Guinea Pig Health News for November 27 2017

Hairless Guinea Pig Sales

What is a skinny pig? What is a skinny pig gene carrier? A skinny pig is a type of hairless guinea pig. A skinny pig gene carrier is a haired guinea pig that carriers the skinny pig gene, and can be bred to a skinny pig to produce a litter of piggies, some of which are usually hairless. Why don’t they have any hair? In 1978, a spontaneous genetic mutation in guinea pigs arose in a lab that produced hairless guinea pigs. Haired skinny pig gene carriers may have fewer allergens than normal guinea pigs, but we cannot guarantee that they are hypoallergenic, since they do have hair. How is their demeanor? Guinea pigs are very sociable animals and love attention. Is it okay to only have one guinea pig or will it get lonely? Guinea pigs thrive when they are placed in groups, rather than living alone. How much does it cost to take care of a guinea pig? For two guinea pigs, we spend about $12/month on litter and about $8/month on food. How big should their cage be? One guinea pig needs 7 sq ft, and 2 guinea pigs need 8 sq ft. Guinea pigs need room to have a protective house as well as room to run and play in their cage. Creating your guinea pig habitat is a great experience! One guinea pig needs a “Habitat” or cage that is at least 7 sq ft, and 2 need at least 8 sq ft. Add a food dish and water bottle and you’re all set! If you would like more creative ideas for cages, toys, and creating your guinea pig habitat. Every 2 to 4 weeks, you should bathe your hairless skinny pig.

In Switzerland It Is Illegal To Own Just One Guinea Pig

Guinea pig are tiny sociable rodents that cannot bear being lonely. That is why in Switzerland they have an unusual animal welfare law that prohibits guinea pig owners from keeping the tiny furry rodents on their own. Priska Kung, a swiss animal lover, runs a ‘rent-a-guinea pig’ service to provide companion to lonely guinea pigs that have recently lost their partners. She house around 80 guinea pigs in the village of Hadlikon, 30 kilometers from Zurich. Kung, a teacher by profession, is the founder and the president of IG Meerschweinchen, one of Switzerland’s guinea pig associations. At the age of 2, she got her first guinea pig and she started breeding them when she was 12. “It’s a hobby that costs me more money than I earn from it,” says Kung. Kung claims that filing a guinea pig for rent is not easy. Even though guinea pigs are famous for their friendly characteristics they can be choosy about who they stay with. That is why she ensures both of the guinea pigs match before she rent them out. “It’s important that none of the rental guinea pigs just keep getting passed on,” says Küng. “If an animal has been hired out once, it either stays with me for the rest of its life or it moves somewhere else for good.” Thanks to Kung’s ‘rent-a-guinea pig’ service guinea pig owners doesn’t need to purchase younger guinea pig and get stuck in a never ending circle of purchasing new guinea pig every time the old one dies.

How To Take Care of A Very Young Baby Pig

Many times I have had inquiries on what to do with a baby pig that is for one reason or another without a real Mom. It is possible to do it even on new born’s, but the odds are fifty-fifty with those very young babies. We do not bottle feed here as for one thing there is not that time available and two, we want to know exactly what goes in and a baby that eats on his own from a flat pan will not aspirate the food into his lungs as easily. The most important thing to remember is that these babies need to be warm, very warm. Baby pigs cannot produce their own heat when they are born so by keeping them warm we are saving the energy that they would have to use for this purpose. We have taught even 12 hour old babies how to eat out of a dish this way. A baby pig won’t take much at one time so they need to be fed often when very young. We start adding Gerber’s rice baby cereal at about three days, making it very liquid at first then gradually increasing the cereal as we go along. Nothing will kill a baby pig any quicker than bad diarrhea. Baby pigs born outside don’t need iron as they get it from the dirt as they go along. The less you put into this baby that isn’t necessary the better off he will be. All babies will try you at some point in their life and to think that a hand raised baby will be worse than a sow fed baby is just not been proved to our satisfaction.

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