Guinea Pig Health News for October 29 2017

Registered Rabbit and Guinea Pig Breeder

I have owned Guinea Pigs and Rabbits for over 20 years and am very passionate about their care and well being, I have always wanted to offer a safe place for small animals to stay while their owners are away,Guinea Pigs and rabbits need more care than just a neighbour popping over once a day to quickly feed and water them. My husband and I have had built a huge colour bond lockable shed, with glass sliding doors, opening windows, skylights and fly screens especially for our own guinea pigs, small rabbits and borders. I Breed and show my rabbits and guinea pigs and have been a registered breeder of both for many years. I have been an active member of the Hobart Cavy Club for 8 years and am also a current member of the Northern Tasmanian Cavy Club , I show my Cavy each month with great success, with many Best in Shows awarded. I am also a current member of Rabbit Breeders Association of Tasmania. Show Cavy need to be specially prepared and a very high level of nutrition fed. Boarding guinea pigs will eat the same mix as my show cavy whilst enjoying their stay and groomed with the same products that I use on my own show Cavy.I have boarded both cavy / rabbits for many years now with long standing regular clients. I have indoor and out door spaces available and all are locked at night or any time I am not at home. To arrange a booking or inspection please phone Kay on 0409006046.

Guinea Pig Farming Study

Johan H. Koeslag The guinea pig is called cuy, cobayo or curi in Spanish. Traditional keeping of guinea pigs About 90% of all families in the rural areas of the Narino highlandskeep guinea pigs. Considerations for improved guinea pig production In 1974 a Dutch bilateral project was started in Narino. The initiative to start up the guinea pig programme was taken by the Regional University and the Dutch project, without much national support. Hardly any knowledge about improved guinea pig production was available in Colombia. To increase the genetic potential of the local guinea pig population, improved Peruvian animals were imported. Guinea pig Droduction is so Drofitable that men became interested too and in some cases they wanted to take over the marketing and keep the money, letting the women do the work! To prevent this as much as possible, an Association of Guinea pig producers was founded. Housing of guinea pigs Guinea pigs should be housed in different pens according to their sex and age. Production costs of a guinea pig for consumption are about 20-25O/o of the selling price so even if the price goes down due to a greater supply. A guinea pig of 3 to 4 months old with a weight of 1 kg costs twice as much as 1 kg beef. An adult guinea pig consumes about 300 to 4009 pre-wilted ryegrass per day. About half a guinea pig per person will be necessary.

Guinea pig ‘R’escue and ‘R’ehome

On the whole Guinea pigs are generally healthy pets, although you do need to monitor their health and handle them regularly. Feet are very delicate in guinea pigs and nails should be checked and trimmed if needed. The most common health problems that I have encountered with guinea pigs are abscesses, mites and eye infections. Mites are easily avoided, they can be picked up by pigs from bedding and hay. If your pig has any crusting or bald patches it is most likely to be mite. I treat all my pigs on a regular basis as a preventative measure. The pig above was found as a stray, and was on pain killers and anti-biotics for secondary infection prescribed by my vet. Infections, usually form from a foreign body in the eye. Gently bathing the eye with warm water may remove it but its usually best to get your vet to check the eye as the pig may also need anti-biotic drops. Cataracts tend to affect older pigs and abysinnian pigs are more prone. They don’t make the guinea pig blind but they do reduce vision. I have had a few pigs with cataracts and they have lived normal lives.

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