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Guinea Pig Today was recently approached to review the Oxbow Harvest Stacks. We had been aware of them for quite some time, and have even used them occasionally ourselves. We hadn’t really considered them as being one of the cornerstones of the guinea pig’s diet. We all know that guinea pigs need a certain amount of fresh vegetables daily for optimum nutrition. Clean, pesticide-free vegetables add variety and important nutrients to your cavy’s diet. When picking hay, what should I look for to know it’s fresh? Selecting a high quality premium hay for your little one is one of the most important things we as owners do. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PMI Nutrition International is initiating a voluntary recall of certain varieties of the AquaMaxâ„¢ feed products with specific lot codes listed below, due to the potential for elevated vitamin D levels. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PMI Nutrition International has initiated a voluntary recall of four varieties of the LabDiet® and Mazuri® feed products listed below, due to the potential for an elevated vitamin D level in these products. Elevated vitamin D levels can be harmful to animals if fed for extended periods. You might have seen an article on the Daily Mail or Guardian about a young girl in the UK who found a surprise in her guinea pigs’ hay. We can’t verify any more than the photos pictured on the site unbelievable as it might sound, finding a surprise in your hay is possible. Have you ever wondered if a certain vegetable is good for your guinea pig, or how much Vitamin C it contains?If so, be sure to take a look at the nutrition charts on Guinea Lynx, which contain a comprehensive list of foods that you can include in your. Since the Paw Crew grew so fast in 2004 and living in Missouri with so many farms near by, the bounties of summer were plenty. Lots of customers would leave yummies for the Paw Crew grown right in their gardens, and purchasing bags full of fresh foods for a few dollars was not hard.

Guinea Pig Care Guide Wheek! Wheeek! Wheeeek! The sounds of a happy guinea pig, welcoming you home or begging for food, are part of the many joys of sharing your home with these wonderful animals. Although many pet stores carry cages marketed especially for guinea pigs, most are too small to house even a single guinea pig. Keep all wires out of reach of a guinea pig’s curious mouth. Some people may prefer to let their guinea pigs explore the outside world, but more precautions must be taken. Never leave your guinea pig alone outside and always have them in a covered safe enclosure. Guinea pigs can not take the heat so never take your guinea pig outside on hot days and always make sure even on cooler days that your guinea pig has shade. To avoid illness, do not allow guinea pigs to roam and graze on fertilized lawns, gardens with poisus plants or mold, or where other animals may have left droppings. Diet Grass hay, Bunny Bunch Blend such as Timothy, Orchard Grass, and Bluegrass, should be the staple of every guinea pig’s diet. Alfalfa hay should not be given to healthy adult guinea pigs due to its high calcium content, which may contribute to bladder stones as the guinea pig ages. Of course, most guinea pigs will eat more pellets than they should, which could lead to obesity and obesity related health problems. Behavior The guinea pig’s unique behavioral traits are part of the many joys of opening up your home to guinea pigs. Avoid chasing your guinea pigs repeatedly around the cage to pick them up. Most guinea pigs enjoy being safely cradled close to your body while you are moving about. Most guinea pigs will first ignore one another and then determine which pig is the dominant one by chasing, mounting, chattering their teeth, rumblestrutting, or challenging each other in various ways.

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Guinea Pigs are social, adorable pets that make wonderful companions. Guinea pigs cannot manufacture Vitamin C like other animals, so it’s up to you to make sure they get this nutrient in their daily diet. Guinea pigs hide signs of illness, so it’s important to look for changes in behavior such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing, diarrhea, eating or drinking less, lethargy, and scratching. As part of your pets wellness examination, we’ll consult with you about your concerns and discuss specific needs of your guinea pig such as diet. Guinea Pigs are prone to parasites such as mites that can cause discomfort or illness. Many of the common health problems we routinely see in guinea pigs, such as dental and gastrointestinal ailments, can be prevented by feeding an appropriate diet. Guinea pigs cannot produce Vitamin C themselves, and need a certain balanced diet to keep them energetic and healthy. Guinea pigs teeth continue to grow throughout their lives. Any small problems can therefore become major ones as they grow over time. We can determine if your guinea pig has a dental problem, correct it, and take steps to prevent a recurrence. If your pet is injured or ill, rest assured that we have the tools necessary to diagnose the problem and offer state-of-the-art treatment. From blood testing and radiographs to ultrasound and endoscopy, we have the means to track down your pets’ problems. Once the problem is uncovered we have the expertise, equipment, and the years of experience needed to provide the therapy or surgical procedures required to help our patients. Metro’s staff doctors rotate through our clinic on a regular basis to assure that they are comfortable addressing the problems of our bird and exotic owning clients.

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