stool that this is what happened and that the toxins building in his body were to great and it effected his other vital systems. I am a little surprised your Vet did not treat it more aggressively. 

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Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061012154329AANUuQq

Guinea Pigs – what about us pets.com

Here is information and advice on keeping healthy guinea pigs as household pets. The author discusses feeding, breeding, caging, health care, and much more. Barron’s extensive line of Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals presents information for non-specialist animal owners and prospective owners, with facts about each animal’s origins and traits, as well as advice on purchasing, housing, feeding, health care, and much more. Each book is individually written by a trainer, breeder, veterinarian, or other animal specialist. Titles in this series cover every popular breed of dog and cat, freshwater and marine fish, many bird varieties, and virtually all other animals that are kept as pets. 

All books are filled with handsome color photos and instructive line illustrations. 

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Source: http://whataboutuspets.com/product/guinea-pigs-complete-pet-owners-manual

Health, Medicine and Natural Healing 08

My experience with L-thyroxine – I was put on the branded drug. Up until last July then I decided to get the drug via mail order. Three months box of pills seemed to be the same as what I had been. Taking but I noticed I didn’t feel quite as good. Three days a week and 75mcg on the other days a week – always in the. 

Morning and only drinking water for a full hour after taking it. Apart from that the only meds I take is a multi vitamin and one Omega. 3 capsule which I take with dinner each day – my Dr put me on to this. From the pharmacy – I no longer get my meds via mail order. Way – shrug… I guess that’s life. 

Susbstitute thyroid drug and only go with a branded drug – that is if. Who’s Mother is very ill on levothyroxine – she actually called it. 

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Source: https://www.remedyspot.com/content/topic/1337193-re-pigs-thyroid

pigs – The Farm Barbie – Real Food for Health & Wellness

I will love you forever for donating and it will help me be able to keep doing what I’m doing. In order to support this blog, I may receive compensation or other commission for my endorsement, recommendation and/or link from my blog. This doesn’t cost you anything! It just helps me afford to keep this blog going. I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog are based on my own research, knowledge, and experiences. 

Please consult the appropriate professional before making any changes to your diet, health, or other applicable areas. 

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Source: http://thefarmbarbie.com/pigs

We Pigs News for 05-22-2018

Guinea Pig Vet Exam

Safari Veterinary Care Centers in League City, TX

The guinea pig or cavy, Cavia porcellus, is the domesticated form of a rodent found in the wild in South America. Diet: Guinea pigs have an absolute dietary requirement for vitamin C, without it they may become very ill. A pelleted diet formulated specifically for guinea pigs should comprise the primary diet. New foods should be introduced gradually, one at a time, to make sure your guinea pig does not develop diarrhea. Do everything you can to avoid such an accident in the first place i.e. 

keep her away from male GPs. The gestation period for guinea pigs is approximately 60-70 days. Guinea pigs do not normally require assistance in giving birth. Guinea pigs become sexually mature as early as four weeks of age so it is important to separate the different sexes by then. Use of medications without veterinary supervision may result in the death of your pig as many medications used in other animals can be deadly to GPs. 

Blood in urine: Bloody urine may appear red or brown. Diarrhea: Diarrhea can result from feeding your guinea pig a new type of vegetable, or an unusually large quantity of fresh vegetables. Your guinea pig may have skin mites, fleas, a bacterial infection or a fungus, such as ringworm. Lameness due to Vitamin C deficiency may be seen after only 2 weeks on a deficient diet with fast growing young and pregnant pigs being affected first. Loss of appetite: Being small animals, guinea pigs usually eat constantly and metabolize food very fast, so if an illness or other condition is preventing them from eating they rapidly loose weight and become seriously debilitated in a short time. 

