Guinea Pig Health News for October 28 2017

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This is the number one reason why small cages are no good. Most guinea pigs that are in these small cages get little to no exercise, as they are not provided with the space that is necessary for exploration and laps. Guinea pigs are unable to remain fit and healthy in a cage that merely allows them to eat, sleep and poop. Like humans, guinea pigs get health related problems due to their weight, like heart disease, diabetes, bladder infections, and respiratory problems. A guinea pig that is confined to a small boring cage, doesn’t have the space to run laps around their cage, popcorn and play with their toys. If you have more then one guinea pig, they can’t really play with each other. A small cage also limits the amount of accessories you can include in their cage, which leads to only the bare minimum being put it, with no room for the good stuff like tunnels. Guinea pigs should have the right to freely move about their cage as they please, with ample amount of toys to keep them occupied, and no restrictions. If you have more then one guinea pig, which you should because they are social animals, each will pick out their own territory. If their is not enough space for the two of them to peacefully co-exist together, then they will fight which could also lead to blood shed, infections, vet bills, and in worse case death. There is a myth that males can not live together, small pet store cages are the cause of this myth. If male guinea pigs are provided with an adequetly sized cage, then they will have no reason to fight.

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Lots of people keep guinea pigs as pets because they are such cute little creatures to have in your home. As it’s always better for cavies to be kept in pairs, the bigger cage the better! Check out our article where we reviewed 7 best cages for a guinea pig. As a rule of thumb, guinea pigs should not be kept with other small species often kept as pets. Being herbivores, a basic guinea pig diet consists of fresh water, unlimited grass hay, a cup or so of vegetables per day for each pet, and good quality cavy pellets. Cost, availability and convenience are also to be factored in: some pet owners strive to provide an all natural diet, but the majority will conveniently include pelleted products specifically produced for guinea pigs. Another way is to return your guinea pigs to the cage rump first. Guinea pigs really need bathing but they do need regular brushing and nail clipping. Most guinea pigs are not too difficult to hold, but when starting out, have a helper hold your guinea pig so you can trim the nails. Hold your guinea pig upright with its back against your body by placing your hand lightly around your guinea pig’s chest. Another option is to gently wrap up your guinea pig’s body and three of its legs in a light towel, leaving one leg free for clipping the nails. If you cut into the quick, the nail will bleed and it will hurt your guinea pig. If your guinea pig has light color or translucent nails, the quick will be visible as the pink part inside the nail.

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The health benefit of exercise for guinea pigs is significant. Like humans, overweight guinea pigs have a higher tendency toward health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, bladder infections, respiratory problems, bumblefoot, and more. A large cage with ample room for exercise can help keep your guinea pig toned and fit. Even if you provide an ample amount of floor time every day, your guinea pigs need to be able to exercise and explore on their own body clocks. Guinea pig activity tends to be an hour “On” and an hour “Off.” Many are particularly active in the morning and evening – not necessarily at times that are convenient for you. Like people, guinea pigs get bored living in the same old small cage hour after hour, day after day, year after year with nothing much to do. If you have two or more non-breeding or same-sex guinea pigs, it helps keep them happy with each other if they have enough room to run and play and to get away from each other when they choose. You can read other people’s experiences in the Testimonials and find out more about how to clean the cage on the cleaning page. An easier to clean cage for you means you’ll love your guinea pigs that much more over the years. Happy guinea pigs are more entertaining and well-adjusted guinea pigs. Healthy guinea pigs means fewer vet visits, worries, and bills. Easy-to-maintain guinea pigs means a happier relationship with your animals.

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