Guinea Pig Health News for October 31 2017

Exotic and Laboratory Animals

Clinically, guinea pigs present with large, unilateral swellings in the neck. This antibiotic is “Safe” to give systemically to guinea pigs. This always occurs in winter in guinea pigs kept outside. The affected guinea pig becomes depressed and anorectic. S pneumoniae infections are nearly always associated with middle ear infection and head tilt. This organism is an aggressive pathogen in guinea pigs, causing pneumonia, conjunctivitis, otitis media, abortions, and stillbirths. Rabbits and guinea pigs should not be housed together as pets. Salmonella infections were historically common in guinea pigs in research colonies. It is most likely seen when guinea pigs are kept outside and wild rodents have access to their feed. Chronic dermatitis is a common condition usually seen in obese guinea pigs housed on wire or abrasive floors. Treatment involves housing the affected guinea pig on clean, dry, soft bedding, topical or parenteral administration of antibiotics, and foot bandages as needed. Chlamydial conjunctivitis is one of the most common causes of infectious conjunctivitis in guinea pigs. The organism infects primarily the mucosal epithelium of the conjunctiva and, less frequently, the genital tract of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs develop short-lived immunity to C caviae and, after a short period, may be susceptible to reinfection.

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If you haven’t caught on yet I am a very obsessive person and I worry A LOT! It is not uncommon for me to obsess over something I ate that I think will cause me to gain weight that day. This problem is made worse the days following cheat day. I always obsess about getting back to pre cheat day weight. Even though I already know that typically 3-4 days after cheat day I will be back to pre cheat weight, plus I will still show a loss for the week, I still obsess and drive myself crazy. I thought that I had started to get over that bit of worry and obsession, but then this last cheat day I went all out and jumped up 7.2lbs! I know that this weight is not truly fat, but it still freaked me out. Especially since I had just dropped into the 230’s. I have been worried about wether or not I would fully recover from this last cheat day. Then Sunday night we went out with family and I decided to have an extended cheat day. Then Monday was a pretty good food day, but I still obsessed about wether or not I should eat more or less food than normal to speed up the recovery time. I ended up eating a pretty normal amount of food and came out with a 2.4lb loss that day. I was very pleased with that because that is the kind of loss I often see after a cheat day. Then yesterday I introduced the almond flour bread and convinced myself that was going to cause me to not lose weight or even gain weight that day. Again for no good reason I worried this would halt my progress. So to continue the theme for the day I freaked out and was sure my weight would jump up. I also was freaking out because I for some reason was craving diet soda all day.

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