Guinea Pig Health News for December 31 2017


Guinea pigs are prey animals with survival instincts to hide illness or discomfort so guinea pig overall health issues and illnesses are generally not apparent correct up till their sophisticated stages. Cavies do far much better in cages with strong floors. This is just a single of men and women guinea pig overall health circumstances which is effortless to safeguard against. Just get cages for your pet with trustworthy flooring. Guinea pigs actually feed very regularly so a frequent supply of hay or other foods is encouraged. Neither cavies or people are prepared to make their individual vitamin C when most mammals do. Like people stripped of vitamin C they will get scurvy which can be deadly to cavies. They want to get their C from fruit like apples or greens like cage, spinach, celery and carrots or a every single day overall health supplement. Cavies do not do effectively with unexpected alterations in diet plan regime and in reality could even cease consuming and starve. If your pet is scratching excessively he may possibly possibly have a parasite. You will also have to have to cleanse and disinfect the cage. With most guinea pig problems it&#39s really greatest to think about your pet to the vet if feasible just a single who specializes in exotic animals.

Guinea Pig Health Guide

HousingPurchasing a guinea pig from a breeder is preferred. Each guinea pig requires about four square feet of floor space. Health The most common illnesses for guinea pigs are pneumonia and malnutrition. If your guinea pig is experiencing and symptoms of illness such as sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, lethargy, constant itching or other, get them to the veterinarian without delay. Guinea pig toenails need to be clipped once a month. Guinea Pig Breeds Recognized guinea pig breeds with pictures for identification: Abyssinian Guinea Pig :Swirly, rough an wiry hair in rosettes. American Guinea Pig:The most common guinea pig, also known as the English Guinea Pig. Peruvian Guinea Pig: Long, soft hair that requires brushing every day. Silkie Guinea Pig: Long-haired guinea pigs that parts over the face. HtmlTons of information on guinea pigs to provide care and help guinea pigs lead happier, healthier lives, and owners to take care of them. HtmDetailed information about guinea pig care including: a list of nutritious vegetable choices to feed your guinea pig, common vegetables that are poisonous to guinea pigs; and guinea pig facts. AspGreat site for guinea pig owners or anyone who is considering becoming an owner.

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You just can’t avoid some of the common health issues of the guinea pigs. These teeth can be filled, but the guinea pig will have to be anesthetized. If a guinea pig has cervical abscess, he will experience discharges from the neck or jaws. If a guinea pig experiences a thick discharge from the nostrils and have watery eyes, he might have a congested nose. If not treated within 2 days from the time the signs shown, a guinea pig may die. Yes, guinea pigs may groom themselves and their companions. Since guinea pigs groom themselves using their incisor teeth, it is common for them to have matter hair. In some instances, guinea pigs may experience swollen lumps on the skin, which may rupture and produce a grayish or white substance. According to studies, both male and female guinea pigs may be at risk for mammary tumors, which are abnormal growths that show up in the hind legs. Guinea pigs may become overweight when given unlimited pellets. These health issues can be prevented if the guinea pig is in a clean environment like a guinea pig cage. Always remember to keep an eye on your guinea pigs to avoid further development of any of these health issues.

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