Guinea Pig Health News for April 25 2017

Royal Dandies, the smallest miniature pot bellied pigs in the U.S. also known as small pigs, potbellied pigs or potbelly pigs

We have combined small, intelligent, social, and affectionate miniature pigs to create a consistently small, extremely healthy pet pig with good conformation, wonderful personality and a funny sense of humor! The Extremes are ten generations smaller in size than the Royal Dandie Miniature Pot Bellied Pigs. Pot bellied pigs and other miniature pigs do not need to have large jowls, stomachs that drag the ground or fat rolls that cover their eyes. We have bred small pigs with small pigs for many generations and bring in outside genetics often to produce very healthy and happy piglets. Most Pot Bellied Pigs chows are not recommended for Dandies as they are not designed for their small size and specific needs.

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Intervet South Africa is dedicated to the research and development, production and marketing of innovative, high quality animal health products. Ou

A Description and Recipes of the Traditional Andean Entree Cuy

Travel in the highlands of Inca country, and you’re likely to be offered cuy, a traditional Andean entree, on the menu. The taste is compared to rabbit, thought delicious, and though difficult to accept for people in other countries who regard guinea pigs as pets, the cuy is a staple of Andean cuisine. They are called “Cuy” for the sound they make cuy, cuy. In the Huancayo region, the cuy is preferred fried with a sauce of pepper and achiote. Cuys are available in the markets, already skinned and cleaned, but many recipes begin with instructions to skin the cuy in hot water, then remove the internal organs and cleanse well in salted water.

Last updated: 22 November 2016 What is brucellosis? Brucellosis is an infection caused by the bacterium Brucella that is spread to humans from infected animals. How is it spread? In Australia, people may become infected through: direct contact with tissues or body fluids of an infected animal – the risk is greatest when a person has skin cuts or grazes that come into contact with infected tissues and body fluids like blood, urine, vaginal discharges, birth products and aborted foetuses eating undercooked meat from an infected animal Additionally travellers to countries where brucellosis is more common may become infected through consuming unpasteurised dairy products or undercooked meat from an infected animal Uncommonly, the bacteria can be inhaled and cause disease, such as in laboratory workers who work with Brucella cultures. People travelling to areas where brucellosis is common and who consume raw/unpasteurised dairy products or come into contact with infected animals. Rarely people may become infected after eating imported foods made from raw animal products in countries where brucellosis occurs in animals. If brucellosis is acquired in NSW or if a domestic animal is infected, the NSW DPI may be consulted to help control the spread of infection in animal populations.

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