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Guinea Pig Health-Ask A Vet With Dr. Jyl Rubin

Guinea Pigs & Health Problems – Hair Loss And Skin Rashes

Guinea pigs are not born with parasites, but they can pick them up from wood chips, visiting animals and outdoor sources. Ringworm on a pet manifests as hairless and …

CFHS | Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig-Proofing. Guinea pigs love to run around and interact with things in the house. … Health. Guinea pigs have toenails that grow continuously.

Guinea Pig Care, Guinea Pig Breeds – Animal World

Guinea Pig Care – Guinea Pig Information; guinea pig history, types of guinea pigs, what do guinea pigs eat, guinea pig health, and more.

WHEEK & SQUEAK – General Health & Vets

Guinea pigs are prone to several health problems so it is important to check them over daily. Sadly many vets have little experience of guinea pigs so it is very …

guinea pig health | The Wheekly Reader

First, let’s address that crawly feeling you’re experiencing right now: guinea pig lice is completely different from human lice. The most common species of guinea …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 15 2017

How To Choose a Healthy Guinea Pig

I hope I helped someone out there pick out their new guinea pig. Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe! 😉 All pictures from; google images Song: …

Oxbow Animal Health | Health

Information about guinea pig health and well being. Tips for preventing common guinea pig health issues.

Welcome to Online Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pig Care for smart guinea pig owners. A one stop resource for guinea pig owners to give you everything you need to know about basic guinea pig care.

HEALTH GUINEA PIG – An ABC Radio presenter and journalist …

HEALTH GUINEA PIG An ABC Radio presenter and journalist in search of a healthy life. I try it and find out what stacks up against science, research and personal …

Guinea Pig Welfare » Health

‘Protection from and treatment of, illness and injury.’ Taken from the RSPCA’s 5 freedoms. In order to monitor the health of your guinea pig it is important to …

Guinea pig health: Scurvy – YouTube

Hi everyone, in today’s video I tell you about scurvy in guinea pigs! This video covers what it is, why Vitamin C is important, how to treat it, how to …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 15 2017

5 Simple Health Checks for Your Guinea Pig | MediCavy Monday

These are some really easy ways to keep an eye on your guinea pigs’ health. Guinea Pigs are prone to a variety of illnesses and often do a very good job of …

Some common guinea pig health problems

Like many small animals, the general health and common health conditions that can affect the guinea pig do not receive anywhere near as much publicity as those that affect larger pets such as cats and dogs, but veterinary care for Guinea pigs is constantly evolving, and today, most practices are well set up to treat most of the basic and common Guinea pig ailments. If you own a Guinea pig or are considering buying one, it is important to garner a basic understanding of some of the basic and most common health conditions that can affect your pet, and know how to identify them. In this article, we will look at some of the most common Guinea pig health problems in more detail. If your Guinea pig is not getting enough Vitamin C, they may suffer from some fairly severe problems including internal bleeding, swollen and painful joints, and problems with the digestive system and intestines. Never leave your Guinea pig in a cage with an uncovered floor, and when you take your Guinea pig out of the cage to socialise with them, do not put them down on hard surfaces or encourage them to sit on anything other than grass or other soft, cushioned areas that will provide padding to the feet.

Guinea pig health issues – Answers on HealthTap

Answers from doctors on guinea pig health issues. First: Nope. As long as he is healthy there is nothing to worry about.

The Guinea Pig – Health & Wellness

My name is Elizabeth Dabraccio and I am The Guinea Pig. Latest news. … So you get to see what other people are doing for natural health and wellness, …

Guinea Pig Information, Guinea Pig Care and Guinea Pig Health

Find articles and information on guinea pig care and guinea pig health.

The Guinea Pig Forum

Guinea Pig Forum The UK’s Most Popular Guinea Pig Forum. A forum for guinea pig advice and support. Also dealing with matters of guinea pig health and rescue.

Guinea pig care | AAHA

Everything you need to know to care for your pet guinea pig. … right away to get your friend back on the road to good health. When handling your guinea pig, …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 15 2017

Guinea Pig Health Check: Daily and Weekly Routine

Guinea pigs hide illness very, very well. We learned that very early on in our experiences with piggies. That’s why the health checks are so incredibly important!

Common Guinea Pig Health Issues | Petcha

A variety of viruses and bacteria can cause respiratory ailments in guinea pigs. A
guinea pig suffering from a respiratory problem may experience sneezing, …

Keeping Your Guinea Pig Healthy

A healthy guinea pig’s eyes are bright and clear with no sign of cloudiness. If you handle your guinea pig every day you are more likely to notice any early signs of health problems. Keeping your guinea pig happy and healthy is relatively simple. If you carefully follow these recommendations, your guinea pig is likely to have a long and healthy life. Give your guinea pig an outside source of vitamin C. Like humans and Indian fruit bats, guinea pigs do not synthesize their own vitamin C. Fresh fruits and vegetables, like kale, citrus fruits and cabbage, all contain high levels of this vitamin.

