Guinea Pig Health News for October 06 2017

What Can Guinea Pigs Eat

What can Guinea Pigs eat? Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, may be willing to eat anything, but they should only be given a very specific diet. Guinea pigs eat primarily hay, leafy green vegetables, and pellets specifically produced for them. Guinea pigs require plenty of vitamin C in their diets, as they are unable to produce their own. Guinea pigs eat anything put in front of them, but many foods will make them sick; so, the cavy must be fed a carefully curated diet. So what can guinea pigs eat? Below is a list of the key items in a guinea pigs diet. Pet guinea pigs vastly prefer the fresher hay, as it more closely replicates their natural diet and is nutritionally superior. Guinea pigs require a very specific balance of vitamins and minerals, which in turn requires specific vegetables in specific quantities. Guinea pigs eat numerous leafy greens, such as dandelion greens, kale, and arugula. Pet guinea pigs will happily consume many different types of fruit, but too much will cause them to gain weight. While any pet guinea pig would happily eat entire fruits, portions should be limited to two or three slices at a time. Guinea pigs under ten months old should be eating alfalfa-based pellets. They should only be fed things that guinea pigs eat naturally, as well as pellets.

Guinea Pig Tips

Guinea pigs are extremely fragile, and are more prone to illness then other pets. We’ve listed some of the most common health problems in guinea pigs that you may experience Sneezing, Discharge of the Nose Sometimes, your guinea pig can become allergic to his bedding. Despite what some people say, guinea pigs are extremely low maintenance pets, and easy to take care of. Guinea Pigs Nails Your guinea pig’s nails are going to need trimming, or they will get long and painful. Giving your guinea pigs rocks, rough stones, bricks, and other, similar. Most people choose not to breed simply because they don’t have the room for the extra piggies. Others realize that they don’t have the time, or money, to keep the little puppies. Make sure there aren’t too many guinea pig breeders in your area! If there are too many, there’s going a lot of competition,. One Guinea Pig, Two Guinea Pig, Three Guinea Pig, More While one guinea pig is probably enough to keep you entertained and alert, you should put some serious thought into purchasing two guinea pigs or more. Not only are guinea pigs extremely social creatures, they love the company of others.


We board guinea pigs and rabbits and all funds raised go to supporting the rescue. The hutches range from 4ft x 2ft for two guinea pigs, up to 6ft x 2ft for either rabbits or large groups of guinea pigs with either indoor or outdoor accommodation. We also have safe secure exercise runs with lots of tubes etc for them to explore, weather permitting. Our boarding rates are very competitive and includes vegetables, hay, Megazorb bedding, readigrass, nail trim and 24 hour supervision on our premises. We are happy to cater for any special diets and you can even book them in for a bath in luxurious Gorgeous Guineas shampoos while you are away so they go home smelling beautiful. We also have a shop at the Rescue where you can buy a whole host of things for your guinea pigs. We supply hay, megazorb, readigrass, timothy hay, natural treats, Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch, Wagg Optimum and Excel, shampoos, selection of little houses, wooden arches, tubes, water bottles, a large selection of dishes, carry cases, willow and seagrass toys, paper bags, hutch cleaning sprays and much much more.

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