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Guinea Pig Diet

Grass hay provides the fiber guinea pigs need for digestion and helps grind their constantly growing teeth. A diet containing a large amount of calcium can cause stones to form in a guinea pig. To reduce the likelihood of a stone forming, guinea pigs should be provided with unlimited mixed grass or timothy hay. Alfalfa hay may be provided in addition to mixed grass to pregnant or nursing guinea pigs, who need the extra calcium for the development of their pups, or to guinea pigs younger than 6 months, who need the extra calcium for development. Check with your exotic vet if you have a pregnant, nursing, or very young guinea pig on proper nutrition. Please make sure that you don’t have allergies that would interfere with providing grass hay and/or keeping the guinea pig before adopting. Guinea pigs should be given a pellet based food – about 1/8 cup per guinea pig per day (for pregnant, nursing, or guinea pigs 6 months or less, pellets should be available at all times even if this means feeding more than 1/8 cup per day). Guinea pigs 6 months or less need the extra calcium for development; guinea pigs over 6 months don’t. Guinea pigs unfortunately do not make their own vitamin C and rely on getting it from their diet. The pellets, vegetables, and fruits guinea pigs consume contain vitamin C. It is a good idea to provide guinea pigs with supplemental vitamin C, especially older guinea pigs who often don’t absorb nutrients as well and sick guinea pigs who need the vitamin C for recovery. They need to go right in the mouth so you need a cooperative guinea pig. The sweetener covers up the bitter taste of vitamin C. Without it, you likely wouldn’t get your guinea pigs to take liquid C. Administration of liquid C gets your guinea pigs used to taking liquids by oral syringe, which makes future administration of medicines easier.

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Source: http://mgpr.org/newsite/GP_Info/Guinea%20Pig%20Diet.htm

Care of Guinea Pigs Introduction Guinea pig is the common name for a cavy. The guinea pig neither comes from Guinea, nor is it a pig. Guinea pigs make good pets for a variety of reasons. If you are planning to buy two or more guinea pigs so that they might keep each other company, remember that two adult males will not tolerate each other’s company and housing them together can lead to fighting, resource hoarding and eventually death for the submissive, weaker guinea pig. Remember, guinea pigs are quite precocious and can start breeding as young as 4-6 weeks of age unless you want lots of guinea pigs, it is best to get either the male or female or both guinea pigs neutered if you are housing a male and a female together. Bedding in guinea pig cages serves three purposes: it is the litter box, it serves as a substrate in which the guinea pig may nest and burrow, and it provides a soft surface on which to walk. Guinea pig pellets are also an important part of your guinea pig’s diet. Supplementing your guinea pig’s diet with fresh vegetables and fruits will help prevent boredom, as well as make sure that your guinea pig ‘s diet is optimum. Respiratory infections can quickly lead to pneumonia in a guinea pig and guinea pigs with these signs should be seen by a veterinarian. Never house Guinea pigs and rabbits in the same hutch, and limit dog/guinea pig interactions. Reproduction Most people who buy guinea pigs for pets aren’t buying them to breed guinea pigs unfortunately, sometimes the pet stores unknowingly sell pregnant females. Any person considering a guinea pig as a pet should spend some time around guinea pigs before adopting them.

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Source: https://vet.purdue.edu/vth/sacp/documents/CareofGuineaPigs_001.pdf

How To Care for Guinea Pigs

You know what often happens next: The guinea pig is brought to your shelter, in need of special attention because his owners failed to give him proper care. Like rabbits, ferrets, and other small domesticated mammals, guinea pigs require an environment and treatment distinct from dogs and cats. Ideally, guinea pigs should be kept with other small mammals in a room away from cats and dogs. If your shelter lacks a separate space, you can house guinea pigs in the cat room, but set up your caging so they do not have to face cats. Even though their stay with you will be temporary, guinea pigs housed in larger cages are more likely to be active, and thus more likely to attract prospective adopters. Use plenty of lining materialshredded ink-free paper or commercial nesting materials available at pet-supply stores, for examplebecause guinea pigs will use the material as both bedding and bathroom. Guinea pigs are easily stressed, so they require careful handling. Guinea pigs try their best to keep clean, fastidiously grooming themselves with their front teeth, tongue, and back claws. Because their cage lining doubles as bedding and toilet, guinea pigs require daily housekeeping assistance. Guinea pigs are happiest when with other guinea pigs, so many pet care books urge owners to keep two or more together. Don’t cage multiple guinea pigs together at your facility until you’ve resolved issues such as disease transmission and compatibility and verified that the pigs are the same sex. One final note about placing guinea pigs: Many parents select a guinea pig as a first pet for their child, believing a small pet needs only a small amount of care.

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Source: https://www.petfinder.com/pet-care/small-and-furry-care/care-guinea-pigs/

We Pigs News for 04-05-2018

all about guinea pig health checks

Guinea Pigs May Be Giving People Salmonella, the CDC Says

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday issued an icky warning about pet guinea pigs: they may be spreading salmonella. The CDC has identified nine people who became sick due to a strain of salmonella bacteria that can likely be traced back to contact with pet guinea pigs, according to a report from the agency. The cases affect residents of eight different states and were reported between July 2015 and December 2017. One person was hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported. Salmonella is a serious bacterial infection that results in gastrointestinal distress and can develop into a life-threatening condition if infection spreads beyond the intestines, according to the CDC. It is typically contracted by eating contaminated food or water, but rodents can also carry and transmit strains of the bacteria, even when they’re kept as domesticated pets. Of seven patients interviewed by the CDC, four said they had been in contact with pet guinea pigs in the week before showing symptoms. Genome sequencing also showed that the strain responsible for the outbreak was similar to bacteria collected from a guinea pig belonging to one of the sick people, pointing to a link between the animals and the disease’s spread. While the last case in the outbreak was reported in December, the CDC reminds guinea pig owners to wash their hands after any contact with the pets or their habitats, to avoid playing with the rodents in a manner that could cause bites and to clean pet cages and supplies outside, if possible. Families with children younger than five, pregnant women and elderly adults also shouldn’t have pet rodents because of the risk of infection, according to the report. Guinea pigs are only the latest probable source of a salmonella outbreak. In the past few months, the herbal supplement kratom, chicken salad and dog food have all been blamed for spreading the infection.