Keywords: [“pig”,”vitamin”,”guinea”]
Source: https://www.safarivet.com/care-topics/small-mammals/guinea-pig

Safari Veterinary Care in Centers League City TX

Most miniature pigs seen in the United States are descendants of the feral pigs from Southeast Asia, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and Africa. The pigs most frequently seen as pets are descendants of the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs, introduced into the United States in 1985. These pigs have a sway back, short wrinkled faces, pot bellies, small ears, straight tails and black coloring with occasional white markings or they may have white skin and range in color from red to white to black and white. Behavior: Pigs have a difficult time handling excess heat and cold. Pigs often choose to urinate and defecate in one place they are easily housebroken. 

Play time activities are important to keep your pig from becoming bored and diverting the rooting to items easily damaged such as carpet, flooring and furniture. Remember pigs can root under fences and destroy well-manicured lawns and flower gardens. Adult pigs are most comfortable at temperatures between 60-70°F while those without hair are more comfortable at 65-75°F. Extreme cold is not tolerated and outdoor pigs must be provided with shelter and supplemental heat in the winter. The smaller the pig, the more sensitive to cold it is. 

Diet: Pig feeds are targeted to certain life stages i.e. starter, grower, maintenance and breeder. Pigs 4-8 weeks of age should be fed 0.6-1.4 lbs. Once weaned, pigs can be started on second stage nursery diets. 

Keywords: [“pig”,”Diet”,”root”]
Source: https://www.safarivet.com/care-topics/pot-bellied-pigs

Guinea Pig Breeds, Behavior and Breeders

Choosing a guinea pig is a hard process because there is a huge variety of guinea pig breeds. Guinea pigs of different breeds can have completely opposite personalities. A particular guinea pig breed requires a special care. The basic classification can be made according to the hair type: short haired guinea pig or long haired guinea pig. If you saw a guinea pig with a crest on the forehead of the same color as a fur, you just identified a second type of Crested guinea pig – English Crested. 

Just like any other breed, Himalayan guinea pig was domesticated in South America. Out of all guinea pig breeds Silkie is the most gentle. In contrast to Silkie, Coronet has a large rosette in a middle of its forehead. This striking feature is a result of crossbreeding of Silkie with Crested guinea pig in the 18th century in England. The hair can cover piggy’s head. 

Angora Guinea Pig. It is very common in European countries, especially Germany, so many guinea pig owners around the world are not familiar with this breed. Merino guinea pig is a relatively recent addition to guinea pig’s world. It is a curly and long-haired version of Coronet guinea pig. 

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BUNS Newsletter

It’s almost impossible to gauge the age of an adult guinea pig after they are full grown. Just like us, guinea pigs age differently and at different rates. Signs of aging appear earlier in some guinea pigs, and later in others. A senior guinea pig may lose muscle tone and weight. Senior guinea pigs spend more time sleeping and less time exploring, so it’s important to make their environment a cozy one. 

Senior guinea pigs tend to stay in one spot longer, so be sure to spot clean daily and change the bedding more frequently, if needed. One of the easiest ways to pick up on a health issue early is to weigh weekly, and more frequently in aging or ill guinea pigs. Older guinea pigs can suffer from heart failure, kidney trouble, and overgrown molars, among other ailments – all that begin with vague symptoms. Female guinea pigs are prone to ovarian cysts as they age. Male guinea pigs come with their own problems later in life. 

Senior guinea pigs can be allowed some extra treat foods like raw oats and corn on the cob. Senior guinea pigs can still enjoy satisfying lives and even stronger bonds with you. 

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How to Feed Guinea Pigs: Easy-To-Follow Feeding Schedule

Between the fruits and veggies, the hay and pellets, the lettuce and well, anything else they can nibble on guinea pigs are truly big-time eaters. With its low nutritional value and high nitrate content, iceberg can be dangerous for guinea pigs since it often causes diarrhea and leads to dehydration. Like humans, guinea pigs cannot generate Vitamin C. When there’s a lack of this vitamin in their diet, they can contract scurvy, a condition that causes them to become very sick and possibly die. Potatoes and their skins, along with rhubarb leaves, have toxins and are considered hazardous to guinea pigs. 

