We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 17 2017

Adult Guinea Pig Diet; Hay, Pellets, Veggies, Treats.

This is a video on what to feed an adult guinea pig to keep them happy, healthy and to help avoid some of the common health problems guinea pigs can …

Raising Pigs: Pig Health Care and Diseases

Pigs have a range of parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Overall, pigs are pretty dirty. These diseases include trichinosis, Taenia solium …

Eye Problems in Guinea Pigs – Net Vet

Healthy guinea pigs eyes’. Problems with eyes, signs to look out for. Treatment, prevention and causes of eye problems. Cataracts in guinea pigs.
netvet.co.uk/guinea pigs/eyes/eye-problems.htm

Sick Guinea Pigs – Pet Guinea Pig Health – EzineArticles

Healthy guinea pigs urine is generally slightly milky white in color. If you discover your guinea pig has whiter than usual or clear urine something is off.

Sherwood Pet Health – Sherwood Forest natural pet foods

Sherwood Pet Health. RABBITS. GUINEA PIGS. CHINCHILLAS. Home. Shop Now. Store Locator. Shelters and Rescues. Veterinarian portal. Connect on Facebook. 1-3 day shipping.

Pig – Official Minecraft Wiki

Pigs now display the mob health bar when riding. 1.8 14w02a: Baby pig growth can be accelerated using carrots. 1.9 15w31a: Pigs can also be led and bred with potatoes …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 17 2017

Guinea pig health: Scurvy

Hi everyone, in today’s video I tell you about scurvy in guinea pigs! This video covers what it is, why Vitamin C is important, how to treat it, how to prevent it and …

Guinea pig care – – About Us – Weebly –  

Guinea pig care; Contact us; … A guinea pigs weight is a key way to check on your guinea pigs health, … Anything above 1450 grams- diet your guinea pig!!

Guinea Pig Diseases/General – Animal Hospitals USA

Guinea Pig Diseases/General. Malocclusion of Premolar Teeth (Slobbers): A common problem of guinea pigs (especially those over 3 years old) results when the upper and …

@ Guinea Pig Leash Training – Diabetic Diet Uptodate

Health Concern On Your Mind? ★ Guinea Pig Leash Training ★★ Diabetic Diet Uptodate ::The 3 Step Trick that Reverses Diabetes Permanently in As Little as 11 Days.[

Guinea Pig Vitamin C Requirements – Pet Health Care

In addition to fresh guinea pig pellets, timothy hay, and fresh fruits and vegetables, it is generally recommended to provide guinea pigs with a daily vitamin C …

Guinea Pig Fun Facts – drsfostersmith.com

Another name for a guinea pig is a “cavy.” Wild cavies live in social groups called “herds.” A male guinea pig is a boar and a female is a sow.

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 17 2017

Guinea Pig Diet

Jessi shares that nutrition is one of the most important things for animals in captivity, including common pets. Here’s the best diet and nutritional care for guinea …

Baby Guinea Pigs Care – Health Guidance

Baby guinea pigs are tiny, and hence they need a lot of precaution and care to make sure that they are safe in their cage. The first thing when you get a baby guinea …

Guinea Pig – AHWLA : Assessing the Health and Welfare of …

Guinea Pig Handling and Restraint To initially restrain a guinea pig, the handler should be rapid and smooth, to avoid frightening the animal. The handler’s thumb …

Fun & Interesting Facts About Guinea Pigs | Pets4Homes

A Little Bit Of History About Guinea Pigs. These gorgeous little animals were once raised as a food source by tribal people; The Incas used to sacrifice guinea pigs …

Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue – Home

Mission Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue’s mission is to provide rescue, medical, and sanctuary services to all guinea pigs while also providing boarding, grooming …

What should I feed my guinea pig? – RSPCA Australia …

Providing sufficient fibre in their diet is also very important for both their gastrointestinal system and general health. A guinea pig diet should contain the …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 17 2017


Visit the Shop – http://www.looboosshedzoo.com SUBSCRIBE – https://www.youtube.com/user/LooBoosShedZoo?sub_confirmation=1 Pinterest: …

Guinea pig – RightDiagnosis.com

Guinea pig information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues.

