Guinea Pig Health News for October 30 2017

Guinea Pig: A Path to New Habits

On Saturday, Ruby and I had some tense moments, which resulted in this declaration: “Tomorrow I’m taking the screens away forever.” Like many parents, Kristine and I struggle daily with the first world problem of how much screen time we allow at Fry Lodge. Are these devices hijacking our children’s minds? Are our kids being irreparably harmed by the amount of time they spend staring at screens? Are they getting enough exercise and interactions with real people? These are among the questions that kept me up last night. This morning, Ruby brought me coffee in bed and said she had a proposal in mind. The Fry Family Quartet took a walk. We decided that she will pull together a presentation outlining her case for a guinea pig. It will include: goals, strategies for achieving those goals, ways to measure whether she meets the goals, and a timeline. On the walk, we came up with some strategies to address in her plan: 1) respectful attitudes , 2) clean house and 3) healthy lifestyle. As soon as we finished our walk, Ruby began her PowerPoint presentation.

Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig and Small Animal Rescue

Did you know that if a guinea pig goes longer than 12 hours without eating he can die? It is very important to observe any changes in the behavior of your guinea pig, as they are extremely good at hiding illness! Lack of appetite should be taken seriously. If your piggy is not eating on his own, please refer to this guide. Every guinea pig owner should have an experienced guinea pig veterinarian available to deal with routine exams and illnesses. We also suggest you locate an emergency after-hours facility in your area that has experience with guinea pigs. Should a life-threatening situation occur outside of business hours, you’ll be prepared. While we would like to help any and every guinea pig, financially we are unable to. If you own a sick guinea pig and are unable to pay for the medical expenses, please discuss options or payment plans with your veterinarian’s office. You also might search for charitable agencies set up specifically to help low income households with veterinary expenses.

Guinea Pig Care Guide – Banfield Pet Hospital┬«

Read our Guinea Pig Care Guide, from the veterinarians at Banfield Pet Hospital, and learn about guinea pig food and grooming.

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