Guinea Pig Health News for November 28 2017

Guinea Pig Facts

The most interesting thing I have learned while researching guinea pigs for the past few years is that there are between 9 and 12 different types of breeds. This site provides a great resource for new pig-owners who cannot tell if their guinea pig is excited or scared to death. There’s a variety of noises they make, and not all guinea pigs are the same. Contrary to popular belief, guinea pigs require a lot of space to live in. Since the guinea pig ancestors were foragers, they had lots of room to roam. A lot of resources recommend to give your piggy “Floor time,” meaning time during the day that they can run free in a room in your house. There is a great resource for measuring the required space for your piggies at Guinea Pig Cages Store. This site has really inspired me on building more effective and safe guinea pig cages. Guinea Lynx is a very detailed medical reference guide for guinea pig owners, breeders, and rescue workers. Right now I am the proud mother of two very unique guinea pigs: Sonic and Tails. Throughout the years, I have spoiled him so much that now he and Tails each have 5-8 square feet to live in and “Lap time” daily and “Floor time” weekly. The boys unfortunately did not end up getting along, as Tails was a more dominant personality and constantly acted threatening towards Sonic.

Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue

Guinea pigs need to be rescued for a variety of reasons. For every piggy that finds a loving home, we can rescue another. You will also know for sure the gender of your guinea pig and will be certain that it is not pregnant or sick. You will have a great wealth of guinea pig information at your fingertips! We are always available for advice-We care about how you and your piggies are doing! Our adoption contract requires that our animals will not be bred and will be housed indoors in an appropriate cage. Aquariums are not appropriate housing for Guinea Pigs due to the very small floor space and limited air flow. They need to be provided with daily fresh water, hay, guinea pig pellets, vitamin C, and fresh fruits and vegetables. All of our adoptable guinea pigs are vet checked and treated for any health issues before they are available for adoption. Each guinea pig also comes with a helpful starter kit. The fee helps us with food, bedding, Veterinary care and medicines. Thanks to Dr. Sherrie of Lovell Animal Hospital and Dr. Baine of Avain and Exotic Veterinary Service of Knoxville for taking such good care of our guinea pigs! If you are interested in adopting a guinea pig or two, please fill out our adoption application and email us your completed form.

Skinny Pig: The Hairless Guinea Pig

Since their initial domestication around five millennia BC, several guinea pig breeds have been developed. While not nearly as diverse as dogs or cats, there are at least eighteen recognized breeds of guinea pigs. Here I’ll be talking about a very peculiar one: The Skinny Pig. One thing that makes this hairless guinea pig breed peculiar is that they do not look anything like their wild counterparts. If you have never seen a skinny before, you might think it was another animal. Skinny pigs were created in laboratories in 1978, as a result of crossing haired guinea pigs with a hairless lab strain. If you have both regular pigs and a skinny, you might notice that your skinny feels much warmer than your regular guinea pig. While caring for a skinny is not very different from regular guinea pig care, their lack of hair give Skinnies a number of special needs that their owners need to take care of. During winter, a Skinny pig’s skin tends to get dry and chapped. Finally, like regular guinea pigs, they need to be provided with fresh water and unlimited hay, as well as Vitamin C fortified pellets and fresh vegetables daily. Summary Skinny pigs were created partly by accident in a lab. They are mostly hairless, unlike regular guinea pigs.

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