Guinea Pig Health News for November 25 2017

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Guinea Pig Family

Rather than kidnap people off the street, or experiment on himself, this one chooses to use his family as guinea pigs. It’s not exactly known if he continues to experiment on her, but Huey does refer to her as a guinea pig on a regular basis. Watabe’s experiments grant her considerable power – at the cost of her powers being uncontrollable while in certain mental states, capable of damaging her own health if she uses them too much, and the sprinklers that went off whenever she lost control during experiments and set the room on fire gave her a crippling fear of rain. Cyborg 009’s Ivan Whiskey was experimented on by his Mad Scientist father Gamo and turned into Cyborg 001, a powerful psychic. It’s unclear as to how much of an experiment it was, but given that he had full access to his and Carla’s adoptive daughter Mikasa but doesn’t seem to have done anything with her, he seems to have decided to keep it in the family. Mimic, an early X-Men villain got his powers either a.) his father experimenting on him to develop superpowers or b.) his father experimenting on him to activate his mutant powers. There was also some overlap with Professor Guinea Pig, as his father had initially been experimenting on himself, and some of the resulting mutations were passed on to Bruce. In The Mortal Instruments, Valentine experimented on his own children in the womb to create better Shadowhunters. Sandpaper Kiss: The press and the narrator keep on speculating why Dr Faulkner would experiment on his own wife and daughter, and the public thinks he’s a monster. Ravenloft: The first human to be subjected to Frantisek Markov’s deranged surgical experiments was his own wife, Ludmilla. Caulder/Stolos’ family in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin were an experiment in human cloning, and his son Cyrus a Guinea Pig for Grand Theft Me on top of it. Whateley Universe: while such experiments are disturbingly common, the most notable example is an inversion: when the Bell Witch dunked an infant Nacht into the Erebos, not only was it a magical experiment rather than a scientific one, Kate wasn’t her child at all; she’d just kidnapped some kid, figuring that dropping her into a place of utter darkness would kill her, but when she not only survived but displayed power over the Erebos, she adopted the child and used her in her schemes.

Guinea Pig FAQ, Version 1.2.2

Archive-name: pets/guinea-pig-faq Posting-Frequency: monthly Version: 1.2.2 This is the seventh posted version of the guinea pig FAQ. A current version of this FAQ can be found: * In the newsgroups rec. Why would I want a guinea pig? As far as small pets go, guinea pigs are among the easiest to care for, and also rate high on the cuddliness scale. Where do I get a guinea pig? There are basically four places to get guinea pigs – from a breeder, from a pet store, from an ordinary guinea-pig owner who has had a litter of small guinea pigs, or from an animal shelter. Do check out your local animal shelter to see if they have guinea pigs – you may be able to find a lovable pet and save a guinea pig at the same time. If you go to pick him up and he shows very little interest in the procedure, there’s something wrong- a healthy guinea pig will usually either run away from your hand or investigate it. What should I feed my guinea pig? A guinea pig’s main diet should consist of dried timothy hay, supplemented by pellets and fresh vegetables. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your guinea pig, or are gone for much of the day, your guinea pig may be a lot happier if you get him or her a friend. There are no known health reasons to neuter a male guinea pig, although I hear that it can reduce their sex drive and cause them to stop mounting female guinea pigs, if that is an issue. Is this serious? First of all, if there’s any doubt about the nature of the disease, take your guinea pig to a veterinarian right away! See the previous section for techniques for finding a good guinea pig vet. What can I do? It’s normal for a guinea pig to be afraid of you at first, and some guinea pigs, depending on personality, are always a little shy. Where else can I get information about guinea pigs? If you want more information of a rather technical sort about guinea pig health, you can try Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs by V.C.G. Richardson. In addition to containing some documents with information about guinea pigs, it has an archive of all the guinea pig related posts on rec.

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