Pass on hay that’s yellow and hard as that’s not actually hay, it’s straw! We have a hay feeder, and it does an excellent job of keeping the hay nice and organized, while ensuring easy access. Guinea Pig Feeding ScheduleFoodMonday*with fresh water, hay and pelletsRed pepper. Fruit Day!Tuesday*with fresh water, hay and pelletsGreen pepper. Lettuce mixWednesday*with fresh water, hay and pelletsYellow/orange pepper. 

Fruit Day!Thursday*with fresh water, hay and pelletsRed pepper. Lettuce mixSaturday*with fresh water, hay and pelletsYellow/orange pepper. Fruit Day!Sunday*with fresh water, hay and pelletsRed pepper. 

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Sugar Mountain Farm

Hen on Sow Over the years I have heard a lot of people say that pigs will kill chickens and they can’t be kept together. We keep our pigs and chickens together, along with ducks and geese and in the past guineas. I think the reason some people have had problems with pigs killing chickens has to do with them keeping the pigs penned up. They have plenty to eat, unlimited free feed of pasture/hay and whey. By penning the pigs people may be creating corners and tight spots where chickens can’t get away from a nosey pig. 

Then between the pig being hungry, bored and the chicken not being able to easily get away they get chicken PgNuggets. Since our chickens can easily get away, and they’re highly mobile, the pigs never learn to hunt chickens. The good thing about keeping pigs and chickens together is the chickens clean up after the pigs, break up manure patties and eat flies. This organic pest control works wonderfully and avoids the need to resort to pesticides. Outdoors: 70°F/47°F Partially Sunny, Some Thunder, Light Rain.Tiny Cottage: 71°F/67°F. 

Daily Spark: If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. 

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Skinny Pig, Guinea Pig Care and Keeping Hairless Guinea Pigs

The Skinny Pig is a very unusual, yet an increasingly popular breed of Guinea Pig. There are actually two types of Hairless Guinea Pig, this one and another called the Baldwin Guinea Pig. Skinny Pigs are as curious and mischievous as any other breed of Guinea pig, but some owners and breeders claim that they are more outgoing. Skinny Pigs do not require the brushing that other Guinea pigs need, but they do have certain special needs. The Skinny Pig has almost no hair on most of its body. 

The Skinny pig can display any of the basic colors and patterns of the Guinea pig. Be sure to provide your guinea pig with a good home and a proper diet. Guinea pigs need plenty of exercise and they also love to play. Guinea pigs are social creatures and will like to have a companion. Skinny Pigs are becoming easier to find, but breeders may be hard to come by in some areas. 

Guinea Pigs come in many varieties and are readily available at pet stores, shelters, and rescues. A healthy guinea pig will have brilliant eyes, good sound teeth, and a healthy coat. 

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Source: http://animal-world.com/encyclo/critters/guin_pig/SkinnyPig.php


Guinea Pigs Australia focuses on providing correct, modern and informative resources on guinea pig care, guinea pig information and guinea pig adoption in Australia and overseas. Premium brands such as Burgess Excel, HayPigs!™ and StayBowl™. JOIN OUR GROUP Discuss, share and learn more about guinea pig. WHO WE ARE Passionate about small animal care our team focuses on. Learn about our own pets, our vision and the Australian family behind the company. 

We only board rabbits and guinea pigs- check out our boarding options and plan for your pets holiday with us! STORE FAVOURITES. FOOD CRAVING TAMER BOWL INDOOR C&C CAGE STAYBOWL – TIP PROOF BOWL. Congratulations to our last winners of our giveaway to WIN a Wheek Wagon! Keep an eye out for our next competition in Easter 2018! 

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What is the scientific name for guinea pigs

The name is derived from ‘Cabiai’ in the language of the Galibi tribe of French Guiana. The origin of ‘Guinea’ is hard to explain other than they may have been brought to Europe by way of Guinea. The Guinea Pig does not originate from Guinea but from the Andes where they were domesticated as early as 5000 BC. It may be that the introduction to Europe was by way of the Spanish up to 1532 as well as Dutch and English traders. 