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Source: http://time.com/5188526/guinea-pigs-salmonella/

Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Organizations devoted to competitive breeding of guinea pigs have been formed worldwide, and a large number of specialized breeds of guinea pig, with varying coat colors and compositions, are cultivated by breeders. Taking care in choosing your guinea pig and its possible companions is the first, and possibly the most important, step in keeping guinea pigs. If you are not confident in sexing guinea pigs, buy/adopt whatever guinea pigs you so desire, and then take it to your vet or a cavy-specific rescue to have its gender confirmed before introducing them at all. Guinea pigs are very gentle, and even untamed guinea pigs will not bite unless you are causing them pain or they have been abused in the past. Even a guinea pig physically protected from a predator may suffer from the ill effects of stress from the presence of a predator. A pet store cage is nowhere near adequate size for a happy guinea pig, and will cost in upwards of $45-50. Wild cavy species and feral guinea pigs naturally use dens made by other animals, and all domestic guinea pigs should be provided a safe place to hide in. If you have more than one guinea pig, having both an entrance and an exit to any hiding places can prevent fights between cornered guinea pigs. Alfalfa hay can be fed to guinea pigs younger than 6 months, but should not be fed to older guinea pigs other than the occasional treat. Before you bringing home your new guinea pig, you should locate your nearest veterinarian, and go in to the practice to pick up any leaflets or advice sheets on basic first aid for guineas. There are cases of guinea pigs getting along with them, and often as not cats may not know what to think of a guinea pig or even be scared of it. Cohousing of guinea pigs with other rodents such as gerbils, rats and hamsters may increase instances of respiratory and other infections, and such rodents may act aggressively towards the guinea pig.

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Source: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Animal_Care/Guinea_pig

Tips and advice on the health of your guinea pig

It is full of tips and advice on caring for guinea pigs – read on! Guinea pigs should not be kept with rabbits as rabbits can pass on diseases to guinea pigs. Their digestive system requires lots of grass or hay as guinea pig food in order to function properly. Guinea pigs also require vitamin C in their diet as their bodies are unable to make it, they can get this from grass and leafy greens such as kale and broccoli or grass based commercial guinea pig pellets. Guinea pigs’ teeth grow continuously throughout their life and need to be worn down and kept at the correct length and shape by eating grass, hay and leafy green plants. This procedure requires the guinea pig to come into the vets for a day and normally they can go home the same evening. This can be passed onto people so if you suspect your guinea pig may be suffering from ringworm please take them to see a vet and make sure you wash your hands well after handling. These can occur because the guinea pigs teeth grow continually and if teeth are not being worm down by grass/hay they can develop small spurs on the teeth with can cause discomfort, pain and damage to the tongue and cheek. If you notice that your guinea pig is not eating normally or if you would like your pets teeth checked please take them to see a vet. A good diet, a clean environment, regular handling and prompt veterinary attention are the mainstays of good guinea pig care. If you have any concerns about your guinea pig, or just a question regarding their care, always call 01323 640011, or use the contact form on this website. This guinea pig health guide, full of tips and advice on the ideal care of guinea pigs, is provided by St. Anne’s veterinary group which serves the pets and owners of East Sussex through it’s surgeries in Eastbourne, Langney, Willingdon and East Dean and at their homes with the ‘My Visiting Vet’ service.

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Source: https://stannesvets.co.uk/guinea-pig-health-tips-advice.html.html

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Supporting the production of safe, high-quality pork. Increasing consumer demand for pork meat not only requires the prevention and control of swine diseases, but also providing solutions to ensure sustainable production of safe, high-quality pork. Merck Animal Health provides an extensive range of products and services to improve the health of pigs and sustain their well-being. Our veterinary experts and researchers work closely with veterinarians to support pork producers in managing their businesses. Below are a few of our key products and services related to swine.

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Source: http://www.merck-animal-health.com/species/pigs

Health Care Bay of Pigs? – Cervantes

President Obama is getting a clear message from his allies that he may have to scale back his health care goals in order to win passage from Congress. Mr. Patrick recently had to impose cuts in the program, which has seen large cost overruns. Concern about the floundering Obama health care plan is rooted in memories of HillaryCare, the Clinton administration’s bold attempt to remake health care in 1993. First Lady Hillary Clinton was offered several compromise solutions that would have gotten her much, but not all, of what she wanted.

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Source: https://abluteau.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/health-care-bay-of-pigs

C&C Guinea Pig Cages

This correx is dented and or marked but in no way affects the function of the cage. To order a cage with ‘seconds’ correx and receive a £10 discount please add a note to the ‘notes’ section on the order page and I will refund £10. Large custom made C&C cages now available in the UK. These kits include everything you need for the complete cage: correx, connectors, ties and ramps. For the health and well-being of your guinea pigs, these spacious, open cages provide a great home for your pets and allow them to exercise as they please.

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Office of Communications and Marketing

Each tree that occupies Auburn University’s canopy has a story of its own. From freezing winters to scorching summers, the more than 8,500 trees in the university’s core area, plus those outside it, comprise more than 120 species. Each tree contributes to making the campus’ 600 acres some of the loveliest in the southeast-and each tree was a part of Auburn recently earning its ninth consecutive Tree Campus USA designation from the Arbor Day Foundation.

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guinea pig house

eBay determina este precio a través de un modelo automatizado generado con los precios de venta del producto en los últimos 90 días. eBay determina el precio promedio mediante un modelo automatizado de precios de artículos calculado en los últimos 90 días. Vendedor sobresalienteVendedores con las valoraciones más altas. Envíos en un día hábil con seguimiento. Más información Vendedor sobresalienteVendedores con las valoraciones más altas.

