Guinea Pig Health News for January 01 2018

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Guinea Pig Dry Foods

Not only does my piggie love it, it’s one of the best foods out there. Corn in guinea pig food is just like corn in cat or dog food: a filler with no nutritional value. Though a mixture, it does not have the treat pieces found in other foods. The Bonanza version of LM’s dry food is a nice surprise. While I am usually a fan of Vitakraft products, this guinea pig food is a let-down. An alfalfa-based mixture food with high corn content and relatively-low Vitamin C content. A pelleted, timothy-based food with an unfortunate low Vitamin C content. While there are no treats mixed in, my worry is the preservative ethoxyquin, one of the most debated preservatives used in dog foods. A mixture food with tons of alfalfa, low vitamin content, and lots of treats and crunchy bits for your piggie to sift through, this food affords for a picky piggie. Often pet stores will buy various foods in bulk, package them themselves in plastic bags, and sell it. Guinea pig dry food is sometimes labeled as Gerty Guinea Pig. From the long time it sits on the shelf and the air exposure, the vitamin content goes down quickly and the food becomes stale.

Marty the CyberPig

Guinea pigs have compact bodies and flat faces, and all teeth are open rooted. Male guinea pigs are called boars and females are called sows. Guinea pigs orphaned during the first four days of life may be given ground guinea pig pellets soaked in cow’s milk. Grabbing a guinea pig over its back may inhibit respiratory movements. Guinea pigs are strict herbivores and cecal fermenters, as are rabbits and horses. Guinea pigs should be fed a feed prepared specifically for the species. A commercial pelleted guinea pig diet containing 18 to 20 % protein, 4 % fat and 16 % fiber is highly recommended. Rabbit pellets are NOT the same, and should not be given to guinea pigs. Common problems in guinea pigs include vitamin C deficiency, respiratory infections, abscess, skin mites, overgrowth of premolar teeth, cystitis and bladder stones. Kidney disease: Often terminal, common in older guinea pigs. A few organisms that infect or inhabit guinea pigs are potentially zoonotic, but these organisms are seldom associated with human disease. Allergy to guinea pig dander is another frequently reported condition in people handling guinea pigs.

Hartz Bonanza® Guinea Pig Diet

Hartz Bonanza® Health & Vitality Blendâ„¢ Guinea Pig Diet is a delicious and healthy blend of Timothy Hay pellets, guinea pig pellets, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Formulated based on the food preferences of pet guinea pigs, our blend of carefully selected ingredients delivers flavor, variety and complete nutrition. Scientifically formulated to provide the nutrients your pet guinea pig needs. Hartz Bonanza® Health & Vitality Blendâ„¢ Guinea Pig Diet contains optimal levels of protein, fat and fiber to help your pet guinea pig maintain a healthy weight and digestive health. Omega-6 fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and a soft shiny coat. Feeding Instructions:Feed 1/8 to 1/4 cup in a clean bowl every day. Tips:For best results when introducing a new food, begin with a mixture of current and new food to allow time for. Gradually increase the amount of new food for 7-10 days. Offering Hartz Bonanza® Treat Sticks is a healthy and easy way to add variety to your pet’s diet. Fun, tasty and nutritious, your small animal will love them!

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