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Guinea Pig Health Check Discovery

Managing Swine Reproduction

The boars lack libido, and are not as fertile as those not prone to PSS. Swine producers axe most concerned about the size of litters farrowed and weaned. Boars should be rotated about every two or three days, and boar exposure should be started about two weeks before gilts are to be relocated to the breeding facilities. MANAGING BOARS Boars have greater influence than sows on the average size of litters because each boar sires many more pigs than are farrowed by any one sow or gilt to which the boar has been mated. Because all females should be bred at least twice, mature boars could be used twice daily, and young boars no more than once daily. 

Because of the rather precarious mating position, slippery floors in the breeding area can cause injury or distract the boar’s attention, and can quickly discourage even the most aggressive boar. For optimal breeding performance, mature boars should not be used for natural service more than twice daily; young boars should be used less often. IDENTIFYING INFERTILE BOAR Swine producers must deal almost continually with disease outbreaks, maintaining broken or old equipment, changing swine diets, etc. If a red gilt is bred to a white boar and a black boar within a short time, the color ratio of the offspring will reveal which sire was most fertile. All new boars and many older boars should be tested as soon as possible, especially during periods when breeding performance is normally low. 

Boar numbers can be reduced significantly, and more superior boars can be purchased for the same cost as a larger number of inferior boars. Check boars for heat stress that may have occurred during the preceding five to seven weeks if boars were once fertile. The same boar may be mated to the same sow a second time, and other sows may be bred to that boar. 

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Source: http://aces.uiuc.edu/vista/html_pubs/pigs/pigs.htm

10 Common Misconceptions About Animals

There are certain animal facts that everyone seems to know. There are a lot of widely believed animal facts that aren’t all that factual. Animal scientists, on the other hand, would rank sheep just below pigs, rodents, and monkeys. Recent studies have found that they’re of fairly average intelligence among farm animals. They actually learn quite quickly and can adapt to changing circumstances, create mental maps of their environment, and possibly even plan ahead. 

It’s not advanced calculus, but for an animal that’s thought to be a total numbskull, it’s a decent effort. Sure, an animal that spends most of its time rolling in its own feces probably won’t be the next Einstein, but most people don’t realize that pigs are more intelligent than they look. The pigs are showing a theory of mind-that is, the ability to understand what other animals are thinking or desiring, a talent previously observed only in chimpanzees and dogs. Of course animals understand death: they have to protect themselves and their young, and many of them kill other animals for food. Either animals are more like humans than we thought, or we humans are more like animals than we thought. 

Animal sex is all just-the-business, ma’am; no pleasure. That goes double for animals that really pump out the babies, like rabbits and mice. Both of those animals are surprisingly poetic when it comes to love-making: they even sing a kind of song as part of their mating rituals. 

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Cost of a Teacup Pig

Typical costs:There are dozens of miniature pig breeders who advertise pigs with a wide variety of names: miniature, micro, nano, mini or teacup. The pigs advertised from these breeders typically cost $700-$1,500, and most breeders require a $100-$250 deposit on the piglets. Breeders sell pot-bellied pigs for $600-$800 and will provide registration, vaccination records, and spay or neuter the pig. Breeders also often spend time socializing the pig, familiarizing it with human interactions and potty-training the pig. Pig sanctuaries and rescue groups adopt pigs to prospective owners for significantly less than breeders. 

Vegas Pig Pets, a pig sanctuary in Nevada, charges $100 for adults and $150 for piglets. Neutering or spaying a potbellied pig typically costs $300-$500.What should be included:The potbellied pig should come with registration and vaccination records, Most pigs also are delivered to their owners already spayed or neutered. Additional costs:Care and feeding of a potbellied pig costs $20-$60 per month, depending on the size of the pig. Healthy Pigs sells a variety of pig feeds made specifically for potbellied pigs. Discounts:The North American Potbellied Pig Association has a voucher program to help pay for spaying and neutering of pet pigs. 