Guinea Pig Healthcare Products for Sale. Pets at Home.

Buy Guinea Pig Healthcare products from Pets at Home, the UK’s largest pet shop, with fast delivery and low prices. Part of our innovative pet supplies range.

BPA Plan for Pig Health – britishpigs.org.uk

BPA Plan for Pig Health Page 3 of 6 Page 3 Any Additional Diseases/Conditions? Have you become aware of any of the situations noted below?
www.britishpigs.org.uk/BPA FHP Template.pdf

50 Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs for Kids

Looking for some interesting and cool facts about guinea pigs. Here 50 of the most interesting and fun facts about Guinea Pigs for Kids.

9 Reasons to Own Pet Guinea Pigs | Lifescript.com

9 Reasons to Own Pet Guinea Pigs Why You Should Consider Guinea Pigs … Optimum exercise and exploration space are important for the health and happiness of these …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 17 2017

GUINEA PIG TEETH: Malocclusion Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Malocclusion is misalignment of the teeth, often caused by overgrown teeth, a common illness in guinea pigs which can be fatal because eventually the piggie …

Guinea pig

The guinea pig, cavy or domestic guinea pig, or cuy for livestock breeds, is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia. The earliest known illustration of a domestic guinea pig is a painting in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London, dated to 1580, which shows a girl in typical Elizabethan dress holding a tortoise-shell guinea pig in her hands; she is flanked by her two brothers, one of whom holds a pet bird. Two major guinea pig allergens, Cav p I and Cav p II, have been identified in guinea pig fluids and guinea pig dander. In Ursula Dubosarsky’s Maisie and the Pinny Gig, a little girl has a recurrent dream about a giant guinea pig, while guinea pigs feature significantly in several of Dubosarsky’s other books, including the young adult novel The White Guinea Pig and The Game of the Goose. A guinea pig named Rodney, voiced by Chris Rock, was a prominent character in the 1998 film Dr. Dolittle, and Linny the Guinea pig is a co-star on Nick Jr.’s Wonder Pets.

Abscesses – Galens Garden – The Pet Guinea Pig

It is not uncommon for guinea pigs to get abscesses. Abscesses need veterinary treatment, especially if they are near the jaw bone.

Guinea Pigs – Feeding | VCA Animal Hospitals

Guinea Pigs – Feeding. Guinea pigs, like rabbits, … In summary, a variety of food items is extremely important to maintain your guinea pig’s health.

The Health Hazards of Guinea Pigs – Jeremy’s Multiple …

The Health Hazards of Guinea Pigs … Given the choice between their father’s health and their guinea pigs they would choose the guinea pigs in a heart …

Pig Health and Wellbeing – The Accidental Smallholder

Pig Health and Wellbeing … You are here » Home » Livestock » Pigs » Pig Health and Wellbeing. … Who is the Accidental Smallholder?

Keeping Cavies Healthy ( i.e. Guinea Pigs ) – PETS

Intro: Keeping Cavies Healthy ( i.e. Guinea Pigs ) – PETS. Here I intend to outline a few of the many different things that can befall a Cavy, and also end with the …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 17 2017

How to Care for a Pet Guinea Pig

Nutella Bread Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eHPkpCGdEY Cool Top Rated Products for any Small Pet Owner: Super Pet CritterTrail Extreme …

‘I cheated death and joined the Guinea Pig Club’

“He said, ‘Right, you are all now members of the Guinea Pig Club,'” said Des, who is now 96. Primarily a drinking club, with social events and trips into the town, the group formed close bonds for life, while Sir Archibald developed plastic surgery techniques some of which are still in use today. Today, only 17 members of the Guinea Pig Club survive in the UK, their numbers dwindling as the men enter their mid-90s. A commemorative monument is being unveiled by the Duke of Edinburgh at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, recognising the work of Sir Archibald, who died in 1960, and the bravery of his Guinea Pigs. Sir Archibald’s legacy has endured, not least at the Queen Victoria Hospital, now the leading burns and reconstructive surgery centre in the south-east of England. “Mr Baljit Dheansa, consultant plastic surgeon at the hospital, told the BBC:”Some of the approaches we still take in surgery hark back to what McIndoe did for his Guinea Pigs way back then.