Keeping Cavies Healthy

It causes many a small animal to have rashes and raw spots, and it causes severe respiratory problems in cavies. With 2 or more cavies per cage, it is probably going to be necessary to clean the cage about twice a week. Some small animals do not mind ‘wire mesh’ floors of their pens; but cavies do not like them; they have VERY sensitive feet. GENERAL HEALTH: Cavies, like many small rodents, have a history. Cavies love to be held and paid attention to, they seem to thrive on the attention.

Oxbow Animal Health | Guinea Pigs

Learn more about your pet guinea pig and how to provide the best care possible.
General information about guinea pigs, guinea pig nutrition, guinea pig health, …

Health & Illness | The Guinea Pig Forum

Before posting in this section please read this important information and
disclaimer here.

From Pets To Plates: Why More People Are Eating Guinea …

But there may be more to gain from eating guinea pig than bizarre foods bragging rights. According to activists, eating guinea pig is good for the environment.

Pig Health – Diseases of Pigs – Swine Management & Welfare …

Provides information on Pig Health, Swine Diseases, Hog Welfare and Pork Safety. Has nearly 1000 articles and links on the subject matter and has a book shop on pig …

Guinea Pig Health Care – Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding …

GUINEA PIGS AS PETS Guinea pigs (or Cavies as they are also known) make wonderful pets. They are best kept in pairs as one guinea pig gets …

How to Care for Guinea Pigs (with Pictures) – wikiHow

How to Care for Guinea Pigs. Guinea pigs are smaller pets, but they require plenty of space, time, effort, and human interaction. If you are willing to give your …

Guinea Pig Heat Stroke – How to Prevent and Treat

Guinea Pigs; Guinea Pig Health and Diseases; Guinea Pig Heat Stroke. How to Prevent and Recognize Heat Stroke in Cavies. Guinea pig outside.

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 15 2017

Guinea Pig Care : Common Health Problems in Pet Guinea Pigs

Learn from an exotic animal health technician and learn information on common health problems in pet guinea pigs in this free online video. Expert: Sarah …

Exotic and Laboratory Animals

The affected guinea pig becomes depressed and anorectic. Salmonella infections were historically common in guinea pigs in research colonies. Chronic dermatitis is a common condition usually seen in obese guinea pigs housed on wire or abrasive floors. Treatment involves housing the affected guinea pig on clean, dry, soft bedding, topical or parenteral administration of antibiotics, and foot bandages as needed. Chlamydial conjunctivitis is one of the most common causes of infectious conjunctivitis in guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Illness Warning Signs

Find a cavy-knowledgeable exotics vet soon after adopting a guinea pig so you know whom to contact in an emergency. If your cavy has lost four or more ounces, see a vet immediately. A guinea pig who is not eating is seriously ill and must be seen by a vet for treatment and must be hand-fed. Your vet should know that some medications that disrupt the intestinal flora, like penicillins, are deadly to cavies. If your cavy does poorly on a particular antibiotic and stops eating, call your vet to discuss changing antibiotics.

Easy checks for a healthy guinea pig

There are some daily checks you should make, to ensure that your guinea pig stays well, it also helps you to notice any change very quickly, and visit your vet at the first sign of illness. Any discharge or sneezing may suggest that your guinea pig has a cold. Any patches of hair loss or areas where the skin is red and sore may suggest that your guinea pig has mites. Watch him closely, is he scratching more than usual? Mites burrow under the skin and cause a distressing condition called mange, and the sooner you spot any problem, the sooner you can get it treated, something your guinea pig will certainly thank you for. If the guinea pig is wet and smelly between its legs it may have a urine infection.

Tips on looking after guinea pigs

Do not keep guinea pigs – or any other animals – in a garage used to keep vehicles because the fumes can kill them. As guinea pigs are naturally grazing animals, it’s important that they always have quality, bagged, non-dusty hay to keep their digestive systems working, along with a small amount guinea pig mix. Never keep guinea pigs in the same hutch or run as rabbits, as there is a risk the guinea pigs will be bullied and seriously injured. Don’t forget… Guinea pigs have a long lifespan compared to other small animals Guinea pigs need company of their own kind, either in a pair or in a small group of the same sex Do not keep a breeding pair. If you are planning to keep a male and female together, talk to your vet about having the male neutered Do not keep guinea pigs and rabbits in the same hutch or run, as the guinea pigs may be bullied and severely injured Make sure your guinea pigs always have dust-extracted hay to keep their digestive systems working and, a constant supply of clean water.

