Guinea Pig Health News for October 05 2017

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Guinea Pig Food & Diet Guide

Important Question: What can you feed your pet guinea pig? A proper guinea pig diet will nourish its skin, fur, teeth, energy, and internal health. Your guinea pig will also love fresh fruits and vegetables; just be judicious about handing out fruits as most are high in sugar. If you offer your pet something that he hasn’t seen before in his limited guinea pig diet, it’s possible he won’t eat it. Some guinea pigs are suspicious about any food, and others don’t recognise an unfamiliar food as something edible. Many of them will eat a new food if they see another guinea pig enjoying it. Experts suggest that the first component of a guinea pig diet includes high quality pellets made for guinea pigs, fortified with vitamin C.What to Avoid. Hay is something you should make available to your guinea pig all day long, every day. Timothy hay is the most common in the average guinea pig diet, but look for bluegrass and other soft, pliable types. Every cavy loves a bit of fresh fruit and vegetables-and proper guinea pig diet contains no more than just that bit. As the question is asked quite a bit we want to create a definitive guide for what to feed guinea pigs. So please leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments area below so we can build an accurate “Guinea Pig Food Guide”.

Welcome to K.L.C Cavies

Currently NOT Breeding Due To Having A Baby **Please use my site for information purposes only. I have owned guinea pigs for over 15 years and take alot of pride in the knowledge I have of guinea pigs, Always learning new things and happy to do so. I am a member of the SNCC, The DDRCC The NCC, The Rex Cavy Club & The NHCC. I breed my pigs to improve my lines, quality over quantity. My very first guinea pig was a black and tan sow from pets smart back when I was around 7 years old. Since Dino as she was known passed away i got several pigs all pets and all lived inside. Although very rewarding i wanted to explore the other aspects of cavy care. Rescuing had its ups and downs but every pig rescued has since found a forever home or remained here with me. I decided i wanted to explore the breeding/exhibiting world of cavies and got in contact with a few local breeders who happily showed me the ropes and helped me out at local shows. This is where i met and fell in love with the Rex breed. I have also got a small stud of satin guinea pigs, Im hoping to improve the marking and have my own himalayan marked satins to exhibit. Most of my guinea pigs have partners or live in groups so they never get lonely. I do have a few pigs who are just happy being alone but living next to others.

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