Guinea Pig Health News for November 29 2017

Guinea Pigs with Hair Loss

Hair loss in guinea pigs can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common is hair loss as a result of either the guinea pig itself or another guinea pig chewing on the hair over a period of time. Older guinea pigs or guinea pigs that are higher in the pecking order will commonly chew on the hair of younger guinea pigs to the point where the hair will start to fall out. This allows them to assert their force over these younger guinea pigs. Another reason for hair loss in female guinea pigs is repeated breading. The more times they have bred, the more hair they will lose. There is very little that you can do to reduce hair loss besides stopping them from breading. Usually this will cause little harm to the guinea pig although they may be at a higher risk of infection due to the lack of protection that their hair gives them. Some bacterial infections and diseases can cause hair loss in guinea pigs. Hair loss is far more common in older guinea pigs as it is in younger ones. Ringworm and other parasitic infection have been known to cause hair loss. If you have a younger guinea pig and you notice signs of hair loss a trip to the veternarian is probably in order to pin down the root cause of the hair loss before it is too late.

Guinea pig making low grunting noises?

As an guinea pig owner you should have this as a common knowledge. Grunting or rumbling or vibrating is a vocal signal for many emotions. They have grunt when they feel happy and content or when they are feeling curious. They can also grunt when they are complaining as they don’t like it being touched there. Their complaining grunt is more high pitched than the happy grunt. They are also likely tp grunt when you give them food and leave them alone in their nice cage, they are happiest when eating. As for the backwards motion, its important to know that GPs are preyed on animals by instinct and are naturally scared and timid of a lot of loud noises and sudden movements. They could be scared of you doing something loud that triggers their automatic hiding instincts. Try having a towel or cloth around them when you give them lappies so that when they get scared, they can dig their head and bury their eyes in there. When they hop around periodically and vibrate, its likely that they are popcorning or happy and doing and guinea pig dance. Its characterized by a funny shaking of the head and short jumping into the air. As for the foot she may have a sore has she been walking on wires or something be careful!

Guinea Pig Pregnancy Calculator

Uses an average 68 day gestation period for a Guinea Pig. Guinea Pig gestation periods can generally be anywhere from 63-71 days. The Guinea Pig Pregnancy Calculator is a much simpler process to use than the often-used Guinea Pig Gestation Chart. Without a calculator or chart you had to count the days until your Guinea Pig’s due date. is providing this Guinea Pig pregnancy calculator as a service. It’s meant to help visitors answer the question ‘How Long is a Guinea Pig Pregnant?’. It’s important that you enter the 1st day a Guinea Pig is bred for it to work. Some Guinea Pig breeders will find this tool very helpful. The Gestation Period for a Guinea Pig is approximately 63-71 days from the first breeding until the Guinea Pig is born. The Guinea Pig Gestation Period Calculator above attempts to generalize the estimation of the due date without any additional factors using a 68 day gestation period for a guinea pig. Did you know grass is a guinea pigs natural diet? A guinea pig can have up to five litters per year. A female guinea pig can become pregnant within 6-48 hours after giving birth.

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