RSPCA Victoria

Is a guinea pig the right pet for you?Guinea pigs are friendly and easily tamed but they require commitment and regular attention. What do guinea pigs need?Companionship from other guinea pigs. BreedingThe RSPCA strongly advises that you do not breed from your guinea pigs as it is very difficult to find good homes for the young. Groom guinea pigs every day, checking their fur all over for any dirt, especially under the tail. Like people, guinea pigs cannot make Vitamin C and need to eat fresh greens every day.

Guinea Pig Health and Diseases – Exotic Pets

All about guinea pig health and diseases. … Are You Worried Your Guinea Pig Broke a Leg? Are you worried that your guinea pig may have broken a leg?

Guinea Pig Health – mgpr.org

Monitor the health of your guinea pigs. Weigh weekly; Monitor food intake and behavior for signs of illness; Take to an exotic vet annually for a well-check
mgpr.org/newsite/GP_Info/Guinea Pig Health.html

Guinea Pigs – Guinea Pigs welfare – Tips, advice, health

Guinea pigs are small, sociable, ‘chatty’ rodents. There are different breeds and varieties of guinea pigs, with a wide variety of colour and coat lengths.

Peter Gurney Guinea Pig Health Guide – How to keep your …

Peter Gurney Guinea Pig Health Guide. How to keep your guinea pig (cavy) healthy. Menu and widgets. Abnormalities in guinea pigs; Abscess – guinea pigs;

How to Perform Weekly Guinea Pig Health Checks | The …

By adding a 10-minute health check to your guinea pig’s weekly care routine of nail trimming and ear cleaning, you can get familiar with its body so that

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 15 2017

Guinea Pig Health Checks: What You Need To Look For

Shops I Buy From: BudgetBunny: https://www.facebook.com/budgetbunnyshop/?fref=ts Cobb Cabin Crafts: …

Exotic and Laboratory Animals

The affected guinea pig becomes depressed and anorectic. Salmonella infections were historically common in guinea pigs in research colonies. Chronic dermatitis is a common condition usually seen in obese guinea pigs housed on wire or abrasive floors. Treatment involves housing the affected guinea pig on clean, dry, soft bedding, topical or parenteral administration of antibiotics, and foot bandages as needed. Chlamydial conjunctivitis is one of the most common causes of infectious conjunctivitis in guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs – Guinea Pigs welfare – Tips, advice, health

All the information you need to know about guinea pigs – including information on
diet, bedding and more. Find out how to care for your guinea pig.

Routine Health Care of Guinea Pigs

It also provides you with the opportunity to check your pet for possible skin problems, injuries, sudden weight gain or loss, dental problems, and other health problems. Sick guinea pigs may have decreased energy or not respond to noises or touch. The most common health problems for these animals are problems with the lungs or the digestive system, so a sick guinea pig may also have discharge or oozing from the eyes or nose, or diarrhea. Dental problems are also common, so check your pet’s mouth for drooling, overgrown teeth, or swelling. These small pets can become sick quickly, and identifying and treating the problem right away can be critical.

Guinea Pig Care and Health Information

Guinea Pig Care Welcome to my guinea pig care pages. My reason for writing these pages was to provide care information to help guinea pigs lead happier, healthier lives, that they so rightly deserve. All information here is based on my own experience of sharing my life with guinea pigs. An excellent site you could try for medical reference is Guinea Lynx which also has a very busy health and medical forum. Please click on each picture to view the page My guinea pigs care picture was drawn by Alix Copyright &copy Jackie’s Guinea Piggies.

Peter Gurney Guinea Pig Health Guide – How to keep your guinea pig healthy

Peter Gurney was the most prolific and informed writer on the care of Guinea Pigs before his untimely death. His commitment to the promotion of cavy well being is legendary, and this shines through these pages in which Peter gives advice based upon his immense experience. Do you know your Guinea Pig breeds ? The cartoon images below may help you. View the pages of this website for Peter Gurney’s advice on a wide range of guinea pig / cavy health topics and add your comments on the issues raised. Advertising revenue is going to charities such as The Cambridge Cavy Trust, which runs the guinea pig hospital at Wyton, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK, a cause dear to Peter’s heart.

Guinea Pig Illness Warning Signs – Petfinder

A guinea pig’s health can deteriorate very quickly. By the time problems become apparent, illnesses may be life-threatening. Discover the warning signs of illness in …

Guinea Pig Health | The Guinea Pig Blog – Happy Cavy

Home » Blog » Guinea Pig Health Archives. Happy Cavy’s #CavyCare Twitter Tips. How will you keep guinea pigs warm in a winter power outage? Use blankets & keep …

Health Facts About Guinea Pigs – SmallAnimalChannel.com

Health Facts About Guinea Pigs Knowing about preventive care, signs of illness and common guinea pig health issues helps you take better care of your pet.