Guinea Pig Health Monitoring

Guinea Pig Colony Health Monitoring Report – October 2016 (458.79 KB) …
contact us for pricing or for more information about availability of our Guinea Pigs.

Guinea Pig Health Monitoring

Charles River offers Health Monitoring protocols on guinea pigs for both routine surveillance and for diagnosis of diseases. Our protocols include pathology, serology, microbiology, parasitology and PCR infectious agent testing. Whole animals can be submitted for a HM protocol – samples will be collected in our necropsy laboratory and will be screened for the presence of infectious agents. Our health monitoring services are fully customizable to meet your specific program requirements. Fully customizable, build-your-own protocols are available for any species upon request.

Common Guinea Pig Health Problems

Pets suffering from obesity, dental problems, diarrhoea, arthritis and skin wounds are at high risk of flystrike as flies are attracted to guinea pigs suffering from dirty bottoms or wet fur. There are several different species of mites, however the most common one to affect guinea pigs is Trixacarus caviae, which causes mange. A variety of treatments are available to help treat guinea pigs infested with mites. You may notice your guinea pig scratching excessively, biting, suffering hair loss, and in a worse case scenario, suffering seizures. If you think your guinea pig is suffering from mange, take him to the vet immediately.

How to Perform Weekly Guinea Pig Health Checks

The question is: How can someone who loves their guinea pig so much miss such a marked decrease in appetite? How can a lump get so big without being noticed? By adding a 10-minute health check to your guinea pig’s weekly care routine of nail trimming and ear cleaning, you can get familiar with its body so that abnormal growths, changes in behavior and other potentially fatal health issues are caught – and treated – early. By keeping a weight chart for each guinea pig, you can track his or her health and easily notice a problem before health issues become health catastrophes. Get familiar with how much water your guinea pig(s) consume(s); every guinea pig is different. The more you perform these weekly health checks, the more familiar you will become with what’s “Normal” for your guinea pig and what isn’t.

Guinea Pig Health

Guinea Pig Health is all about making sure your pets stay happy and healthy. Not only does this make their lives more enjoyable, it also gives you a more active …

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Guinea Pig Food | Petco Store

The wholesome goodness and nutrition packed into Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Guinea Pig Food allows you to give your pet guinea pig food that you can feel good about.

Cost of a Guinea Pig – Pets and Pet Care – CostHelper.com

Timothy hay and alfalfa blocks are essential to good guinea pig health. Be sure to find a doctor that specializes in GP’s if possible.

Guinea pig food and diet and small pet products online

Guinea pig food and diet and small … This natural blend contains added vitamins and minerals and is a balanced daily diet with high fiber for the optimal health of …

Diarrhea in Guinea Pigs | petMD

Diarrhea often occurs as a symptom of a secondary condition, including disease, infection or improper diet, all causing the guinea pig’s digestive system to become upset.

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 16 2017

Weekly Health & Weight Check For Guinea Pigs

Weekly health and weight checks are VITAL for guinea pigs. Here is a great source of information on guinea pigs: http://www.guinealynx.info/index.html Skin and …

VCA Animal Hospital

In guinea pigs and primates, including man, one key essential nutrient is vitamin C. The vast majority of other animals can produce their own vitamin C through their intestinal bacterial flora but guinea pigs and primates are unable to do this. A guinea pig that has a rough hair coat, is off food, has diarrhea, is reluctant to walk, perhaps seems painful, has swollen feet or joints, or has hemorrhages and ulcers on its gums or skin is likely to be deficient in vitamin C. “In guinea pigs and primates, including man, one key essential nutrient is vitamin C.”. Guinea pigs need 10 – 50 mg of vitamin C per day, depending on the condition of the animal. Female pigs are more prone to cystitis then are male guinea pigs and often stones develop in association with a bladder infection. Providing the guinea pig with more stimulation, redirecting its attention to other chewing activities by providing more hay or chew toys; if the barbering was done by another guinea pig, separation of the two may be necessary.

