Guinea Pig Health News for September 14 2017

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Chewing of Hair in Guinea Pigs

There are many reasons for hair loss to occur in guinea pigs. One of the common causes for hair loss is due to barbering. A behavior by which guinea pigs will chew or tear their own or each other’s hair off as a result of conflicts between adult males or between adults and young. The outward symptoms that are characteristic of this behavior are very short, chewed off hairs over an area that appears as a bald patch. The skin that has suffered the barbering may be inflamed, bruised, or may carry other signs of injury. Hair loss, often in patches and in a characteristic manner. Barbering often occurs in relation to conflicts between adult males or between adults and juveniles. Hair loss due to barbering is typically identifiable by the appearance of bite marks and skin inflammation along with the hair loss. You will need to provide your veterinarian with your guinea pig’s dietary history and a description of the onset of symptoms so that your veterinarian can identify the underlying cause of the hair loss. Besides self-barbering or barbering by other guinea pigs in the group, hair loss can also be caused by genetic problems, problems in metabolism. The hair loss may even be a natural progression of aging. Young guinea pigs that are weaning from their mothers will have a normal hair thinning as their coat changes from light infant fur to coarser adult fur.

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What is ringworm?Ringworm is fairly common in guinea pigs so don’t freak out!It is a fungus that often presents on the outside and inside of the ears, around the eyes and on the nose. Ringworm most often does not require veterinary assistance and simple over the counter creams and shampoo can clear it up. It is highly contagious however, so wash your hands after touching the guinea pig and wear an apron of some sort to prevent spores clinging to your clothing. Where do they get it from? They can get it from another infected guinea pig but it can also develop in a guinea pig that has not had any recent interactions with other animals at all. How do you treat it? 1) Any anti dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders 2) Over the counter medicated athlete’s foot cream. SHAMPOO – First of all wash the guinea pig the medicated anti dandruff shampoo. Make sure to pay special attention to the affected areas and rub the shampoo into the skin. Most guinea pigs do not like to be bathed but this is something that needs to be done. Never put a wet or damp guinea pig back in its cage. I have other guinea pigs do I treat them too?Yes and no. You do want to shampoo them with the anti dandruff medicated shampoo to make sure they stay healthy. You should only do that once or twice in the three weeks it take to treat an infected guinea pig.

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