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broken leg guinea pig

She was like a guinea pig and now, 8 years after, she is living with side effects that have never gone : hypotension, fainding every day, unbearable headaches, kidney pyelonephritis every months, and an exhausting fatigue that keep her in her bed sometimes several days, where she can hardly eat alone. She was so full of life, making car races, flying planes, being a model for photographes, and photographer herself.

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Source: http://healthquestions.medhelp.org/broken-leg-guinea-pig

The Guinea Pig – What the Health Magazine

By Amanda Waltz, blogger When it comes to chips, double-dipping may be the least of your problems. Salty potato chips already have a bad, but well-deserved, reputation as being unhealthy and not nutritious. Tortilla chips are less greasy and seem better for you, but they’re also high in fat, hydrogenated oils, calories and carbohydrates-even the baked ones Continue reading The Guinea Pig: I try, you buy.

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National Animal Disease Information Service –

NADIS has developed a comprehensive animal health resource for farmers, vets and SQPs. Click on the health issues affecting your pigs and find out more. Disease prevention is most effective as part of an active veterinary health plan. Bulletins and quizzes can be printed off for farmer meetings. This programme is funded by the livestock industry, including Boehringer Ingelheim.

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Source: http://www.nadis.org.uk/livestock/pigs.aspx

Your partners in profitable animal production

Welcome to Fivet, your comprehensive source of Animal Health, Poultry and Nutritional Products, backed up by Professional Information and Technical Services. We are committed to assist subsistence and small scale livestock farmers to take steps to sustainable commercial production, and increase the efficiency and viability of existing commercial producers.

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Size doesn’t matter; pigs are still pigs

Animal Health Digest, LLC is a content curation and aggregation service for animal health professionals. We continuously read and review more than 150 publications that produce articles, studies, reviews, white papers and other material for veterinarians, veterinary professionals, veterinary support staff, companion animal owners and livestock owners.

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Source: http://animalhealthdigest.com/size-doesnt-matter-pigs-are-still-pigs

Pet Insurance for Birds & Exotic Pets

If you want coverage for your bird, rabbit, reptile or other exotic pet, you’ll find it only with Nationwide. This affordable exotic pet insurance plan covers accidents and illnesses as well as examinations, lab fees, prescriptions, X-rays, hospitalization and more. To enroll in the Avian & Exotic Pet Plan, please call 888-899-4874.

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Guinea Pig Health- Lafeber Co.

Our guinea pig health articles help you know what to expect, what problems to watch for and what to do to prevent any preventable health issues. A veterinarian knowledgeable about treating guinea pigs is key to your friend’s health, as some medications or treatments used for cats and dogs don’t work or can even harm guinea pigs.

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Source: https://lafeber.com/mammals/category/health/guinea-pig-health

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Guinea pig health check ~ 5 simple steps

READ ME*Hey guys, this is just a short video showing you how to check that your guinea pig is happy and healthy, in 5 simple steps! You should do this routine weekly, but if you discover something is wrong, take him/her straight to an exotic vet, as guinea pigs can be very unpredictable when it comes to illnesses and can be much more ill than they seem. The general signs of an illness are:-refusing to eat/drink. Wheezing or labored breathing-runny droppings-weight loss. Crusty eyes/nose-constant sneezing -patchy hair loss or constant itching-hunched posture-blood in their urine If you notice any of these symptoms, see an exotic vet immediately. I am no expert on guinea pig health, but the website in the link below has some really good advice if there is an emergency.

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjFdlF-k8mc

Pig vaccines

Vaccination can help protect pigs from many common viral and bacterial diseases including erysipelas, Glässer’s disease, PRRS and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. Please discuss vaccination, husbandry and housing with your veterinary surgeon. M+PAC®Porcilis APP® Suspension for injectionPorcilis AR -T DF® Suspension for injection for pigsPorcilis ColiClos® Suspension for injection for pigsPorcilis Ery®Porcilis Ery + Parvo®Porcilis Glässer® Suspension for injection for pigsPorcilis M Hyo ID ONCE® Emulsion for injection for pigsPorcilis PCV® Emulsion for injection for pigsPorcilis PCV M Hyo® Emulsion for injection for pigsPorcilis Porcoli Diluvac Forte®Porcilis PRRS® Lyophilisate and solvent for suspension for injection for pigs.

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Source: http://www.msd-animal-health.co.uk/pigs/vaccines.aspx

Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig and Small Animal Rescue

If your piggy is not eating on his own, please refer to this guide. Every guinea pig owner should have an experienced guinea pig veterinarian available to deal with routine exams and illnesses. We also suggest you locate an emergency after-hours facility in your area that has experience with guinea pigs. Should a life-threatening situation occur outside of business hours, you’ll be prepared. While we would like to help any and every guinea pig, financially we are unable to. If you own a sick guinea pig and are unable to pay for the medical expenses, please discuss options or payment plans with your veterinarian’s office. You also might search for charitable agencies set up specifically to help low income households with veterinary expenses.

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Source: http://www.theguineapigrescue.com/veterinary-care


The sooner you spot any of these signs of illness and deal with them, the better chance your guinea pig has of recovering. These very general signs of illness may be present with any kind of illness. After you have noticed any of these signs, you need to determine the cause by checking the specific signs/symptoms of the diseases or conditions that are described below. Nose in corner of cage, hunched posture, not moving, listless. This is not a complete list of the illnesses your guinea pig may contract. If you are uncomfortable treating your guinea pig, or if you are unsure of how to treat your guinea pig, consult a veterinarian immediately! All reference images were taken from google.com.

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Source: http://guineapigmall.com/?guinea-pig-illness,35

5) Drunk Guinea Pigs Spur The Pap Smear

You know the Pap smear today as the important procedure that doctors use to test for cervical cancer in women. Turns out you can thank a couple of ginned-up guinea pigs for the test-and of course, the Greek pathologist who studied the rodents. In 1912, George Papanicolaou wanted to see how alcohol affected guinea pigs and their babies, hoping to examine the animals’ eggs pre-ovulation. He couldn’t crack their menstrual cycle, so he extracted samples from their vaginas to find out. When it worked, Papanicolaou eventually gathered samples from human women to track their sex cycles-and ultimately associated abnormal cells with cervical cancer. Again, drunk guinea pigs have saved thousands of lives.