The voucher program pays for up to $50 toward spay or neuter of the pig. Shopping for a teacup pig:Prospective pig owners should be wary of unscrupulous breeders. 

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Guinea Pig Health Tips

Guinea Pigs living in the wild quickly learned for survival, not to look sick or vulnerable, as this was sure to mean an early death to them. If you are a cavy owner you will want to make sure that your aware of this behavior and monitor your guinea pigs’ health. If your piggy does not do this when he sees you and he has done this in the past, then chances are your guinea pig is not feeling well. Nose: Something else to check when grooming your pet is his nostrils and nose area. Check their ears carefully for cuts, scrapes or abrasions. 

Stomach: If you notice that your cavy has been spending a lot of time laying on his bedding then you need to check his stomach for signs of blistering, very similar to a diaper rash in babies. Check for signs of swelling in the anal area or if they have larger than normal stools, you need to immediately take them to the veterinarian for treatment. If left to long it can make your guinea pig clumsy and will make him have a hard time maneuvering about. Weight: It is important to keep a check on your guinea pigs weight. If not gaining or you see that they are losing weight they need to seek immediate attention from the veterinarian. 

For older guinea pigs this does still need to be checked about once a week. Jodi Adams is a pet hobbyist that enjoys writing and sharing information about guinea pigs. 

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We Pigs News for 04-27-2018

Guinea Pig Health Check: Daily and Weekly Routine

Guinea country profile

Guinea’s mineral wealth makes it potentially one of Africa’s richest countries, but its people are among the poorest in West Africa. Experiments with socialism and a two-year rule by junta have taken a toll on the people of Guinea. The 2010 election ushered in civilian rule but led to violent ethnic clashes, as well. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Liberia and Sierra Leone have strained Guinea’s struggling economy. It was Guinea’s first democratic election since gaining independence from France in 1958. 

The vote kindled ethnic tensions, as Mr Conde hails from the Malinke ethnic group, which makes up 35% of the population. The defeated, Cellou Dalein Diallo, is a member of the Peul ethnic group, to which 40% of Guineans belong. 1891 – France declares Guinea to be a colony, separate from Senegal. 1958 – Guinea becomes independent, with Ahmed Sekou Toure as president. 2000 – Start of incursions by rebels in Guinea’s border regions with Liberia and Sierra Leone which eventually claim more than 1,000 lives and cause massive population displacement. The government accuses Liberia, the Sierra Leonean United Revolutionary Front rebel group, Burkina Faso and former Guinean army mutineers of trying to destabilise Guinea. 2014 – Outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in southern Guinea. 

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Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-13442051

KuneKune Pigs: A Hardy Homestead Breed

Kathy Petersen – KuneKune pigs are making their way into small scale farming operations across the country. If you’re looking to start free range pig farming, look no further than KuneKune pigs. From bacon to BBQ, feeding your family from the KuneKune pigs that you raise yourself gives you a great sense of pride. Children can learn so much about life from interactions with KuneKune pigs and you don’t have to worry about them being chased through the pastures. KuneKune pigs are very easy going and social creatures. 

KuneKune pigs are very hardy little pigs and fair quite well in most climates. KuneKune pigs are a mid-size pig weighing 200-400 pounds and 24-36 inches tall. If you do fodder for other livestock, the KuneKune pigs will also enjoy a nice daily feeding of that. The main thing with KuneKune pigs is having a warm hay or straw bedded house in the winter months that is draft-free. KuneKune pigs come in a variety of colors; ginger/black, black/ginger, ginger, cream, black/white, brown/white, and more. 

We have shipped KuneKune pigs across the U.S. using Delta and United Airlines. Having been one of the four original founders of the American KuneKune Pig Society, our pigs are registered with AKKPS, microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed. 

