Guinea Pig Health News for December 23 2017

How to Care for Guinea Pigs

Provide the guinea pig with a few inches of bedding made of paper. Take caution because paper holds smell, and be sure to change it at least twice every week or more often if you live in a humid area. Make sure to never use cedar or pine bedding, as it can cause respiratory problems. Aspen is usually alright, but be sure to air it out if it seems especially odorous. You can use a soft fleece blanket with a UHaul pad or other absorbent layer underneath to absorb everything without having to clean off bedding from your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Health Archives

There are many types of dry feed available on the market for Guinea Pigs, but the best is the complete nugget style rather than the muesli. Guinea Pigs will eat the bits they like out of the muesli and are therefore in danger of not.

Being A Guinea Pig For Science Can Be A Long, Slow Slog – NPR

Health News From NPR. Your Health; Treatments & Tests; Health Inc. Policy-ish; Public Health; Twitter; Treatments. Being A Guinea Pig For Science Can Be A …

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