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Source: http://www.menshealth.com.sg/image/5-drunk-guinea-pigs-spur-pap-smear/…

Guinea Pig Health & Behavior |

Small, dry, or infrequent stools Blood in the urine. Sneezing or trouble breathing Hunching in corner or lack of activity Overgrown front teeth Observed difficulty with chewing Bald patches in the fur. Guinea pigs are most active at dawn and twilight, taking naps throughout the day. Guinea pigs often show their affection through vocalizations. The best way to interact with your guinea pig is to get down to his level and play with him on the floor. As creatures of habit, guinea pigs need to be introduced to changes slowly in regards to feedings and routines. You may see your guinea pig eat its own poop. This is a normal, healthy behavior that provides essential vitamins and nutrients.

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Source: http://www.oxbowanimalhealth.com/small-pet-care/guinea-pigs/health-behavior

Fairs and Shows

The Maryland Department of Agriculture’s, Animal Health Program strives to safeguard Maryland’s animal industries at our Fairs and Shows. MDA has set forth requirements for exhibitors to follow at Maryland Fairs and Shows. As an exhibitor you can help reduce the potential risk of introduction and spread of infectious and/or contagious diseases by following the species specific health requirements as below. Before You Show…. All exhibitors must inspect their animal(s) for signs of contagious or infectious disease before coming to a show in the state of Maryland.

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Source: http://mda.maryland.gov/animalHealth/Pages/Fairs-Shows.aspx

We Pigs News for 04-03-2018

Weaning stress and gastrointestinal barrier development: Implications for lifelong gut health in pigs

The gastrointestinal barrier serves a critical role in survival and overall health of animals and humans. Several layers of barrier defense mechanisms are provided by the epithelial, immune and enteric nervous systems. Together they act in concert to control normal gut functions whereas at the same time provide a barrier from the hostile conditions in the luminal environment. Breakdown of these critical GI functions is a central pathophysiological mechanism in the most serious GI disorders in pigs. This review will focus on the development and functional properties of the GI barrier in pigs and how common early life production stressors, such as weaning, can alter immediate and long-term barrier function and disease susceptibility. Specific stress-related pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for driving GI barrier dysfunction induced by weaning and the implications to animal health and performance will be discussed.

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Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405654516302402

Health Aspect

Health-conscious individuals often shun pork because of its high fat and cholesterol content. Nowadays, improved breeding of pigs and better feeds have produced leaner and healthier pork. Fat, of course, cannot be totally eliminated and it does increase the palatability of meat. To lessen the fat and cholesterol in pork, simply trim off all visible fats. Some people believe that pork is even healthier than beef because its fat is accessible and can easily be discarded. Beef fat is marbled with the lean meat, making it difficult to trim off. Another way to lower fat content is to cook pork in ways that will eliminate the addition of oil or butter, such as boiling, grilling, or roasting. If you really want something fried, then pan-fry in very little oil instead of deep frying. You can also use oils that are lower in saturated fats such as corn oil, peanut oil, canola oil, or soybean oil.

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Source: https://healthaspect.wordpress.com/tag/pigs

Health and Helena

I’ve been pretty quiet the past couple of months on here, something’s happened, I’ve discovered health. Proper skin glowing, hair shining, I didn’t know I could bend in more ways than one, leafy green munching, shunning all sugar, refined food banning, whole food hailing, mind watching, confidence growing, happiness addict kind of health. Watch this space, I will probably shamelessly serenade you with health tips, tango towards you with exercise ideas and hypnotise you to build a watchtower in your mind to shoo away that bad talking mini you, cause no one puts baby in the corner! In the mean while, if my passionate descriptions of my delirious love of health has inspired you, in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will be happy to break down the flood gates to my knowledge and at the moment need willing guinea pigs for a free health consultation with yours truly.

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Source: https://missbravo.wordpress.com/tag/guinea-pigs

Pigs For Vegetarians! 😉 – Kat’s Health Corner

HE’S AN APPLE. HE’S A PIG. HE’S A PIG FOR VEGETARIANS! ????. I always have fun making these kind of things with my Sunbeams. I got back from camp safely – I had so much fun! This week I have some time off before I start school, so my goal is to read my scriptures along with completing my posts for BetterChip, What Kat Ate: Family Camp Style, Grain-Free Cookies, and Homemade Bread. So I’ll have some fun this week working on those and catching up with you guys! ????. xoxox,. I’m Kat, the recipe creator, photographer, and foodie behind Kat’s Health Corner. I love creating and healthifying recipes to incorporate nutrient-rich food. The Lord has been my support throughout my life, and I owe all I have become to Him. Read my story and follow my journey to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

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Source: https://katshealthcorner.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/pigs-for-vegetarians

Pathogenic E.coli in Pigs

The client wanted a film to introduce an antibiotic for effective pathogenic E.coli control in pigs. The product was already established on the European market, and the client now wanted to introduce it in the US. It is noteworthy that this product is part of an all-encompassing business philosophy that provides the pig farmer with building blocks to increase his profitability. As one of these building blocks, this product protects piglets during a susceptible period after weaning and thereby ensures their health and growth into profitable finisher pigs. On the one hand, the film was supposed to target pig producers and should therefore be concise and entertaining. On the other hand, it still needed to be technical and scientific enough so that interested vets would enjoy watching it too.

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Source: https://www.cast-animal-health.com/portfolio/pathogenic-e-coli…

Guinea Pig Health

Guinea pigs are quite stoical animals, so it’s often a little difficult to tell when they’re unwell. This section contains advice on lots of different aspects of guinea pig health and hygiene, from grooming your pets to checking them over for certain health problems. In general, many experts recommend giving your pets a health check once a week, and giving them an anti-mange bath every month or two. It’s also important to be on the lookout for changes in both your guinea pigs bodies and their behaviour, as departures from normal are an important indicator of a health problem. This section includes information on both grooming and general healthcare. Whether your guinea pig has short or long hair, is young or old, male or female, we hope this section has the advice you need to keep your pet in top condition.