Guinea Pig Health Guide – Pet Guinea Pigs Info

If your guinea pig appears to be ill then refer to this Guinea Pig Health Guide and seek the appropriate veterinary care for your pet. SHARE. Facebook. Twitter. tweet;

Health and welfare – Guinea Pigs – Our pets

Guinea pig health and welfare . Ensure your guinea pig is protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease . Guinea pigs need:

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 15 2017

How to health check a guinea pig

Hello everybody im sorry i haven’t been uploading much! Meant to be revising for my exams now 😉 uppsy! Hope you enjoy the video! Frequently Asked …

Guinea Lynx :: A Medical and Care Guide for Your Guinea Pig

A comprehensive medical and care guide for the care of guinea pigs. … Need the
Basics? Start with the CARE GUIDE – Raising a Healthy Guinea Pig.

What are the common health problems in pet guinea pigs?

Many of the common health problems seen in pet guinea pigs are often preventable by good husbandry and good feeding practices. Vitamin C deficiency causes the guinea pig severe pain and discomfort and is a preventable condition. Swollen and ulcerated footpads are a common problem when guinea pigs are kept on hard surfaces and/or uncovered wire mesh floors. Domesticated guinea pigs should be kept on soft floor material and soft bedding material to help prevent ulcerative pododermatitis. If you suspect your guinea pig is suffering from any of the above mentioned diseases and/or you notice any other abnormalities or problems please consult your vet immediately.

Guinea Lynx :: Health Tips

“There is no greater service you can do your guinea pigs than to provide them a proper diet.” Guinea Pig Nutrition. Vets qualified to care for your guinea pig are called “Exotics veterinarians”. Experienced guinea pig owners can’t stress enough how important it is to find a good vet who knows your animal before you are in the middle of an emergency. A wellness check will familiarize the vet with your guinea pig and give you a chance to ask questions. The vet can check for parasites, show you how to trim the nails, make sure the teeth are in good shape, and the guinea pig is in good health.

Guinea Pig Health |

For this reason it may appear that guinea pig drinks very little during the dayIf concerned, owner can check for signs of dehydrationNOT NORMAL:Drinking a lot more than normal: It would be wise to have your guinea pig checked for diabetes. HEALTH TIP #2: Weigh Your Guinea Pig Weekly Weighing is one of the best, simplest and cheapest tools available for monitoring small animal’s health. It is recommended that any new guinea pig which is about to be introduced to a resident guinea pig is submitted to a quarantine procedure. The quarantine insures that the new guinea pig does not introduce any illness or parasites to the resident guinea pig(s). Owner is advised to wash hands well in between handling the new and the resident guinea pig and consider changing shirt or wearing a removable cover-up when handling the new guinea pig.

VCA Animal Hospital

In guinea pigs and primates, including man, one key essential nutrient is vitamin C. The vast majority of other animals can produce their own vitamin C through their intestinal bacterial flora but guinea pigs and primates are unable to do this. A guinea pig that has a rough hair coat, is off food, has diarrhea, is reluctant to walk, perhaps seems painful, has swollen feet or joints, or has hemorrhages and ulcers on its gums or skin is likely to be deficient in vitamin C. “In guinea pigs and primates, including man, one key essential nutrient is vitamin C.”. Guinea pigs need 10 – 50 mg of vitamin C per day, depending on the condition of the animal. Female pigs are more prone to cystitis then are male guinea pigs and often stones develop in association with a bladder infection. Providing the guinea pig with more stimulation, redirecting its attention to other chewing activities by providing more hay or chew toys; if the barbering was done by another guinea pig, separation of the two may be necessary.

Guinea Pigs – Exotic and Laboratory Animals – Veterinary …

Guinea pigs, like chinchillas, are hystricognath rodents. They belong to the family Cavidae, which contains 14 species of animals commonly known as cavies and …

Guinea pig – Wikipedia

The guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), cavy or domestic guinea pig, or cuy for livestock breeds, is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.

Common Guinea Pig Health Issues | Petcha

Common Guinea Pig Health Issues Find out what health issues guinea pigs may experience.

Guinea Pig Health Check – Jackie’s Guinea Pigs

A small list of guinea pig health problems with additional guinea pig health links

Guinea Pig Health and Safety – Petfinder

If you have adopted a guinea pig, check out this information on guinea pig housing, litter training, roommates, exercise, neutering and hazards.