Guinea Pig Health News for December 22 2017

Things to Avoid to Keep Your Guinea Pigs Healthy

Things to avoid to keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy 🙂 â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹â—‹…

How to Care for a Pregnant Guinea Pig

Intervene yourself with the pups only when absolutely necessary. Occasionally, with large litters, if the pups emerge too quickly, the mother will not have time to break the amniotic sac herself. In these cases, and only if you are sure the mother will not do it herself, carefully pick up the pup with a clean towel and remove the sac yourself, clearing any fluid from the face. Do not use your fingers or nails as you could accidentally scratch the pup’s eyes. Whilst a pup becoming stuck in the birth canal or born breech is common, never intervene yourself. Only a skilled and experienced veterinarian should attempt to manipulate the position of pups before they are born.

Oxbow Animal Health

Providing high quality hay is one of your most important responsibilities as the caretaker of a small herbivore. Whether you’re a first-time pet parent, or an experienced pet caretaker, selecting the right hay to meet your animals’ needs can be an intimidating process. This guide is designed to make the hay selection process as easy and enjoyable as possible. From understanding di erences between types of hay and hay cuttings, to helpful tips for evaluating and selecting premium hay, we hope this guide will help you increase your knowledge and confidence when it comes to selecting hay for your pets.

While you should provide your pet with a quality commercial guinea pig food, he needs more than that to thrive. Guinea pigs always should have a supply of good timothy or grass hay to chew on. The hay fiber not only keeps the intestinal tract moving, but it helps wear down the cavy’s continuously growing teeth. Offer your pet small amounts of fresh lettuce, kale or spinach daily, removing any uneaten food by the next day. Guinea pigs appreciate small fruit treats, such as blueberries or apples, a few times a week. Your guinea pig should always have fresh water available.

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