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Source: https://www.omlet.co.uk/guide/guinea_pigs/guinea_pig_health

We Pigs News for 04-03-2018

Animal Farm: Pigs At the Trough

In ANIMAL FARM the pigs were the leaders, just as in OUR world the leaders are pigs. See if you recognize them in the following excerpt: ~ Jackie Jura. Our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our health. Milk and apples contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig. The whole management and organisation of this farm depend on us. It is for your sake that we drink the milk and eat those apples. African black-elite are like pigs in Animal Farm & African tycoons all bling & debauchery & 800 luxury hotel rooms for Obama in Mumbai. Globe & Mail, Mar 25, 2005It was a hurried purchase but a significant one because without that land Mr. Dallaire, one of the country’s military heroes, could not have accepted Prime Minister Paul Martin’s offer to sit in the Senate…. Privacy Commissioner tax-deal sparks probe call. Go to JFK DONATED SALARY. Senators work 69 days a year. MP’s quiet retroactive pay raise puts their salaries 3x more than average constituents – no public announcement.

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Source: http://www.orwelltoday.com/payraise.shtml

Healthy Homemade Pigs in a Blanket

In case winning pig trophies aren’t common where you’re from, let me explain my prize. I was a farm girl and we were involved in 4-H. Each year, we raised pigs to take to the fair. His pig took the Grand Champion prize, so his pig trophy was even bigger than mine. I just wanted to share a new idea I’ve come up with for making a healthy variety of Pigs in a Blanket. Really, these treats do look like little pigs wrapped up taking a nap. As we all know, pigs are always willing to be swaddled. I know my 4-H pigs always went directly where I told them to go. It’s my go-to recipe for Homemade Pizza Pockets, Homemade Poptarts and a variety of other goodies that require a flaky, buttery crust. Knead ingredients together on a floured countertop until the dough is ready to be rolled out. Use a floured rolling pen to roll the dough to a 1/8 inch thickness. My kids especially like the Pigs in a Blanket made with cheese. Tell me all about your trophies, pigs, brothers, athleticism, carrot sticks, or anything else remotely relating to this post.

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Source: http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/healthy-homemade-pigs-in-a-blanket

Mini Pig| Micro Pig| Teacup pigs

Don’t be fooled by breeders taking pictures of babies at just hours old! If the Piglets don’t have plenty of hair on them that is a huge warning sign about the breeder. Buyer beware of breeders that offer Weight Guarantees! Read the small print of the Guarantee if they are making you jump through a lot of hoops and only willing to refund back 20% of your money they are not being honest with you. They are only selling a guarantee and not a quality teacup piglet! They airports go out of their way to make sure the teacup pigs are comfortable and arrive safe to you. Great! Because our teacup piglets are adopted very quickly if you see a piglet that captures your heart be sure to call us as soon as possible to so you can put down deposit and reserve your teacup piggy. The deposit to reserve your teacup piglet is $250 it is non-refundable. You can adopt a teacup pig have the piglet sent to you and have a low monthly payment. It is important that teacup piglets be kept on their diet to avoid excessive weight gain and health problems.

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Chinese Astrology Pig

Occupying the last position in the Chinese Zodiac, the 12th, the Pig symbolizes such character traits as diligence, compassion, and generosity. Pigs enjoy life and because they are entertaining, others enjoy their company. Pigs are giving souls and reap much enjoyment when they’re helping others, but sometimes they give too much. Pigs are always doing for others, helping anyway they can, but rarely will they ask others for help. Always seeking fun, Pigs often indulge more than they should. Pigs enjoy helping at work and can always be counted on. Pigs are detail-oriented, a trait admired by management. Some good career choices for Pigs include: entertainer, caterer, doctor, veterinarian, or interior decorator. Others can easily influence Water Pigs, but Water Pigs are also good at influencing others to get what they want. Wood Pigs are the most helpful and are always seeking ways to work with others. The fire in Fire Pigs comes through in everything they do. Earth Pigs are better at being led than being a leader.

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Guinea Pigs as Pets » Galens Garden

The cavy is probably the best pet out of all the small furries as they rarely bite. They are wonderfully vocal and normally enjoy the company of their own kind. Guinea pigs are also relatively cheap to feed, especially if you have a garden or allotment and provide their own contribution by way of fertiliser. Guinea pigs are intelligent and social animals with a need for space company of their own kind as well as a healthy diet and proper housing. One problem you may encounter is an allergy to them. I’m allergic to them myself! It is very important if you are considering getting guinea pigs for the first time, that everyone in the household who will be handling the guinea pigs gets to handle an adult guinea pig so you can test for allergy before you decide. There are two types of allergy, one is to guinea pig urine and the other to the dander in the coat. As I know from my own experience, it is also possible to have an allergic reaction to hay or shavings.

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Marty the CyberPig

Guinea pigs have compact bodies and flat faces, and all teeth are open rooted. Male guinea pigs are called boars and females are called sows. Guinea pigs orphaned during the first four days of life may be given ground guinea pig pellets soaked in cow’s milk. Grabbing a guinea pig over its back may inhibit respiratory movements. Guinea pigs are strict herbivores and cecal fermenters, as are rabbits and horses. Guinea pigs should be fed a feed prepared specifically for the species. A commercial pelleted guinea pig diet containing 18 to 20 % protein, 4 % fat and 16 % fiber is highly recommended. Rabbit pellets are NOT the same, and should not be given to guinea pigs. Common problems in guinea pigs include vitamin C deficiency, respiratory infections, abscess, skin mites, overgrowth of premolar teeth, cystitis and bladder stones. Kidney disease: Often terminal, common in older guinea pigs. A few organisms that infect or inhabit guinea pigs are potentially zoonotic, but these organisms are seldom associated with human disease. Allergy to guinea pig dander is another frequently reported condition in people handling guinea pigs.