Pet Guinea Pig Health & Illness

Guinea pigs are generally healthy when they receive good care and nutrition. Even with all these things sometimes a guinea pig may become ill or injured. Gastrointestinal ProblemsParasites, bacterial and viral infections, improper diet, stress or unclean cages can all cause gastrointestinal problems. TeethA common problem is when the incisors or molars of your pet do not grow straight. HeatstrokeDo not leave your guinea pigs’ cage in direct sunlight, in your car, in an unventilated room, or in temperatures above 75 degrees.

Guinea Pig Care

Please see Guinea Pig Cages for lots of great cage info and proper size requirements. Guinea pig nails need to be trimmed about once every 4-6 weeks. Suggested Vitamin C supplementing:Your healthy cavy shouldn’t need additional Vitamin C supplements IF your cavy is getting proper fresh greens and some fruits and high quality, fresh guinea pig pellets on a daily basis. 99 Buying a Pig in Pet StoreDo you have any idea how many people come to our rescue with stories of unknowingly buying sick guinea pigs from pet stores only to have them die a week later? Quite a few. For information, please see either the Adopting or the Surrendering page on finding a guinea pig to adopt.

Guinea Pig Care Sheet & Guide

Solid-bottom cage Water bottle Food bowl Hay rack A hide house Chew toys Aspen, pine, or recycled paper bedding Timothy hay, orchard grass, or oat grass Before you bring your new guinea pig home, make sure the habitat is stocked with toys and treats. Your new guinea pig will be delighted if the habitat is in a calm, secluded spot away from larger pets. Guinea pigs love a good cuddle but on the first day home, give your guinea pig time to settle in. Shop cages Shop water bottles Shop food bowls Shop hay Shop hay racks Shop chew toys Shop bedding Feeding your guinea pig You’re going to want hay- lots of hay! It’s your new guinea pig’s favorite food, and they thrive on a variety of it. Shop habitats Shop small animal playpens Keeping your guinea pig healthy Little critters need checkups just like any other family pets.

Health Risks of Owning Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are easy-care pets, requiring little beyond basic food, water, cage cleaning and handling. Sometimes guinea pigs come with diseases contracted from unclean conditions at a breeder or other specimens at the pet store. Teach children not to kiss guinea pigs or put them up to their faces, not to rub their nose or eyes when handling a guinea pig and to thoroughly wash their hands as soon as the guinea pig goes back in his cage. House mice are the most common carriers of the disease, but guinea pigs can contract the disease when they come in contact with the droppings of infected mice or rats. A guinea pig’s sharp nails can scratch your skin, making it vulnerable to infection by guinea pig-borne staphylococcus aureus.

Keeping Your Guinea Pig Healthy – Pet Place

Keeping Your Guinea Pig Healthy. Small Mammals. Written by … If you handle your guinea pig every day you are more likely to notice any early signs of health problems.

Abyssinian guinea pig – Wikipedia

Abyssinian guinea pig A male Abyssinian guinea pig. The Abyssinian is a … Health. The Abyssinian requires frequent brushing to keep its coat from becoming tangled.