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Hairless Guinea Pig Sales

They are completely hairless, except for a small amount of fuzz on their nose and paws. A skinny pig gene carrier is a haired guinea pig that carriers the skinny pig gene, and can be bred to a skinny pig to produce a litter of piggies, some of which are usually hairless. Skinny pigs provided an answer to prayer – we have never had any issues with allergies around them. Haired skinny pig gene carriers may have fewer allergens than normal guinea pigs, but we cannot guarantee that they are hypoallergenic, since they do have hair. It is highly recommended that you have two or more guinea pigs placed together. 

Most of the cages you find at pet stores will not be large enough. Guinea pigs need room to have a protective house as well as room to run and play in their cage. Next, fill it with guinea pig litter, which can be found at a pet store or even places like Walmart. Now comes the fun part! Find, buy, or make an enclosure for the guinea pigs to hide and sleep in. 

Add a food dish and water bottle and you’re all set! If you would like more creative ideas for cages, toys, and creating your guinea pig habitat. Every 2 to 4 weeks, you should bathe your hairless skinny pig. Hairless piggies may get dry skin or dry spots if they are not lotioned frequently enough. 

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Source: https://hairlessguineasales.weebly.com/skinny-faq–care.html

Skinny Pig: The Hairless Guinea Pig

Since their initial domestication around five millennia BC, several guinea pig breeds have been developed. While not nearly as diverse as dogs or cats, there are at least eighteen recognized breeds of guinea pigs. Here I’ll be talking about a very peculiar one: The Skinny Pig. One thing that makes this hairless guinea pig breed peculiar is that they do not look anything like their wild counterparts. If you have never seen a skinny before, you might think it was another animal. 

Skinny pigs were created in laboratories in 1978, as a result of crossing haired guinea pigs with a hairless lab strain. If you have both regular pigs and a skinny, you might notice that your skinny feels much warmer than your regular guinea pig. While caring for a skinny is not very different from regular guinea pig care, their lack of hair give Skinnies a number of special needs that their owners need to take care of. During winter, a Skinny pig’s skin tends to get dry and chapped. Finally, like regular guinea pigs, they need to be provided with fresh water and unlimited hay, as well as Vitamin C fortified pellets and fresh vegetables daily. 

Summary Skinny pigs were created partly by accident in a lab. They are mostly hairless, unlike regular guinea pigs. 

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Source: http://guineapigaloo.com/skinny-pig

We Pigs News for 04-25-2018

Healthy guinea pig.mp4

# Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs # Diabetes Management Booklet

Even if this is any tip for anyones health it especially important for many people with diabetes diabetic smokers are two times as likely to die prematurely than other people. Staying away from cigarettes get a a positive impact from the blood pressure heart and kidneys. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs This 11 herb blend has persisted long enough to make a name because it and garner a trustworthiness of success. Some claim a semi-permanent means to their diabetes and others swear however cured. In the very least this supplement will in order to manage your short lived problem and control your blood sugar without the impulse for traditional medications and side the bad effects. 

Hint try helping the beans to rice proportion!,Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Sadly many with bloodstream pressure sugar may have to their very own legs ejected. The invading poison blood glucose continues to spread even on days when a person are well. The explanation for to avoid medications for type 2 diabetes actuality that they come with very heavy side effects. One popular new diabetes medicine was found to cause heart disease and another caused growths. Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs As mentioned earlier it really is going help in weight loss but you might need to include it with exercising as well as the appropriate diet plan. 

Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Guinea Pigs Firstly carbohydrates begin even worse wise choices that will lead several healthier everyday living. Before we rush into treatments however allow us to look in the two basic types of diabetes that are very common today. 

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Source: http://diabetehh.com/natural-remedies-for-diabetes-in-guinea-pigs=p13005

Guide On Raising And Keeping Pigs Healthy

They have a short gestation period and it normally would only require a few boars or male pigs to mate with many sows or female pigs. Remember that you don’t have to buy too many boars to breed. You can just buy a single boar, ideally a year in age, and have him breed with about 30 to 50 sows that are either housed in stalls or in a large pasture. You need to know who to go to in order to buy the best boars for breeding plus the best and most fertile sows that can produce large litters that are not only healthy but that have the best qualities. You can either browse through the yellow pages for names of pig breeders or visit and get referrals from well-known stores that sell pigs and pig feeds. 