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Guinea Pig Health Problems

Because these parasites can cause itching, your guinea pig may scratch. How to Treat Ringworm: If you think your guinea pig might have this, you must take him to your vet. How to prevent scurvy: Guinea pigs need 10-50mg of Vitamin C daily from their diet. Your guinea pig must have fresh vegetables daily and this should provide him with the vitamin C he needs. Respiratory problems are probably the most common health complaint in guinea pigs. In some cases, such as stress, your guinea pig will develop signs of an infection. Treating pneumonia: If you think your guinea pig might have pneumonia, you must take them to the vet straight away. Your guinea pig may need antibiotics to treat any underlying infection. Guinea pigs have very sensitive tummies and need to carefully balance the bacterial flora in their gastrointestinal tracts. You may also find that your guinea pig goes off their food. Signs of Bumblefoot: Your guinea pig’s feet will look inflamed and may also have lumps and abrasions. Satin bred varieties of guinea pig are prone to this abnormal bone development and can cause considerable pain for your cavy.

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Guinea Pig food and Feeding Guide

To maintain a good diet each Guinea Pig should be given 10mgs of vitamin C per day to 1kg body weight. Pets Stores and Super Markets sell Guinea Pig food that has a vitamin C supplement. Since finding out about Gerty Guinea Pig food I have noticed that a lot of pet stores call random Guinea Pig food gerty. In Super Markets and Chain Pet Stores they sell the pre-bagged Gerty Guinea Pig food in sealed bags. Kornage and Millie prefer this Guinea Pig food to the others. Fig.3 This is a no name Guinea Pig food with added vitamin C. This is Nutmeg’s favourite dried food. Although all the different kinds of food I have mentioned are designed for Guinea Pig’s, you can not really compensate giving Guinea Pigs fresh vegetables daily. So I am going to give you a rough guide going on what I have been feeding my Guinea Pig’s. Cucumber: If you own a Guinea Pig then you must have ‘Plenty Of Cucumber!’. Clean out all of the seeds when you give them to your Guinea Pig. My guinea pig had 1/2 grape 2 weeks ago and now may have kidney disease. Spring Onion: These should not be fed to a Guinea Pig.

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RSPCA Victoria

Long-haired guinea pigs can be especially hard to look after. BehaviourIn the wild, guinea pigs live in large social groups. Two adult guinea pigs that don’t know each other may fight. We do not recommend that guinea pigs and rabbits be housed together. BreedingThe RSPCA strongly advises that you do not breed from your guinea pigs as it is very difficult to find good homes for the young. HealthGuinea pigs should be checked regularly for overgrown claws and teeth. Long haired guinea pigs in particular may suffer from the potentially fatal disease flystrike, cause by flies laying eggs in soiled fur. To avoid this, make sure the guinea pig’s home is cleaned every day and their bedding changed regularly. Groom guinea pigs every day, checking their fur all over for any dirt, especially under the tail. If a guinea pig develops bald patches this could be the fungal disease ringworm. FoodGuinea pigs can suffer from vitamin C deficiency, which causes weight loss, general weakness and swollen joints. Like people, guinea pigs cannot make Vitamin C and need to eat fresh greens every day.

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Guinea pig teeth care

Let’s see what a guinea pig owner that keeps his/her pets in a small apartment needs to know about the pet’s teeth. This is the main reason why we recommend guinea pig diet that provides guinea pigs with hay 24 hours a day. Don’t forget guinea pig vitamin C supplementing. A lot of people, when they think of guinea pig teeth, think of teeth trimming. Not even all guinea pigs have the same length of teeth. In case you did not notice that your guinea pigs are not eating, maybe you will notice that the pet is loosing weight. Take the guinea pig in your hands and look at his teeth. Some guinea pig owners buy special tools to open guinea pig’s mouth and check teeth. If the guinea pig teeth are overgrown don’t trim them yourself unless you know what you are doing. If guinea pig is eating that might be all he needed. Don’t be too worried about guinea pig teeth problems because, as we mentioned, overgrown teeth are not a normal, everyday occurrence. This guinea pig can also be a loving pet but be prepared to invest much more money and time into taking care of them.

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Pigs Could Soon Be Considered as an Organ Donors for Humans

Depending on your state’s license design, either on the front or the back there should be some symbol or phrase denoting you as an organ donor. About 45 percent of all Americans fall into this special group, according to the Atlantic. There might need to be an addendum to those requirements, as new research has opened up the possibility of pigs becoming organ donors in the not-so-distant future. The retrovirus issue is only one part of the challenges which face pig-to-human transplants. Although organs of pigs-one of these 8 smartest animals in the world-are appropriately sized for humans and seem to be able to function as needed, they are coated with a layer of carbohydrates which cause other organisms to reject said tissue. Steps have been made to address that problem, also through gene editing. Pig organs without carbohydrates were created in cloned pigs and then transplanted into monkeys and baboons successfully. A year later, those monkeys and baboons are still healthy. According to the New York Times, 33,600 organ transplants were conducted last year, and 21 people die each day while waiting for an organ. If research like this continues to find success, this issue will become a non-issue soon enough.

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Essendon Vet Clinic

Guinea Pigs make fantastic pets for those people limited by space, and those that love an affectionate and social companion. Regular health check-ups are the cornerstone of a preventative health program for your Guinea Pig. A regular visit to the vet will help detect illness early and you can find out about the latest options in Guinea Pig medicine. Parasite control Parasites can be a problem in many pets but generally Guinea Pigs are lucky when it comes to creepy crawlies. Guinea pigs have teeth that continually grow hence overgrown incisors and molars can occur. Guinea Pigs can start breeding at 6-8 weeks of age and may be desexed at 5-6mths of age. A female guinea pig should have her first litter before 6 months of age. Guinea Pigs have continuously growing nails that need to be trimmed regularly. There are a variety of hutches and cages available to house Guinea Pigs. Generally Guinea Pigs should be kept indoors as warmer weather can cause heat stroke. Indoor cages should allow at least 0.5 square metres of floor space per guinea pig. Staff at Littlefriend’s Farm in Pontypridd, South Wales, have now secured Sooty’s pen – and begun looking for new homes for his guinea pigs.

