Guinea Pig Health News for December 19 2017

Guinea Pig Care

As well as feeding, grooming and keeping their environment clean, it is an essential part of daily care to keep an eye on your guinea pig’s health. You should perform a specific health check on your guinea pig each week in addition to daily care. In some cases, such as stress, your guinea pig will develop signs of an infection. Your guinea pig may also need antibiotics to treat any underlying infection. All guinea pigs can receive accidental injuries whether it’s from a fall or altercations with other pets including their fellow guinea pig mates. Check your guinea pig more frequently and be very gentle when looking for signs of injury. Guinea pigs should always have fresh water, a clean supply of grass hay, fresh vegetables and a quality supply of food designed for guinea pigs. Grooming your guinea pig is an essential part of the regular care routine and gives you both an opportunity to bond. Handling your guinea pig whilst grooming keeps them used to human contact and also makes health checks and trips to the vet far easier to manage. Grooming time is a great way to perform your routine health checks whilst enjoying some quality time with your guinea pig. The average life expectancy of a guinea pig is between 5 and 7 years and, as they approach old age you can expect your pet to experience changes. You can purchase pet insurance for your guinea pig from as little as £5 per month which can help meet the cost of any unexpected treatments from injuries as well as pay towards any ongoing treatments.

Guinea Pig Care, Guinea Pig Breeds

Abyssinian Guinea Pig – Abyssinian Satin Guinea Pig:These guinea pigs have swirls of hair that resemble cow-licks, called rosettes. American Guinea Pig – American Satin Guinea Pig:These are the most common guinea pig with fine, short, glossy hair. Peruvian Guinea Pig – Peruvian Satin Guinea Pig: With long, soft hair, these guinea pigs take more time and dedication to care for since daily brushings are needed. Silkie Guinea Pig – Silkie Satin Guinea Pig: As mutations of the Peruvian, these are also long-haired guinea pigs, only without hair growing over the eyes. Teddy Guinea Pig – Teddy Satin Guinea Pig:These guinea pigs have short kinky hair that is similar to that of teddy bears. Coronet Satin Guinea PigA variety of the Coronet Guinea Pig with a ‘satin’ coat. Texel Satin Guinea PigA variety of the Texel Guinea Pig with a ‘satin’ coat. Purchasing a Guinea Pig: You can readily find cute guinea pigs for sale, or you can adopt a guinea pig. A young guinea pig, about 5 to 8 weeks old and completely weaned from its mother can be ideal, but even an older pet guinea pig can make a good companion. Guinea pigs are great companions for children, and though it is okay to have only one as long as it is given a lot of attention, they will do best with another guinea pig companion. A kick from a hyper rabbit can harm or even kill a guinea pig, and sometimes a guinea pig will nuzzle the rabbit’s fur creating bald spots. Availability: You can easily find cute guinea pigs for sale, or you can adopt a guinea pig.

Guinea pig health –

That’s why it’s important to learn as much as you can about guinea pig health. Once you get your guinea pig, you should make sure you find a nearby veterinarian with knowledge of guinea pig health that you can quickly visit should there be a need or emergency. Guinea pig health issue: Difficulty Breathing, rattling in the lungs or wheezing while breathing. Guinea pig health issue: Leaning head to one side or having problems walking. Guinea pig health issue: Milky white urine, squealing while urinating or blood in urine. Are you feeding your guinea pig alfalfa hay? Alfalfa hay is good for pregnant guinea pigs and growing babies but may have too much calcium, which can unfortunately cause guinea pig bladder stones. If your guinea pig squeals while urinating, or there is blood in the urine, take your cavy to your vet as your guinea pig may have painful kidney stones. Does your guinea pig seem overly tired or sluggish? This is a sign they are your guinea pig’s health is not so good and you will need to do some investigating to see what might be the cause. Guinea pig health issue: Sneezing, sniffles or runny nose. If not, you will need to take your guinea pig to the vet. If your piggies’ eyes are too watery, it could be that the guinea pig has dust in its eye or suffered an injury like a poke in the eye with hay. Guinea Lynx is a great, comprehensive and online medical guide for the care of guinea pigs.

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