When breeding pigs, select sows that are at least 9 to 10 months old as this is the ideal age for breeding. For the boars, you can either buy them when they’re at least 8 months old if you have a small number of sows then breed them with a larger number as they grow older. Sows need to undergo physical check-ups to make sure that they have no infections or health problems that could produce problematic litters. You should also perform these check-ups to see if the sows are ready to mate. To check if the sow is ready, look at the vulva and see if it is swelling as this indicates the start of its fertility period. 

Young sows can be bred on their first day of fertility while older ones can begin on the next day after checking. In breeding and keeping pigs, gestation lasts for about 113 days, so breed the pigs during their fertility periods until pregnancy has been successfully achieved. 

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Source: http://www.keepingpigs.net/breeding-pigs-5-important-steps

The Pig Site

You are in the Managing Pig Health section of thePigSite.com where you can browse over 600 pages of information on managing the health aspects of a pig or hog farm. The information in this section is taken from our book Managing Pig Health and the Treatment of Disease written by Mike Muirhead and Tom Alexander. If you would like to buy a copy of the book it can be purchased from our book shop. Managing health and diseaseAn introduction to managing health and diseaseImunity – How the Pig Responds to InfectionMedicinal Control of DiseaseRecognising Disease on the FarmClinical Examination of the HerdManaging and treating the Sick PigThe Design of the Hospital PenThe Consultant or Specialist VeterinarianStaff Training and EducationPlanning for Efficient Production and Disease ControlManagement of the EnvironmentCptr 4. Disease in the farrowing and sucking periodHow to Achieve Low Pre-Weaning MortalityUsing Records to Identify ProblemsUnderstanding and Maximising the Role of the SowDiseases of the Farrowing and Lactating SowDiseases and Problems in the Sucking PigSummary – 12 key points to piglet survivalMedicines for use in Lactating Sows and Sucking PigsCptr 9. 

Disease in the weaner and grower periodManaging the Weaner for Health and Maximum ProductivityManaging the Growing Pig for Health and Efficient ProductionDiseases of the Weaned and Growing PigMedicines for use in Weaned and Finishing PigsCptr 11. PoisonsDetoxification and ExcretionFactors in the Pig that Influence the Effects of a PoisonHow to Recognise PoisoningPotential PoisonsCptr 14. 

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Source: http://www.thepigsite.com/pighealth

Raising Pigs: Pros & Cons

A year ago we added a new adventure to our lives when we responded to an ad on Craigslist and went to pick up three cute, squealing, pink pigs from a nearby farm to add to our homestead. While we have thoroughly enjoyed having pigs on our little farm and having the pork in the freezer, owning pigs isn’t for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to consider before you make the leap into raising pigs. Pro: With pigs on our homestead, we have zero food waste. Con: Pigs eat a lot, which means that pigs poop a lot. 

If you have close neighbors, they might have well-founded objections to your pigs. Pro: Pigs are smart! Some are even sweet and friendly and interacting with a friendly pig can be a delightful experience. Con: Pigs are smart! They can figure out ways to escape their pen and once they do, they are difficult to catch! 

They will need a strong enclosure, likely electrified, in order to keep them where you want them. Some the fun of the pigs has worn off by processing time, it can still be rather difficult to part with your pigs when it is time to send them to the freezer. Pro: If you raise 2 pigs and sell one to a friend, it will usually pay for all the feed and processing fees for the pig you keep. You eat for free! If you have room to raise even more pigs, you could easily have a little side business to add extra income to your homestead. 

Just make sure you are abiding by local laws. Con: If you sell one pig, people will find out and then beg you to raise one for them too. In short, we now have a 500 pound pet pig in the pasture! 

Keywords: [“Pig”,”raise”,”Con”]
Source: http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2014/12/raising-pigs.html