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Himalayan Guinea Pig Information, and Hd pictures, Photos all details

The Himalayan guinea pig is not from the himalayan region of Asia. The himalayan guinea pig is Originating from South America. Much like other breeds of guinea pigs, the himalayan guinea pig was brought to Europe hundreds of years ago. Distribution and habitat Himalayan guinea Pig characteristics. Lifecycle of Himalayan guinea Pig Himalayan guinea Pig Facts The himalayan guinea pig is Originating from South America. The himalayan guinea pig makes a good pet for children and first-time guinea pig owners. Himalayan Guineas typically get along well with other guinea pigs, but there is always some risk that they will become territorial. A himalayan Guinea pig makes for a great, low maintenance pet- provided you are able to provide it with a sheltered and shady home. Your Himalayan Guinea Pig will thrive on a varied diet of pellets, timothy hay, and fresh fruits and vegetables. In general, the himalayan guinea pigs are healthy animals. Respiratory infections is that the most typical guinea pig health concern, most breeds of guinea pigs are susceptible to respiratory disease and different respiratory infections. Himalayan guinea Pig for sale Himalayan guinea Pig Price.

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Pigs’ Ears Not Recommended for Dogs

Pigs’ ears have a high fat content and can lead to obesity. Because they are high in fat, they can irritate the pancreas, causing pancreatitis in susceptible dogs. This results in vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Pig’s ear treats can also be a source of Salmonella bacteria. The federal government recently issued a warning that pig’s ear dog treats from a number of manufacturers were contaminated with Salmonella bacteria, which can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other serious long-term complications. Some pets that become infected may not show clinical signs. These products can also be a risk to humans, according to the Health Canada warning. Transmission of the bacteria to humans can be via direct handling of contaminated product or handling of pets who may have become infected. For this reason, owners are advised to wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and soap after handling pig’s ear treats. Consult your veterinarian about these products or avoid them altogether. It is not intended as a substitute for professional care. Always consult with your Veterinarian about health related matters.

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World Mental Health Day – and guinea pigs – intothisbreakinglight

It covered everything from gaining a basic insight into various mental health diagnoses, to how to be there for someone who is suffering distress or overwhelming emotions, to how to build psychological wellbeing and recognise the impact of both day to day and unusual events. Today we marked World Mental Health Day at the community centre I go to for volunteering, creative groups and support. Visitors were encouraged to the centre, we had tea and cakes, discussion and some interesting videos made through the Time to Change campaign. I also received a gift from a friend – a lovely book on guinea pigs and a piggie snack for my hopefully-future-guinea-piggies! I don’t know the lady who gave it to me very well and I was touched that she’d be so kind to me. It’s an RSPCA guide and it has some sweet photos as well as lots of information on how to make them a good living environment. I’ve been reading up on piggies and I’m hoping to be able to get some, possibly by Christmas. Not only was it a thoughtful gift, it has encouraged me to have confidence to go through with this and that my friend thinks I’d be able to look after them.

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The Wheekly Reader

Thus, we typically turn to dried grass – hay – as an alternative, but suitable staple. Even if you buy the majority of you cavy supplies from a pet store, you’re likely to encounter a wide variety of available hay products. This is what comes to mind when most people thing of hay, but it’s fundamentally different from other types of hay in that alfalfa is not technically a grass, but a legume. It is widely available and often less expensive than other hay varieties, and it is frequently the base for pelleted cavy feeds, as well. Timothy is a true grass hay, and often highly recommended for guinea pigs. The raw hay is more widely available, as it is often fed to horses as well. It’s also slightly higher in fiber than alfalfa and other legume-based hays. Timothy hay is drier than other kinds of hay, and more resistant to spoiling and mold. Our staple grains are in fact species of grass we have bred for their seeds and, often times, the grassy portion of the plant may be dried and sold as hay products. Most grain hays are low in both protein and calcium. Oat and wheat hays have a dry, coarse texture; barely is softer and finer. While many varieties of hay are now available in pet-sized bales at most major pet stores, buying in bulk is generally cheaper.

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Guinea Pig Food & Diet Guide

A proper guinea pig diet will nourish its skin, fur, teeth, energy, and internal health. Your guinea pig will also love fresh fruits and vegetables; just be judicious about handing out fruits as most are high in sugar. If you offer your pet something that he hasn’t seen before in his limited guinea pig diet, it’s possible he won’t eat it. Some guinea pigs are suspicious about any food, and others don’t recognise an unfamiliar food as something edible. Many of them will eat a new food if they see another guinea pig enjoying it. Experts suggest that the first component of a guinea pig diet includes high quality pellets made for guinea pigs, fortified with vitamin C.What to Avoid. Hay is something you should make available to your guinea pig all day long, every day. Timothy hay is the most common in the average guinea pig diet, but look for bluegrass and other soft, pliable types. Every cavy loves a bit of fresh fruit and vegetables-and proper guinea pig diet contains no more than just that bit. What you want to feed your guinea pig to reduce future health issues. Here is a list of Foods essential to a happy & healthy guinea pig. As the question is asked quite a bit we want to create a definitive guide for what to feed guinea pigs.