How to Deal With Common Problems in Guinea Pigs | Pets4Homes

How To Deal With Common Problems In Guinea Pigs. … A guinea pig with diarrhea is often very messy and dirty under its tail and … Some common guinea pig health …

Guinea Pig Diet – MGPR

Vitamin C is important to the health of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs unfortunately do not make their own vitamin C and rely on getting it from their diet.
www.mgpr.org/newsite/GP_Info/Guinea Pig Diet.htm

Guinea Pig Health Care, Problems, Issues | Care for Guinea …

Guinea Pig Health Issues: Guinea pigs are perhaps some of the oldest pets and sources of food for mankind. The animals are not exactly pigs and are a variety of …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 16 2017

Guinea Pig Health Kit Supplies: Part 4 of 6: Skin Issues and Cuts, Scrapes, Bites

This is Part 4 of 6 – supplies for skin issues (lice, mites, and fungus; dry, irritated, crusty skin) and cuts, scrapes, and bites. I have been wanting to do an updated …

Guinea Pig Health | Guinea Pigs | Guide | Omlet UK

This section contains advice on lots of different aspects of guinea pig health and hygiene, from grooming your pets to checking them over for certain health problems.

Routine Health Care of Guinea Pigs – All Other Pets …

While guinea pigs do not require any vaccinations, it is recommended that you take your pet to a veterinarian familiar with guinea pigs at least once each year for a …

Undercover Guinea Pigs: Guinea Pig Health

Showing posts with label Guinea Pig Health. Show all posts. … as the local vet is not a guinea pig specialist mummy got some more Metacam from them for Barbie …
undercoverguineapigs.blogspot.com/search/label/Guinea Pig Health

The Guinea Pig Health Community

The Guinea Pig Health Community. Previous 10 Entries; Recent Entries; Archive; Friends’ Entries; Profile; Memories; Recent Entries . Profile. User: guineapighealth.

Cold Weather & Guinea Pigs – The Guinea Pig Health Community

Now that the weather is getting really cold it’s time for another reminder of guinea pigs and keeping them at a stable temperature! (Read here for Hot Weather …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 16 2017

Guinea Pig Health Kit Supplies: Part 1 of 6: Tools and Vitamins

I have been wanting to do an updated health/medical/first aid/grooming supplies kit video, but I wanted to show it in a way that would make more sense and …

Pig Health » Farm Animal Health

Welcome to the pig health section, where you will find useful information on pig health & key diseases affecting pigs.

Guinea Pig Food

Your guinea pigs’ food requirements are not complicated, but they do need to be fed the right foods at the right times and in the right amounts.

Guinea Pig Care – Cavy Spirit

Guinea pig’s teeth are open-rooted, that is they continue to grow: Guinea pigs are strict herbivores. … These are big health hazards to your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig (Cavia Porcellus) – Animals – A-Z Animals

Guinea Pig The guinea pig is found in the Andes mountains in South America, were it is used as a stable food source for the local peoples. Todays domestic guinea pig …

Guinea-pigging – The New Yorker

Guinea Pig Zero was not aimed at … Nobody is monitoring the effect that so many trials have on the health of professional guinea pigs. … Guinea-pigging requires …

We Pigs Guinea Pig Health News for February 16 2017

Guinea pig health check ~ 5 simple steps | YasminesCavies

READ ME* Hey guys, this is just a short video showing you how to check that your guinea pig is happy and healthy, in 5 simple steps! You should do this routine …

Calculate Your Guinea Pig’s Age in Human Years – Guinea …

Calculate Your Guinea Pig’s Age in Human Years. Posted by Angela, Editor-in-Chief, … Filed under Living · Tagged with age, care, guinea pig, health, pet, pets.

A Guide to Common Guinea Pig Health Problems – Legacy …

Guinea pigs are great pets, especially for families with children. However, guinea pigs are also prone to a number of health problems. Read on to pinpoint the most …

Fitness Guinea Pig – YouTube

On Fitness Guinea Pig, we enlist people from all walks of life, be it celebrities, comedians, actors, … Fitness Guinea Pig Everyday Health; 101 videos;

Tips and advice on the health of your guinea pig

St Annes Veterinary Group offers tips and advice on the care of your guinea pig to help maintain a happy healthy pet.

Guinea Pig Welfare » Routine Health Checks

Routine Health Checks. Guinea pigs must be checked regularly for anything ‘going on’. The easiest way to tell if a guinea pig is unwell is when differences in …