Guinea Pig Health News for September 25 2017

Health of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are quite sturdy animals but if they become sick, with my experience of it they, must have immediate attention or they will become weak and will then die. If your guinea pig does get sick you should contact your vet straight away. The earlier the illness is noticed the more chance of recovery your guinea pig has. Even if your guinea pigs are well cared for or the illness is noticed early sometime they don’t always pull through. After the illness or infection has passed, disinfect everything to make sure no other guinea pigs or guinea pig doesn’t get sick to. If your guinea pig has bright eyes, good coat, robust and hasn’t got discharge coming from nose or eyes they are most likely healthy. The tooth opposite the broken tooth becomes overgrown and damages the mouth causing pain and makes the guinea pig stop eating. Dental malocclusion, protruding or misdirected front teeth, overgrown cheek teeth, loss of appetite, inability to eat, drooling, weight loss, painful mouth, “Lumps.” Ear problems, scratching, head shaking, loss of balance, head tilted to one side, pain. Lumps, large abscesses filled with puss in cervical lymph nodes; looks like mumps; abscesses may re-occur. Nails, torn or damaged nails could become infected and may bleed. Once again if your guinea pig does have something wrong contact your vet immedeatly, don’t let your animal suffer.

The Perfect Home for a Guinea Pig

Proper nutrition is very important to your guinea pig. Contrary to popular belief, guinea pig food rarely provides all the vitamin C that your pig requires. Though not necessarily high in vitamin C, other good treats to offer your guinea pig are coarse cut oatmeal, bananas, apples, carrots, papaya, mango, kiwi fruit, pineapple, and 1/2 an orange with most of the pulp scooped out. Hay is a very important part of the guinea pig diet. Guinea pigs cannot keep their nails trimmed either, and if they grow too long the nails will curl and your pig will have a hard time walking. Choosing an appropriate home for your guinea pig is very important. Your guinea pig will get most of her exercise in her cage, so you should provide a large, spacious cage for her home. The cage should also have a few things for the guinea pig to climb on and hide in. NEVER use cedar shavings in your guinea pigs cage, as they can cause liver disease and respiratory problems in guinea pigs. If your guinea pig lets out a high-pitched squeal when it is being held, that means that your pig is feeling uncomfortable being held that way. In order to insure the guinea pig’s safety, it is best to have your child sitting down with the pig in his lap, rather than walking around with the pig in his hands. Your guinea pig needs exercise time outside her cage every day.

At least one guinea pig friend of the same sex IS recommended. With proper care and nutrition guinea pigs can live up to 10 ‘years, though the average is 4-8 years. General Most guinea pigs love to be petted once they are on your lap, but are cautious about being picked up. Children must be supervised when holding a guinea pig and taught not to hug it tightly, or allow it to fall or jump. Guinea pigs are easily injured and may nip if not treated kindly. Regular exercise outside the cage is essential and great fun for the whole family! Housing Guinea pigs should be kept safe indoors and need as large a cage as possible, with room to exercise. Look for a cage with a solid bottom, as wire floors and ramps can injure guinea pigs’ feet. Diet A healthy diet is based on quality grass hay, e.g. Timothy, and guinea pig pellets, freely available at all times. Fertility Male guinea pigs can be sexually mature at three weeks old. Due to the health risks, breeding pet guinea pigs is STRONGLY discouraged. Health Find a veterinarian specializing in exotic animalร and experienced in treating guinea pigs before you need one. Warnings Penicillin-based drugs, commonly prescribed for other pets7 are TOXIC to guinea pigs.

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