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ShowBloom Supplement and Conditioner to Improve Swine Health and Performance

When you pick out your show pigs, you know the work and challenges ahead necessary to compete and win. Often times, it comes down to just one or two small things that give your animal the slight edge it needs to win. ShowBloom can give you that edge you need to win, by not only supporting internal health, but by also helping create the outer expression that will stand out on the show circuit. ShowBloom is formulated with F.L. Emmert’s proprietary, high-quality brewers yeast supplement, BGY, a research-proven supplement to support optimal feed intake and efficiency in animals. In ShowBloom, we balance BGY with additional essential vitamins and energy sources to help support animals in reaching their full genetic potential. Over the years, ShowBloom has been an important component of many successful animal’s lives! ShowBloom is most effective if fed for the entire life of your show pigs. As a minimum if you’re preparing your animal for show, for best results you should start feeding no less than 90 days prior to the start of the show. IngredientsBrewers liquid yeast, plant protein products, processed grain by-products, cane molasses, vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, ascorbic acid.

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Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

Ringworm most often does not require veterinary assistance and simple over the counter creams and shampoo can clear it up. It is highly contagious however, so wash your hands after touching the guinea pig and wear an apron of some sort to prevent spores clinging to your clothing. Only one will get the fungus and the other animal remains totally unaffected. SHAMPOO – First of all wash the guinea pig the medicated anti dandruff shampoo. Put a small towel in the sink to prevent slipping and use lukewarm water, lather them up real good and let the shampoo sit for 2 minutes and then rinse. Make sure to pay special attention to the affected areas and rub the shampoo into the skin. Most guinea pigs do not like to be bathed but this is something that needs to be done. Never put a wet or damp guinea pig back in its cage. CREAM – Apply the cream directly on the affected area and make sure you really press the cream into the skin where the fungus is located. If they are not showing signs of the fungus then there are obviously no spots to put a cream. You do want to shampoo them with the anti dandruff medicated shampoo to make sure they stay healthy. You should only do that once or twice in the three weeks it take to treat an infected guinea pig.

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Maria Mind Body Health

BABIES THRIVE IN KETOSIS. Breast milk is naturally very high in fat. Keto-adapted babies can efficiently turn ketone bodies into acetyl-coA and myelin. Ketosis helps babies develop and build their brains. Fats are a structural part of every human cell and are the preferred fuel source of the mitochondria, the energy-burning units of each cell. A fetus naturally uses ketones before and immediately after birth. In the early stages of pregnancy, there is an upsurge in body fat accumulation, which is connected to hyperphagia and increased lipogenesis. In the later stages of pregnancy, there is an accelerated breakdown of fat depots, which plays an important role in fetal development. The fetus uses fatty acids from the placenta as well as two other products, glycerol and ketone bodies. This transfer allows maternal ketone bodies to reach the fetus, where the ketones can be used as fuels for oxidative metabolism as well as lipogenic substrates. Full fat dairy is also filled with healthy cholesterol, but I do find some clients to be dairy sensitive. For those particular clients, I suggest finding other sources of saturated fats such as coconut oil and quality animal fats, seafood, egg yolks. 1 tsp Celtic sea salt.2 1/2 TBS apple cider vinegar3 egg whites7/8 cup BOILING water.

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Welcome to Online Guinea Pig Care

This is a one stop resource for smart guinea pig owners to give you everything you need to know about basic guinea pig care. Ensuring your guinea pig is well looked after is vital to making sure they live a long time, and so at Online Guinea Pig Care you will find a wealth of articles and information about how to care for your guinea pig. There are many different blog posts about all kinds of subjects around Guinea pig care. Here we look at the different breeds of guinea pigs around the world. Here we look at where to go to get a guinea pig, making a choice, how many to have, quarantine, taking the guinea pig home and more. Here we look at the relationship that guinea pigs have with other animals, especially those that are also household pets. Looking at the best ways of feeding a guinea pig, different techniques, and things to use. Here we look at every possible food your guinea pig eat. We discuss its suitability, its tastiness for the guinea pig and whether it should be welcomed or avoided. Here we look at providing daily care for your guinea pig, weekly care, health, waste disposal, routine care, what to do in emergencies and more. My name is Chris, and I hope you enjoy this guinea pig blog. Online Guinea Pig Care is a site for all guinea pig owners to give help and support.

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North East Guinea Pig Rescue

Megazorb, is highly absorbent like wood shavings, but is safe for use with guinea pigs. It is made from wood pulp and is becoming a popular bedding for guinea pigs. Wood shavings were a popular choice of bedding and are still often recommended and used by pets shops. There is much research now on the risks of using wood shavings with any rodents or small animals. To demonstrate reasons for this try putting your face close to the top of an open bag of wood shavings and try breathing whilst a close distance from the wood shavings. The Cambridge Cavy Trust state that wood shavings are not suitable bedding for piggies. In fact wood shavings can lead to the premature death of your guinea pig. Even lighter woods are bad, as they are rough and hard and can hurt guinea pigs feet. HtmlResearch demonstrating the risks of using wood shavings:Scientific research has been carried out on the risks of wood shavings and has found the following:1. Wood shavings increase the incidents of respiratory problems, including pneumonia, in small rodents. Wood shavings contain toxins, specifically phenols which are poisonous to small rodents. Though liver disease is not commonly documented as a common cause of guinea pig deaths it could explain unexplained and sudden guinea pig deaths.

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Swine influenza: how to spot the disease and report it

Swine influenza is a disease of pigs caused by influenza viruses. Swine influenza is present in pigs in most countries around the world, including the UK. Pigs can carry many different types of the disease. Swine influenza should not be confused with either classical swine fever or African swine fever, which are different diseases. Swine influenza is not a notifiable disease but if you spot signs of this disease in animals you should contact your vet. Swine flu infection usually results in respiratory disease. The severity of the disease depends on the strain of virus involved and the age of the affected pigs. The disease can affect many pigs in a herd at the same time, but not all of them will show signs of illness. Pigs are unlikely to die from swine influenza, unless they are very young or have other infections. To get more information on swine influenza in humans read Public Health England’s guide. Preventing and controlling swine influenza Preventing swine influenza. Follow the influenza in pigs code of practice to reduce the risk of your animals getting infected and to minimise the spread of the disease. Some other viral and bacterial pig diseases may cause similar disease signs, so a laboratory diagnosis may be required to confirm swine flu.

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Source: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/swine-influenza